About Us

Hi gang, my name is Mike Smith and I’m the brains behind Airsoft2day. Airsoft is a unique hobby that has long been my favorite pastime. I play competitively and for fun and enjoy every second. The only thing is, I feel that it still doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. So many people still have no idea what Airsoft is, which is crazy considering it can be a great form of exercise as well as a fun activity you can play with pals. 

I have trawled the web so many times looking for information on Airsoft that I could share with others, but found time and time again that there was just nothing out there! I mean, sure the odd article here and there, but nothing specifically dedicated to this awesome hobby. 

That is where the idea of Airsoft2day was born. I am very passionate about sharing my love for Airsoft with others, as well as helping people to get started with it. On my website, I aim to give tips, tricks, product recommendations, and reviews. I will even be answering some of the burning questions you may have about Airsoft. This means that my website will be helpful whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned Airsoft pro (like me)! There is always something new to be learned!