How Far Can a 400 FPS Airsoft Gun Shoot? Unleashing Airsoft Gun Range

In the airsoft world, one of the most critical factors affecting your game performance is the distance your gun can effectively shoot. As an airsoft enthusiast, you might frequently come across guns boasting a 400-feet-per-second (FPS) velocity. But how does this translate to the shooting range and effectiveness in gameplay? Let’s break it down.

It’s essential to understand how the FPS metric works. The FPS value of an airsoft gun measures the speed of the projectile (BB) as it leaves the barrel. Generally, higher FPS translates to a longer range and improved accuracy, but various factors can influence this, such as BB weight and external conditions like wind.

Let’s delve into the world of 400 fps airsoft guns. Equipped with a standard 0.20g BB, these guns offer an effective range of approximately 200 feet. However, it’s crucial to fine-tune your gun’s hop-up and consider environmental factors to ensure accurate shots at this distance. Join us as we explore the intricacies of maximizing range in airsoft gameplay.

Understanding the 400 FPS Airsoft Gun

A 400 FPS airsoft gun balances power and safety for casual players and airsoft enthusiasts. Learning about the different types of airsoft guns and their basic mechanics is crucial to grasp their capabilities.

Types of Airsoft Guns

  • Spring-powered: These guns rely on a spring mechanism to propel the BBs. Most entry-level guns are spring-powered and have a lower FPS, usually below 400.
  • Gas-powered: Utilizing propane, CO2, or green gas, these guns provide a realistic shooting experience with a higher FPS, often in the 400 range.
  • Electric-powered: Commonly referred to as AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns), these guns use batteries and an electric motor to shoot BBs and typically have adjustable FPS levels, including the 400 FPS range.

Basic Mechanics

Understanding the relationship between FPS (feet per second) and range is essential. Generally, higher FPS results in an increased range, but additional factors like hop-up and BB weight also play a role.

BB WeightRange
0.12gShorter Range
0.20gMedium Range
0.25g+Longer Range

Using heavier BBs with your 400 FPS airsoft gun can improve its accuracy and flight stability at longer distances, thus maximizing its shooting range potential.

Factors Influencing Shooting Distance

Several key factors influence how far your 400 FPS airsoft gun can shoot. These factors include BB weight and quality, the barrel and hop-up system, weather, and environmental factors.

BB Weight and Quality

Heavier BBs tend to have a longer effective range as they are less affected by wind and maintain a straighter trajectory. However, the trade-off for increased accuracy and distance is a slower velocity.

To optimize the performance of your airsoft gun, using a higher-quality BB is essential. High-quality BBs offer a smoother surface with consistent weight and size, giving you superior accuracy and consistency.

Barrel and Hop-up System

The barrel and hop-up system significantly affect your gun’s accuracy and shooting distance. A longer, tight-bore barrel can help improve accuracy and extends your gun’s effective range.

The hop-up system, which imparts backspin to the BB, counteracts gravity and helps to increase the distance your gun can fire. Upgrading to a more advanced hop-up system can provide greater range and improved shooting consistency.

Weather and Environmental Factors

Weather factors like wind and temperature can significantly impact your airsoft gun’s performance. Strong winds can blow BBs off course, while extreme temperatures can affect both the gun’s internal components and the flight of the pellets.

Environmental factors should also be considered. Dirt, debris, and vegetation can obstruct your airsoft gun, which may cause a decrease in accuracy and shooting distance.

Heavier BBLonger effective range, slower velocity
Higher quality BBGreater accuracy and consistency
Longer, tight-bore barrelIncreased accuracy and effective range
Advanced hop-up systemImproved consistency and shooting distance

Ranges and Effective Distances

Understanding the range and effective distances of various airsoft guns is crucial for maximizing your performance in airsoft games. This section will discuss different types of airsoft guns and their respective shooting distances.

Airsoft Pistols, SMGs, and Rifles

Airsoft pistols and SMGs usually shoot at around 200-250 feet per second (FPS) and have a maximum effective range of approximately 100-150 feet. This makes them suitable for close-quarter battles (CQB) and indoor airsoft fields.

More common airsoft rifles can deliver speeds up to 350-400 FPS, which extends their effective range to roughly 150-200 feet. These rifles are versatile and can be used in most outdoor airsoft games and scenarios.

  • Range: 100-200 feet
  • Speed: 200-400 FPS

Sniper Rifles and Marksman Weapons

Sniper rifles and marksman weapons excel in long-range engagements. They can shoot at speeds of 400 FPS and above, allowing them to hit targets at distances over 200 feet. A properly tuned and upgraded sniper rifle can reach even greater shooting distances.

These weapons require more skill and patience to use effectively, but they can provide a significant advantage in scenarios where distance and accuracy are crucial. A higher FPS airsoft gun may have additional restrictions and guidelines, especially on the field, to ensure player safety.

  • Range: 200+ feet
  • Speed: 400+ FPS

Upgrading and Optimizing Your Airsoft Gun

To increase the effective range and accuracy of your 400 FPS airsoft gun, here are some key areas to focus on:

Choosing the Right BBs and Accessories

Your choice of BBs is critical when maximizing the performance of your airsoft gun. Opt for high-quality, heavy BBs, typically in the 0.28g – 0.32g range, as they provide more stability and retain energy better than their lighter counterparts.

Investing in quality BBs and accessories will improve your gun’s range and protect your airsoft investment in the long run.


Upgrading your barrel is a cost-effective way to enhance your airsoft gun’s consistency and range. Look for tight bore barrels (6.01mm – 6.03mm) as they help minimize the space between the BBs and the barrel, reducing air loss and improving accuracy.

Ensure the barrel’s length is appropriate for your gun type and desired performance.

Hop-up and Internal Upgrades

Enhancing your hop-up unit and bucking can significantly impact the backspin of the BB, resulting in improved range and accuracy. Higher-quality hop-up components can offer better stability and backspin consistency.

Additionally, internal upgrades like springs, gears, and pistons can optimize the air seal in your gun and increase your FPS, ultimately boosting your max range. As you upgrade and improve these areas, remember to maintain your airsoft gun regularly to ensure longevity.


It’s important to balance your upgrades and investments to get the most out of your airsoft gun without breaking the bank. Focusing on these key aspects allows you to optimize your 400 FPS airsoft gun to achieve the best performance and range possible.

Legality, Safety, and Airsoft Etiquette

Understanding Power Limits and FPS Regulations

As an airsoft enthusiast, you must understand the power limits and regulations governing airsoft guns. In many countries, airsoft guns are limited to 300 FPS (feet per second) or lower for public games, while 400 FPS airsoft guns are allowed for private events or more regulated games. Using the appropriate weapon and adhering to local laws and game-specific rules is vital to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.

Prioritizing Safety and Sportsmanship

Safety should always be your top priority when using a 400 FPS airsoft gun. High-powered weapons like these can injure players if misused. To avoid accidents, always treat airsoft guns as you would a real firearm, keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot, and wear proper eye protection at all times.

Good sportsmanship is equally essential in airsoft games. Regardless of your weapon’s FPS, respect your fellow players by adhering to the established rules and promoting fair play. This includes calling your hits, refraining from overshooting, and maintaining a friendly, respectful attitude on and off the field.

By understanding and abiding by local FPS regulations, prioritizing safety, and embodying good sportsmanship, you’ll contribute to a positive airsoft experience for everyone involved.


A 400 FPS airsoft gun can typically shoot up to 150-200 feet accurately. However, the precise range depends on factors such as BB weight, hop-up adjustment, and external conditions.

Your choice of BB weight influences the trajectory and effective range of your shots. Lighter BBs, around 0.20g, have a higher initial velocity but are more susceptible to wind interference. Heavier BBs, around 0.25g or higher, offer better accuracy and stability at the cost of reduced initial speed.

Proper hop-up adjustment is critical in maintaining a consistent and accurate range for your airsoft gun. Be sure to regularly check and adjust the hop-up to ensure optimal performance during gameplay. Additionally, be mindful of external factors such as wind and temperature, as they can affect your shots’ effective range and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far can a 400 FPS airsoft gun shoot?

Generally, a 400 FPS airsoft gun has an effective range of around 150-200 feet, depending on factors like BB weight and the gun’s hop-up system.

Q. What BB weight should I use with a 400 FPS airsoft gun?

To optimize accuracy and range, we recommend using 0.25g to 0.28g BBs for a gun in the 400 FPS range.

Q. Are there any legal limitations on airsoft guns with higher FPS?

Depending on your region, airsoft guns FPS may have restrictions or limits. It’s essential to check your local laws and regulations before attending an event or engaging in airsoft play with a 400 FPS gun.

Q. Is barrel length a significant factor for range and accuracy?

A longer barrel can slightly improve accuracy, but the main deciding factors are the quality of the barrel and the hop-up system.

Q. Do heavier BBs increase accuracy and range?

Using the correct BB weight is essential for optimal range and accuracy when using an airsoft gun.

Heavier BBs tend to offer better performance as they are less susceptible to wind interference and hold their trajectory better. Maintaining your airsoft gun is important to ensure peak performance, including regularly cleaning and lubricating it.

Additionally, regularly adjusting and testing your hop-up system can improve your results. The hop-up system adjusts the BBs’ backspin, affecting their range and accuracy.

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