Best Airsoft BBs

Airsoft is the best of the replica gun games, and it’s popular all across America.

The quality of the replication of real weapons is a crucial part of the fun for many players, but as in real life, it’s not just the quality and characteristics of your gun that make the difference between success and failure – it’s the quality and characteristics of your ammunition, too.

In real-life shooting, people talk about the shape, the weight, the spin of their bullets, and much more, dissecting every factor that can help them shoot more accurately, hit their targets more often, and make the kills they want.

There’s no real difference when it comes to the BB pellets used in airsoft shooting.

But there are lots of different pellets on the market, and it’s difficult to tell them apart just by looking at them. How are you supposed to know which ones are best for your airsofting?

We’ve got your back. We’ve collected the five best airsoft BBs currently available for you. Take a look and see which most suits your airsoft needs.


Match Grade.

That right there is your first clue that the Game Face BBs from Crosman are going to be up to your standards. It means they can be used in competitive matches – which means any situation less demanding than that should see them shine.

As you can tell from their description as .20-Gram BBs, what you have here are lighter weight BBs, so they’re not ideal for higher-powered Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) – the higher impact force in those weapons can shatter the .20-Gram BBs in the barrel and even make the gun fail.

But for relative airsoft beginners, with things like lower impact spring pistols or lightweight AEGs with a lower range of feet per second (FPS), they’re reliable, intuitive, and highly effective.

Most especially if you’re using a starter kit, grab yourself some Game Face .20-Gram BBs, because they’ll do the job you want them to with a minimum of fuss.

It’s worth noting that Crosman are one of the oldest and most established BB brands on the market, so what comes with the Game Face .20-Gram BBs is a reassuring sense of quality and continuity – again, extremely useful for newcomers to airsoft.

You can also get 6mm BBs under the Game Face imprint too, should you need them. Never make the mistake of assuming that just because Crosman makes lightweight ammo, it’s necessarily slight or lower-quality.

There’s a precision in the Game Face .20-Gram Match Grade BBs that shows Crosman puts as much effort and skill into them as any manufacturer puts into heavier ammunition.

They’re double polished and seamless BBs, and they’re biodegradable, so – and we appreciate the irony of this – they won’t harm animals or the environments if they’re lost after shooting.

That’s quite possible, because, unlike many manufacturers, Crosman consistently makes darker-colored and even ‘camo’-colored BBs for the sneak attack factor, making them a favorite of snipers and ‘assassin’-style players.  

If you’re new to airsoft, or if you want to hone your sniper game, the Game Face Match Grade .20-Gram BBs are among the best friends you can have.

But remember, they’re best used in weapons with a lower FPS because they won’t stand up to the higher impact forces of more powerful weapons.


  • A lightweight ammo is perfect for beginners and weapons with a lower FPS range
  • Dark and camo-colored BBS are a favorite of sniper-style players
  • Match Grade BBs give you a biodegradable BB that is fit for use in competition


  • Not suitable for higher impact guns, as they may well shatter in the barrel and let you down


Elite Force BBs have also been on the market a long time, proving their worth to airsoft player after airsoft player. They’re trusted in the game community and a favorite BB for many.

The Premium Biodegradable 6mm .25 gram BBs are a particular star in the range, mostly because they play well with all sorts of others.

Spring pistols, AEGs, Polarstar guns, gas blow back airsoft guns, you name it, the 6mm Premium Biodegradables from Elite Force will do the job.

They’re also a BB that feeds smoothly through magazine loaders – and if that sounds like it should be no big thing, you’re a newbie to the game.

There’s a phenomenal uniformity to their construction, which probably shouldn’t come as a surprise given that Elite Fore is part of the Umarex brand.

Nevertheless, the relentless similarity works not only to create confidence in the player who uses them, but also, as we mentioned, means that mechanical elements like magazine loaders have no reason to jab or clog when using these BBs.

That means with the 6mm Premium Biodegradables, you understand what you’re buying, and you get what you paid for, time and time again.

It’s no real surprise that Elite Force BBs are among the best of the best. Simply put, they’ll work for you across a wide range of weaponry, they’ll work consistently, and you can pretty much stop thinking about your ammo once you’ve got them loaded.

Jam-free, consistently firing BBs win airsoft games. Load up with the Elite Forces 6mm Premium Biodegradables and that means you win airsoft games.

They’re especially good in outdoor airsoft environments, and they’ll do exactly what you need them to do. Every time.


  • Reliable, uniform construction means no jams in magazine loaders
  • A reputation for quality follows these BBs around like the smell of glory
  • They play well with lots of others, so you don’t have to worry too much about matching the impact force of your gun to the BBs


  • Sometimes, their reputation can work against you – Elite Forces BBs can be hard to keep in stock, so you might lose out


Another BB made in Taiwan, like the Elite Forces Premium Biodegradables, the Valken Accelerate BBs cater to a slightly more heavyweight audience.

With weights running from .20g all the way to .40g, they likely have your name on them if you’re in the market for longer distance shooting, more sophisticated sniper rifles and AEGs with higher FPS rates.

The Accelerate BB is Valken’s premium line, and includes the 6mm premium pro match grade BBs. If you need a little more economy in your airsoft, try the Infinity BB – it’s still Valken quality, but you get bagfuls of Infinity BBs for less wallet-pain.

If you want to be green, both the Accelerate and the Infinity BB are available in biodegradable, as well as non-bio versions. You can even get glow-in-the-dark Accelerate BBs for night games (at least for BBs on the lighter end of the spectrum - .20 and .25g)

Valken makes good quality BBs, and the Accelerate is the best of its lines. There’s good uniformity with very few BBs displaying defects in construction.

They don’t have quite the cast-iron reputation for uniformity that comes with the Elite Forces BB, but they’re a lot more than acceptable and they deliver across the range of more heavyweight ammunition needs.

Valken Accelerate pro match grade airsoft BBS in 0.20g, 0.25g, 0.28g, 0.32g, and 0.36g weights, meaning if you have a more powerful weapon, they’re definitely a brand to look out for.


  • Valken Accelerate is a relentlessly uniform BB brand for heavier or more powerful weapons
  • Accelerate BBs are available in both biodegradable and non-biodegradable versions
  • If you find you need to add economy to your airsoft gaming, you can mix it up with the more budget-friendly Infinity BB without any issue


  • While they have a good reputation, they’re not as trustworthy as Elite Forces when it comes to uniformity of construction


If you’re not looking to reinvent the wheel in your airsofting, but just want some good, reliable, high-quality BBs, Evike EMG International Match Grade 6mms might be just what you’re looking for.

A third Taiwanese BB (Seriously, Taiwan has it going on with its BB products) they share the ‘plays well with lots of others’ genes of the Elite Forces BBs - spring pistols, AEGs, sniper rifles, and blow back airsoft guns all love a magazine full of Evike EMG, though obviously, do your homework ahead of time and match the weight of the BB to the power of your weapon.

Also, decide going in whether you want the biodegradable version or the non-bio, as that’ll have an (ahem) impact on the weight you need.

Non-bio or standard Evike BBs come in 0.20g, 0.23g, and 0.25g weights, and are useful in indoor airsoft environments. For outdoor play, go biodegradable, and go heavier grade – the biodegradable Evike Match Grade BBs come in 0.28g and 0.30g variants.

Like the Elite Forces BBs, the build and the quality control on Evike EMG BBs seem extremely high, with only very rare reports of jams or gun malfunctions while using them.

Naturally, repeated quality and precision production come with consequences in terms of price, but which would you prefer?

To pay little, and risk gun malfunction at a critical moment in your game, or to pay a little more and have peace of mind all the way through your airsoft match that when you need to fire your weapon, it will do what you intend it to do?

Perhaps Evike EMG BBs give you little by way of spectacular innovation, but really, you don’t need anything that sings you show tunes on the way to its target.

You need precision, simplicity, and dogged reliability, and Evike BBs will give you that all day and all night – with extra confidence that you won’t face jamming or malfunction when you try to shoot them.

That’s worth a small price hike, because it stops you fighting ammunition anxiety in the middle of your game, and lets you just get on with the business of hitting your targets.


  • Reliable build quality means you’ll rarely get jamming or gun malfunction
  • Available in biodegradable and non-biodegradable versions, so you get BBs for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Works well in a range of gun types


  • Slightly more on the expensive side


Premium biodegradable BBs towards the heavier side of the spectrum? Anyone?

For an orderly line, BioShot is about to make your BB dreams come true.

In fact, if you have an airsoft gun that needs the heaviest of BBs, this is where you need to be. All you snipers, and high-FPS AEG-wielders, this is your party.

Like our list-leader, these are made in China and packaged in the USA and are checked for quality and uniformity.

In the case of the BioShot BBs, they’re double-checked, to ensure you never get a dud, because a misshapen BB in your magazine is just the gift your day could do without.

In terms of available weights, you’re looking at options in 0.34g, 0.36g, 0.40g, 0.43g, and 0.45g, so your more high-powered AEGs are hardly likely to shatter these bad boys in the barrel.

They also come available in standard bags or in paper tubes for that authentic sniper feel.

It’s worth noting that BioShot ammo is – perhaps understandably, given the name – only available in biodegradable BBs, and that, combined with the heavier weights, tends to make them much more of an outdoor kitty.

BioShot is less of a well-known name in the industry than many of the top players on our list, but it’s doing interesting things and serving a very particular niche in the market with rigorously tested, reliable airsoft ammunition, so it makes it onto our list of the best airsoft BBs.


  • Impressive quality control means you very rarely get a misshapen BB
  • Delivers a reliable BB for higher-powered AEGs and sniper rifles
  • Available in paper tubes, to give sniper players an extra kick of authenticity


  • It’s a niche BB, serving only heavier-duty and higher-powered airsoft guns

Buyer’s Guide

When you’re buying your BBs, keep a few things in mind.

Best Airsoft BBs

Reliability beats value every time

If you have to choose between a lot of BBs at a bargain price, and fewer BBs that are slightly more expensive but have a much better record for reliability and quality control – go quality control every time.

We’re not advising you to waste money, but the benefits of a reliable BB that works well in magazines can’t be overstated when it comes to airsoft play.

You never want to squeeze a trigger and find the BB gets stuck, or shatters, or makes your gun malfunction, as such things can turn the tide of your airsoft match. 

But more than that, carrying a reliable BB with you means your whole experience is lighter, because you lift the ammunition anxiety off your shoulders if you know you can trust the BBs you use to do the job every time.

To bio, or not to bio

Most BBs now come in biodegradable versions, which are mandatory for outdoor airsoft play, and non-biodegradable versions, which can be used in indoor airsoft environments.

Be aware of your airsoft intentions, and the upcoming games you intend to be involved in, and make sure you buy the right types of ammunition to meet your needs.

Weight a moment

Be aware that the type of airsoft gun you use will have a bearing on the weight of the BBs you’ll be able to use.

Putting lightweight BBs in a high-FPS AEG could well result in shattered dreams as well as shattered BBs, while your probably-quite-expensive airsoft gun malfunctions or expires, and all your buddies absolutely lose their minds with laughter and film your broken dreams for their Youtube channel.

Match the weight of the BB you’re buying to the type of gun or guns you intend to use, and avoid an eternity of infamy on the internet, not to mention being repeatedly shot as an idiot on the day of your airsoft battle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What makes a BB better than any other?

Consistency is a key to good BBs.

You have some control over what makes them the best BBs for your particular airsoft game – size, weight, biodegradability, etc – but if you can get BBs with a reputation for consistent build quality, it means you’re not worrying about BBs getting stuck in a magazine, and you can play the game without fear.

2.    Why are none of the best BBs US-made?

There are several leading BBs that are made by American companies, but they tend to be manufactured in countries like China and Taiwan, due to lower production costs (not to say lower wage costs).

These products are then often quality checked and distributed by the American parent company.

3.    Can airsoft BBs penetrate the skin?

They can, in some circumstances. If you’re very, very unlucky, they can even make you bleed. They are not, though, strong enough or dangerous enough to cut into flesh to the degree that would leave you incapacitated or needing surgery. That would be bullets.

Most of the time, the worst you’ll get from being hit by an airsoft BB is a bruise, though.