Can You Use Green Gas in a CO2 Gun in Airsoft? Debunking the Myth

In the world of airsoft, you’re faced with a variety of weapon options and gas types to choose from. As an enthusiast, you might have heard of green gas and CO2 guns and probably wonder if these gasses are interchangeable. This article addresses this concern and guides you to make informed decisions.

To kick things off, let’s briefly discuss the difference between green gas and CO2 in this article. Green gas is a blend of propane and silicone oil, while CO2 is carbon dioxide under high pressure in a small cartridge. Both gasses are propellants in airsoft guns but have distinct properties and uses.

Now, when it comes to using green gas in a CO2 gun, the answer is no. Green gas cannot be used in a CO2 gun. The two gas systems are designed differently, and using the incorrect gas could damage your airsoft gun or pose a safety risk. Using the recommended gas type for your specific airsoft gun is essential to enjoy a fun and safe experience.

Green Gas vs. CO2 in Airsoft Guns

Power and Efficiency

When it comes to power and efficiency, CO2 typically offers higher FPS (Feet Per Second) compared to green gas. This is due to the higher pressure that CO2 operates under. In contrast, green gas has a lower FPS, which can help reduce the harsh impact on your opponents during airsoft games.

Temperature and Gas Pressure

Temperature and gas pressure play a crucial role in the performance of airsoft guns. Green gas is sensitive to temperature changes, and its performance can drop in colder environments. On the contrary, CO2 is less affected by temperature, giving you more consistent performance regardless of weather conditions.

Price and Availability

When comparing price and availability, green gas is usually more affordable and easier to find than CO2. However, it is worth noting that CO2 cartridges can last longer in your airsoft gun, meaning you might need to replace them less frequently than green gas. Ultimately, your choice between the two should be based on your budget and preference.

In summary, green gas and CO2 have pros and cons when used in airsoft guns. Determine which is best for you based on factors such as power, efficiency, temperature sensitivity, and availability.

Understanding Green Gas and CO2 Magazines

Airsoft guns can utilize different types of magazinesdepending on the type of gas they’re designed for – green gas or CO2. In this section, we’ll discuss the differences between these two gas types and how they affect the performance of your airsoft gun.

Green Gas Magazines

Green gas magazines are specifically designed for airsoft guns that use green gas as their propellant. Green gas is a blend of propane and silicone oil, which makes it more eco-friendly than CO2.

With green gas magazines, you simply fill the magazine with green gas, and it will power your airsoft gun efficiently. These magazines usually have a fill valve on the bottom, where you can attach a green gas canister to fill it.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Easier to refill
  • Less wear on internal parts


  • Lower velocity compared to CO2
  • Can be affected by temperature changes

CO2 Magazines

CO2 magazines are designed for airsoft guns that use CO2 cartridges as their propellant. These cartridges are small metal capsules filled with compressed CO2 gas.

To use a CO2 magazine, you need to insert a CO2 cartridge into the magazine and tighten the screw to puncture the cartridge, releasing the gas. CO2 offers a higher velocity than green gas but can be harsher on your airsoft gun’s internal components.


  • Higher velocity
  • Consistent performance in varying temperatures


  • Less eco-friendly
  • They can be more expensive to maintain
  • Increased wear on internal parts

When choosing between green gas and CO2 magazines, remember the type of gas your airsoft gun is designed for and your preferences for performance, maintenance, and eco-friendliness.

Adapting Airsoft Guns for Green Gas and CO2 Usage

Switching between green gas and CO2 in your airsoft gun can sometimes be done with the appropriate modifications. However, not all airsoft guns are built to handle both types of propellants. Follow these steps to adapt your airsoft weapon.

Identify Your Airsoft Gun Type

Determine if your gun is compatible with both green gas and CO2. Most gas blowback (GBB) pistols can use green gas, while CO2 guns typically require a specific CO2 magazine.

Invest In Adapters or Compatible Magazines

If your airsoft gun is compatible with both propellants, acquire the necessary parts to make the switch. You can purchase green gas to CO2 adapters or CO2 magazines from airsoft retailers in the US.

  • Green gas to CO2 adapters: These attach to your green gas magazine, allowing you to use CO2 cartridges. Ensure the adapter fits your specific magazine model and brand.
  • CO2 magazines: Designed for CO2 guns, these can often be used with gas-powered airsoft pistols. Check that they are compatible with your specific gun.

Proper Maintenance And Safety

When switching between propellants, pay close attention to maintaining your airsoft weapons. Green gas is generally more lubricating, while CO2 is drier and requires more frequent lubrication.

  • Maintain the O-rings: Regularly lubricate the O-rings on your CO2 adapter or CO2 magazines, as dry O-rings can lead to leaks.
  • Inspect the gun’s internals: Ensure your gun’s internal components can withstand the higher pressure of CO2.

Remember, only convert your airsoft guns if you’re confident in your technical knowledge and skill. If unsure, consult an airsoft expert or technician for assistance.

Performance Factors

Velocity and Range

When using green gas in a CO2 airsoft gun, you can expect a slight drop in FPS (feet per second). This is because green gas has lower pressure than CO2, resulting in lower muzzle velocities. However, green gas guns tend to be more efficient in terms of gas usage, meaning you may find an increase in the number of shots per fill.

  1. FPS: Green gas guns generally have a lower FPS than CO2 guns.
  2. Efficiency: Green gas guns often provide more shots per fill compared to CO2 guns.

Shot Consistency

Shot consistency is an essential factor to consider when using green gas in a CO2 airsoft gun. Green gas guns tend to have a more consistent FPS than CO2 guns, which can improve accuracy and overall gameplay experience.

  • Green gas: Typically offers better shot consistency than CO2.
  • CO2: Can be prone to FPS fluctuations, affecting accuracy.

Keep in mind that while green gas offers better shot consistency, CO2 often provides more power. You may want to prioritize one over the other, depending on your preferences.

Maintaining and Filling Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns

Proper Handling and Storage

When using green gas or CO2 in your airsoft gun, it’s essential to maintain appropriate handling and storage for longevity. Always store your gas-powered airsoft gun in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keeping it clean and free of dirt or debris that could cause malfunctions or damage is crucial.

Filling Procedure

Before filling your airsoft gun, ensure that the magazine is empty or remove any unused CO2 cartridges. To fill it, follow these steps:

  1. Apply a few drops of silicone oil on the tip of the green gas canister or CO2 cartridge. This will help lubricate the seals and prevent leaks.
  2. Align the nozzle of the green gas canister or the CO2 cartridge with the magazine’s inlet valve.
  3. Press down firmly to allow the gas to flow into the magazine.
  4. Once filled, double-check if there are any leaks by listening closely or feeling around the valve area.

Using green gas in a CO2 gun is generally not recommended unless specified by the manufacturer. Each type of gas contributes to different pressure levels and could damage your gun if incompatible.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and consult your user manual for complete instructions on the appropriate gas type, filling procedures, and maintenance requirements.

Safety Considerations and Legal Regulations

When using green gas or CO2 in your airsoft gun, it’s important to consider the safety of yourself and others around you.

Firstly, be aware of the pressure differences between the two gasses. CO2 has a higher gas pressure than green gas, which can cause your gun to shoot at a higher velocity. If your gun is designed for green gas, using CO2 may damage the gun or even cause injury.

Secondly, take note of temperature changes. Green gas is more sensitive to temperature fluctuations than CO2, which can affect your airsoft gun’s gas pressure and velocity.

Legal Regulations

Each country has its own set of regulations related to airsoft guns, and it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with them. Some jurisdictions limit airsoft guns’ muzzle velocity or energy output, measured in joules. Overstepping these limits using gas with higher pressure, such as CO2, may cause legal issues.

Here are some key factors to monitor while using green gas or CO2 in airsoft guns:

  • Gas pressure: Ensure you’re using the correct gas pressure for your gun, as indicated in the user manual.
  • CO2 magazines: If using CO2, use only CO2-compatible magazines to avoid potential damage or malfunctions.
  • Storage conditions: Store your airsoft gun, green gas, and CO2 cartridges in appropriate temperature-controlled environments to avoid fluctuations in gas pressure and performance.

By following these guidelines and being aware of the legal regulations in your area, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable airsoft experience.


Using green gas in a CO2 airsoft gun is not advisable. The reasons behind this include:

  • Pressure differences: Green gas operates at a lower pressure compared to CO2, which may cause your airsoft gun to perform poorly.
  • Seal compatibility: The seals in a CO2 airsoft gun are specifically designed for CO2 use, and green gas may result in leaks or damage to these seals.

As a responsible airsoft enthusiast, using the appropriate gas for your gun is crucial. This will ensure optimal performance while also preserving your airsoft gun’s longevity. Always consult your gun’s manual and manufacturer guidelines for gas compatibility.

If you’re interested in switching to green gas, specific airsoft guns are designed for their use. Consider investing in such a gun to enjoy the benefits of green gas without risking damage to a CO2 airsoft gun. Remember, safety and responsible usage are paramount in the airsoft community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use green gas in a CO2 airsoft gun?

Generally, you cannot use green gas in a CO2 airsoft gun. CO2 guns are designed to operate with 12g CO2 cartridges, and using green gas could damage your gun’s internal components.

Q. What’s the main difference between green gas and CO2?

Green gas is typically a propane-based gas with added silicone oil, whereas CO2 is stored in liquid form in a cartridge. Green gas guns have a lower FPS, making them ideal for indoor play, while CO2 guns have a higher FPS and are more suitable for outdoor play.

Q. Can I convert my CO2 gun to accept green gas?

It is possible to convert some CO2 guns to accept green gas, but it requires a compatible adapter and careful modification. Make sure to consult your gun’s user manual or consult an experienced technician before attempting the conversion.

Q. Are CO2 guns more powerful than green gas guns?

In general, CO2 guns offer higher FPS and more consistent performance due to their higher pressure. However, this increased power can make them less suitable for close-quarters gameplay or indoor fields.

Q. What are the advantages of using green gas over CO2?

Green gas guns typically have a lower FPS, making them more suitable for indoor play and reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, green gas is often more affordable to refill than purchasing CO2 cartridges, and it comes with added silicone oil to help maintain your gun’s performance.

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