Airsoft Green Gas vs. CO2: Unmasking the Ultimate Powerhouse

In the airsoft world, one of the most significant decisions you’ll make is selecting the right propellant for your airsoft gun. Two of the most popular options are green gas and CO2. Let’s dive into the characteristics of each and how they might impact your gameplay experience.

Green gas is a propane-based mixture, often containing silicon lubricant, which helps to maintain your airsoft gun’s longevity. With less noise, it provides a constant, smooth shooting experience, allowing you to focus on your performance during gameplay. Plus, being eco-friendly, it’s a choice you can feel good about.

On the contrary, CO2 – a more powerful propellant – provides higher velocities and better performance in colder temperatures. The CO2 cartridges are widely available and easy to store and replace, allowing minimal downtime during intense airsoft battles. However, the stronger power output may cause increased wear on your gun and can exceed certain field regulations.

Green Gas Overview

Green gas is a popular choice for powering airsoft guns, offering a balance between performance and ease of use. Let’s dive into the composition, temperature impact, and magazines of green gas.


Green gas mainly consists of propane, with a small percentage of silicone oil mixed in. This combination provides the pressure required to power your airsoft gun and lubrication to maintain its smooth operation. Propane is widely available and fairly affordable, making green gas a cost-effective option.

Temperature Impact

In airsoft, temperature plays a significant role in gas performance. Green gas is affected by external temperature changes, with lower temperatures resulting in decreased pressure. This can lead to inconsistent shots or reduced power in colder environments. It’s essential to consider various weather conditions when using green gas.


Using green gas as a propellant requires specific magazines designed for this type of gas. Refilling them is relatively easy and generally involves attaching a green gas canister directly to the magazine’s filling valve. Green gas magazines typically have a higher capacity than their CO2 counterparts, allowing more shots per fill.

Green gas balances ease of use, affordability, and performance for your airsoft guns. Consider temperature conditions and have the right magazines when opting for green gas.

CO2 Overview

In this section, we’ll dive into the details of CO2 airsoft guns and the properties of carbon dioxide as a propellant for airsoft pistols.

CO2 Canister Usage

CO2 airsoft guns use small, disposable canisters filled with pressurized carbon dioxide. Simply insert a fresh canister into your pistol’s designated compartment to load. Over time, the canister will deplete, and you’ll need to replace it to maintain optimal performance.

Power and Performance

CO2-powered airsoft guns typically offer greater power and performance compared to green gas alternatives. The increased pressure in CO2 canisters improves the overall power output, shooting BBs at a higher velocity.

Note that this elevated power can result in more wear and tear on your pistol.

Temperature Effects

While CO2 is less susceptible to fluctuations in temperature compared to green gas, it’s essential to know how it behaves in varying conditions. CO2 performance may decrease in cold environments, while hot temperatures can cause over-pressurization.

Although CO2 airsoft guns are generally more consistent, follow proper safety measures and always store your equipment in optimal conditions.

Comparison: Green Gas vs. CO2

Muzzle Velocity

When comparing muzzle velocity, CO2 generally provides a higher FPS than green gas. Since CO2 is stored at a higher pressure, it releases more energy when fired, which results in a higher FPS.

Temperature Dependence

Green gas is more sensitive to colder temperatures than CO2, which can affect its performance. CO2 can maintain its efficiency in a wider temperature range, making it a better option for airsoft games in varying weather conditions.

Maintenance and Lubrication

Green gas has the upper hand when it comes to maintenance and lubrication. It typically contains added silicone oil, which helps to keep your airsoft gun lubricated and running smoothly. On the contrary, CO2 requires more regular manual lubrication and maintenance to prevent internal damage.

Cost per Shot

Comparing the cost per shot of green gas and CO2, green gas is usually more economical. CO2 cartridges tend to be more expensive to replace after being depleted. However, efficiency must also be considered when comparing costs; CO2 is more efficient because of its higher energy output.

Pros and Cons

In this section, we’ll dive into the advantages of both green gas and CO2 to help you decide which is best for your airsoft needs.

Green Gas Advantages

Green gas is a popular choice in the airsoft world due to its ease of use and environmental friendliness. It’s generally more affordable than CO2, which makes it an attractive option for players on a budget.

Another benefit is that green gas guns tend to be quieter, giving you a stealth advantage in-game. Since green gas is also silicone oil-infused, it helps maintain your gun by lubricating the moving parts, resulting in a smoother and more reliable performance.

There’s also the aspect of personal preference. Many players enjoy the realistic blowback action of green gas, making their airsoft experience more immersive and engaging.

CO2 Advantages

CO2 is another widely used option in airsoft. Its main advantage is its consistent performance in warm and cold temperatures, which benefits players experiencing varying climate conditions.

When it comes to power, CO2 guns generally provide a higher FPS (feet per second), delivering more range and precision. This can be essential for players seeking an advantage in their games.

Lastly, CO2 cartridges are easily available and can be quickly replaced, giving you less downtime between games. This convenience factor is something many airsoft enthusiasts appreciate.

Green Gas Disadvantages

Limited Performance in Cold Weather: Green gas guns may experience a decrease in performance in colder temperatures. The gas pressure can drop, reducing FPS and causing less consistent shooting.

Limited Availability: While green gas is widely used, it may not be as readily available as CO2 cartridges. This can pose a challenge in certain regions or when restocking during airsoft events or competitions.

Lower FPS Potential: Compared to CO2, green gas guns generally have a lower FPS potential. This can affect the effective range and power, potentially disadvantaging players in long-range engagements.

CO2 Disadvantages

Higher Operating Costs: CO2 cartridges tend to be more expensive than green gas canisters, which can increase the overall operating costs of CO2-powered airsoft guns. This can be a consideration for players on a tight budget.

Loud Report: CO2 guns often produce a louder report when fired, which may reduce the element of stealth during gameplay. This can give away your position and make it easier for opponents to track your movements.


Limited Realism: While CO2-powered airsoft guns can offer excellent performance, some players may lack the realistic blowback action commonly associated with green gas guns. Certain players may prefer this aspect of realism and immersion.

Additional Considerations


When comparing green gas and CO2 airsoft guns, safety should be your top priority. Green gas has a lower PSI, which results in a reduced muzzle velocity, making it generally safer than CO2. Always wear eye protection and follow proper airsoft handling guidelines to ensure the utmost safety.

Field and Weather Variations

Weather conditions can affect the performance of your airsoft gun. Green gas performs better in warmer temperatures, while CO2 can handle colder climates more efficiently. It’s essential to consider your environment and its varying conditions when choosing between the two power sources.

Airsoft Pistols

Green gas airsoft guns are popular among beginners due to their ease of use and simplicity. On the contrary, CO2 canisters provide higher power and consistency. Both green gas and CO2 pistols have pros and cons, so matching your choice to your specific needs and preferences is crucial.

Beginners Buying Options

A green gas pistol might be the better option if you’re new to airsoft. They are easy to operate, with user-friendly features and a more affordable price point. However, as you gain experience and become more involved in the sport, you may want to explore the higher power and consistency of CO2 airsoft guns.

Ultimately, it’s essential to weigh the differences and decide which power source best fits you, considering safety, performance, and personal preferences.


Choosing green gas and CO2 can significantly impact your experience in your airsoft journey. It’s essential to consider factors such as performance, maintenance, and play environment.

You’ll experience a more realistic kick and an easier top-off process with green gas. This gas also auto-lubricates your airsoft pistol, ensuring smoother operation. However, green gas may not perform as well in cold weather conditions and could be less powerful than CO2.

On the contrary, CO2, being compressed carbon dioxide, often provides higher FPS, potentially increasing the accuracy of your shots. CO2 can be a better option for outdoor fields and various weather conditions. Keep in mind that CO2 requires more frequent maintenance and additional lubrication.

To summarize:

  • Green Gas: realistic kick, auto-lubrication, easier to top off, less weather resistant.
  • CO2: higher FPS, more accurate in some cases, suitable for different weather conditions, higher maintenance.

Ultimately, the choice boils down to your preferences and the type of experience you seek. Remember to stay informed, experiment, and find the best solution for your airsoft needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do green gas and CO2 differ in performance?

Green gas performs more consistently in varying temperatures, while CO2 works best in colder environments. CO2 typically offers higher FPS but may be too powerful for some indoor fields.

Q. Which is more affordable, green gas or CO2?

Green gas is often cheaper per fill, but CO2 cartridges can be purchased in bulk for a lower overall cost. However, remember that green gas can sometimes be more challenging to find.

Q. What are the environmental impacts of green gas versus CO2?

Green gas is a popular choice among airsoft enthusiasts as it often contains a mixture of propane and silicone oil, making it more environmentally friendly.

On the contrary, CO2, a greenhouse gas contributing to global warming, offers the advantage of recyclable cartridges.

Consider these factors when choosing between green gas and CO2 for your airsoft needs, considering both the eco-friendliness of green gas and the recyclability of CO2 cartridges.

Q. What are some pros and cons of using green gas and CO2 airsoft guns?

When choosing a propellant for your airsoft gun, Green Gas and CO2 have their advantages. Green Gas can provide consistent performance and realistic blowback action, making it a popular choice for many airsoft enthusiasts.

It’s also considered an eco-friendly choice, as it is a mixture of propane and silicone oil. On the contrary, CO2 can provide better performance in colder environments and higher FPS, which can be advantageous in certain types of gameplay.

Additionally, CO2 can be less expensive overall, as CO2 canisters typically last longer than a can of Green Gas.

Q. Do all airsoft guns support both green gas and CO2?

No, airsoft guns are typically designed to function with either green gas or CO2, but not both. Make sure to choose a gun that supports your preferred propellant type.

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