Best Airsoft Goggles

When participating in airsoft, it is important to ensure that you are equipped with the necessary safety gear.

Airsoft is a competitive sport that involves shooting members of the opposing team with plastic projectiles known as BBs. As they hurtle through the air towards you, there is a risk of them coming into direct contact with your eyes and face. 

If you proceed to participate in this sport without wearing these goggles you may end up with a nasty eye injury. Should the projectiles strike your eyes they may cause scratches and possible pooling of blood inside the eye. In the worst case scenario, you there is even a risk of blindness. 

Airsoft fields require participants to wear goggles to protect their eyes from the potential injuries that we have listed above. In the majority of cases, full seal protective goggles must be worn to prevent any projectiles and other particles from entering the goggles through any gaps.

We have selected and reviewed our top 5 picks of the best airsoft goggles available on the market.

Below, we have also provided you with a handy buyer’s guide where we have identified our top tips for selecting the best quality goggles that are going to offer you maximum protection.


The XAegis Airsoft Goggles comes with three different colored interchangeable lenses; yellow, clear, and smoke. As such, you can change the color of the lens according to the visibility and weather of the environment that you are playing in.

These lenses are also scratch-resistant and sealed in an impact-resistant frame so you are provided with maximum protection.

Impressively, these goggles have an anti-fog coating which will prevent them from misting up and disturbing your vision. This also offers protection from UVA and UVB.

As these goggles are designed with a bendable TPU frame they are comfortable to wear and the full seal wrap provides additional safety. Furthermore, the design also ensures that you have full side vision so you can identify your opponents as they approach. 

As these goggles have been made from hypoallergenic rubber, they are less likely to trigger any sort of adverse reaction. They also boast a ventilated design, allowing for the effective dissipation of air. 


  • Accessories - you are provided with a carry bag for storing these goggles and a spare lens as a backup if needed. 
  • Adjustable headband - accommodates the head sizes of different places ensuring that they remain tight but comfortable.
  • Lenses - the choice of lenses caters to the intensity of light in different environments.


  • Comfort - some may find the rubber lining of these goggles too tough and uncomfortable against their face. 


If you are looking for an affordable two in one solution, this next offering from LAOSGE is a worthy option. This set provides you with an airsoft mesh mask and goggles. Both of which provide you with maximum protection against any incoming projectiles. 

As these goggles are lightweight they won’t feel heavy as you wear them. They are also impact resistant too and will not become damaged easily even when they are confronted with harsh contact from the airsoft pellets. 

The mesh mask is breathable and comfortable to wear over prolonged periods. The goggles also have an X400 UV coating which will protect your eyes from any harmful rays.

Aside from this, the mask and goggles have been made from low carbon steel and ABS plastic which possesses eco-friendly qualities. 



  • Lense tint - these lenses have a slightly dark colored tint which some users may dislike. 


The SPOSUNE Airsoft Tactical Goggles have a TPU impact-resistant frame and lenses that provide UV400 protection. As large sized lenses they provide you with a wide field of view so you can see others as they approach you.

These lenses are also shatterproof so they will refrain from breaking even following harsh contact with the airsoft missiles.

You are provided with three polycarbonate lenses which are each a different color. The choice of a yellow, gray, or clear lens allows you to select the appropriate option for the conditions that you are playing in. 

We particularly like the RX insert design which makes these goggles suitable for wear by those who require prescription lenses. Simply attach your specific lens to the frame and you can then begin to play.


  • Compatibility - these goggles can be worn with the majority of tactical helmets so you needn’t worry about their compatibility.
  • Accessories - the microfiber sheath offers a convenient place for storing the goggles in between uses and also makes them easier to carry. 
  • Ventilation - the ventilated design ensures that these goggles remain breathable for the duration of time that they are worn for.


  • Lens Changes - some customers have reported that it was a little difficult to change between the different colored lenses.


The Anyoupin Airsoft Mask and Goggles offer more protection as you are provided with two pieces of gear.

Whilst the mask will protect your lower face from contact with the airsoft projectiles, the goggles will protect your eyes. Both have a lightweight feel and are comfortable to wear. 

Whilst the mask possesses impact-resistant qualities, the goggles are designed with a tough ABS plastic frame which provides the wearer with excellent protection against the elements that they will encounter when participating in airsoft.

As versatile goggles, they can be worn for a variety of other outdoor tactical applications.

Both the mask and the goggles feature an adjustable headband which allows you to alter the fit to suit your head size. The breathable element also makes them comfortable to wear during warmer weather as the air will flow freely.



  • Discomfort - unfortunately, some customers have stated that these goggles do not feel as comfortable as anticipated when pressed against the skin.


The Valken V-TAC Echo Airsoft Goggles are an excellent choice for those who are on a budget.

The lenses have an anti-fog coating which will prevent them from collecting mist which is likely to hinder your view. As full seal goggles, they will protect your eyes from airsoft missiles and other flying particles. 

These goggles are designed with an elasticated strap which will allow you to alter the fit to suit the size of your head. The quick-release buckle also makes it easy to take these goggles off in a hurry as you don’t have to fiddle with an overly complex mechanism. 

Impressively, these goggles have a ventilated foam carriage which enables the air to flow through effectively. It also allows the heat to dissipate which is likely to be appreciated by those who will be wearing them in warmer weather. 


  • Lens Availability - there are three different colored lenses so you can select the best option for the conditions that you will be playing in. 
  • Durability - these goggles boast a sturdy design and can withstand tough impact without becoming damaged. 
  • Cost - these are great quality goggles that retail within an affordable price range.


  • Fog - Although these goggles feature an anti-fog coating, some customers have still experienced issues with them misting up.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to selecting airsoft goggles, there are several factors that we would advise you to consider beforehand.

The market is inundated with a variety of offerings, all of which claim to offer a high level of protection, however, you will find some that are more effective than others. We have identified our top tips and features to look out for in a pair of airsoft goggles below. 

Best Airsoft Goggles

The Protection

The purpose of airsoft goggles is to protect your eyes from incoming airsoft missiles, therefore it is important to pay close attention to the level of protection that your chosen goggles offer.

Ideally, the goggles should be made with an impact-resistant frame and lens as this will ensure that they can withstand harsh impact without becoming damaged and breaking. 

Anti Fog Coating

Many goggles will have been treated with an anti-fog coating. As implied, this will prevent the goggles from misting and fogging up. Fog can disrupt your vision making it much more difficult to identify oncoming opponents and the area ahead of you.

This fog is often created when the moisture behind the lenses is unable to escape. This is then worsened when the lenses are exposed to heat and condensation. The specifications of the goggles will state whether they have been treated with anti-fog chemicals.

You will often find that some goggles claim to possess this quality, however, they are still prone to fogging up so it is important to bear this in mind before making your choice.

The Lens Color

A great thing about many airsoft goggles is that they come with different colored interchangeable lenses. This typically includes a clear, yellow, or smoke colored lens.

As such you can select the appropriate lenses for the weather and visibility of the environment that you will be playing in. Ideally, these lenses should be easy to swap as and when required, simply requiring you to remove the lens currently secured inside the frame to reattach another.

You will typically be provided with guidance regarding the process for alternating between the different lenses. 

The Size

Most airsoft goggles will be designed with an adjustable headband that allows you to customize the fit to suit the size of your head.

When securely fitted, the goggles should feel slightly tight to ensure that there isn’t a risk of them flying off as you embark on your game of airsoft, however, they should remain comfortable. 

If they feel too tight against your face, it is likely that you will struggle to wear them for the duration.

If you are uncertain about the size, it is worth checking customer reviews before purchasing, because some may appear as though they are rather large but in reality, they may be much smaller.


Your airsoft goggles must be comfortable. Almost all goggles will be designed with rubber padding that protects your head and eyes from irritations and abrasion caused by contact with tough materials.

If your goggles are overly uncomfortable, it is likely that you will find them ineffective in fulfilling their purpose because they don’t possess the comfortable properties that you require.


A ventilated design is paramount. If they aren’t ventilated they are going to be much more uncomfortable to wear because they lack the breathability that is required to allow the air to flow through.

Those that are sufficiently ventilated will prevent any moisture and condensation from gathering, instead encouraging it to dissipate from the gaps between the frame and the lens. 


Impressively, some brands will provide you with accessories such as a spare lens and carry case. The aforementioned provides you with a backup lens should anything happen to the one that is currently attached to your goggles you have another on hand to replace it with.

A carry case provides you with a convenient place to store your goggles in between uses and also makes them easier to carry to and from locations.


Your airsoft goggles should boast a sturdy and durable construction. During a game of airsoft, your opponents will target you with plastic BBs, and should they come into contact with your goggles, there is a risk of them breaking if they are poorly designed.

The materials that have been used to make the goggles will determine how durable they are. Typically the frames will be made from TPU plastic which is then sealed to a strong lens.

If your goggles have been made to a high standard, they are more likely to withstand these harsh elements.

The Set

Several brands will offer goggles and an accompanying mask in one set. This provides a great cost effective option to those who are not currently equipped with both pieces of protective gear.

Whilst the goggles will protect your eyes, the mask will protect the remainder of your face from harsh impact. Just like the goggles, the mask will be designed from tough materials and an adjustable strap that allows you to alter the size so that it fits your face comfortably.

The Color

Some brands will offer their goggles in an assortment of colors, though they typically tend to surround a camouflage or dark toned theme.

This is great for those who want to emulate a certain aesthetic when they are playing airsoft as they can select the goggles that match the rest of their airsoft attire. A wide selection of colors is great for accommodating different styles and preferences.

The Price

Generally, airsoft goggles tend to be a pretty affordable purchase. Whilst you will find some that retail within a higher price range, there are many budget friendly options available too.

When selecting your airsoft goggles, it is important to ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality for affordability. Often, cheaper goggles may seem like a tempting purchase, but when it comes to quality they lack in comparison to high end offerings.

However, this isn’t necessarily the case with all cheaper options, because some will still boast the durability that will see you through many future wears.

In our guide above, we have provided you with many budget friendly options and others that are slightly more expensive to highlight the variety that is available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my airsoft goggles from misting up?

There are a few ways of stopping your airsoft goggles from misting up. The first involves the use of soap. Rub both sides of the lenses with soaps and then buff it using a cloth of some kind.

It is important to ensure that this is done correctly, otherwise, there is a risk of your eyes becoming agitated. Alternatively, you may wish to use specific anti-fog products. Many airsoft goggles are designed with anti-fog lenses so it is unlikely that they are going to mist up as much.

Are glasses safe for airsoft?

Goggles provide the safest method of protection in airsoft. They should be designed with your safety in mind to ensure that there isn’t a risk of any BBs entering your optical cavity and affecting your eyesight.

Some airsoft goggles are designed to fit over your glasses, so you can still safely participate without compromising on your ability to see the area ahead clearly.

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