Airsoft Ammunition: Unleash Your Inner Sharpshooter Today

Selecting the right ammunition is crucial to your performance and safety in airsoft. With various options available, understanding the differences in airsoft BBs can make all the difference in your gameplay experience.

As you dive into the topic, you’ll discover that different BBs have unique characteristics, such as weight, material, and quality. Keeping these factors in mind not only aids in achieving the desired accuracy and range but also prevents damage to your airsoft gun.

By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions when choosing your airsoft ammunition. Let’s explore the factors you must consider and how they impact your gaming experience.

Types of Airsoft Ammunition

As an airsoft enthusiast, you have many options regarding ammunition. Here, you’ll learn about the most widely used types: BBs, biodegradable, CO2, and gas.


Plastic BBs are the most common ammunition in airsoft. They come in various weights and sizes, typically ranging from 0.12g to 0.40g. Heavier BBs provide better trajectory and accuracy, while lighter ones travel faster.


Biodegradable BBs are an environmentally friendly option. Made from PLA or other biodegradable materials, they decompose over time, which helps reduce plastic pollution. Although more expensive, these BBs are an excellent choice for outdoor play.


CO2 cartridges run on compressed CO2 gas in airsoft guns. They offer a realistic shooting experience with crisp blowback action and higher FPS. However, CO2-powered guns can be more challenging to maintain and temperature-sensitive.


Gas-powered airsoft guns use either green gas, propane, or red gas as their propellant. Green gas is the most popular due to its consistent performance and self-lubricating properties. Gas guns produce less noise and usually have adjustable FPS, but their performance may decrease with temperature fluctuations.

Airsoft Gun Compatibility

When determining airsoft ammunition compatibility, understanding the type of airsoft gun you have is crucial. Different types of airsoft guns use specific types of ammunition, and understanding this will ensure optimal performance. This section will discuss compatibility for AEGs, Heckler & Koch, and Umarex airsoft guns.


Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) are most commonly seen in airsoft games due to their ease of use, durability, and performance characteristics. AEGs are compatible with seamless BBs, mainly 6mm in size. Pay attention to BB weight when selecting your ammunition; impacting your shooting performance.

  • 0.20g – suitable for standard AEGs and CQB scenarios
  • 0.25g – ideal for upgraded AEGs and increased accuracy
  • 0.28g+ – recommended for high-powered AEGs and greater shooting range

Heckler & Koch

Heckler & Koch is a German firearms manufacturer known for producing high-quality airsoft guns. Their airsoft guns are compatible with standard 6mm BBs; however, choosing the right BB weight will improve your accuracy and performance.

The ideal BB weight for a particular airsoft gun depends on several factors, including the gun’s power and velocity and the player’s desired level of accuracy and range.

  • 0.20g – suitable for Heckler & Koch G36 series and other entry-level replicas.
  • 0.25g – Generally, 0.25g BBs are a popular choice for airsoft players using a wide range of airsoft guns, not just Heckler & Koch models.


Umarex is another German-based manufacturer known for producing a wide range of airsoft guns and ammunition. Umarex airsoft guns also utilize standard 6mm BBs but differ in gas and CO2-powered operation. The weight of BBs used for Umarex guns depends on the specific model used.

BB WeightRecommended Umarex Models
0.20gUmarex USP, H&K 2279000, and other entry-level pistols
0.25gUmarex Glock 17, Steel Storm, and other high-performance pistols

Refer to your airsoft gun user manual for the most accurate compatibility information.

Ammunition Characteristics

Airsoft ammunition plays a crucial role in the overall performance of your airsoft gun. This section will discuss the characteristics that impact accuracy, velocity, and range.


Accuracy is all about how consistently your shots hit the intended target. The quality and weight of your airsoft BBs can significantly affect accuracy. High-quality BBs with a smoother surface reduce air resistance and provide better flight stability.

Choosing the right BB weight for your gun is essential for optimal accuracy. Heavier BBs, like 0.25g or 0.28g, are less affected by wind and can maintain a straighter trajectory, making them a good choice for outdoor play.


Velocity refers to the speed at which your airsoft BBs travel. It is measured in feet per second (FPS) and is influenced by several factors, such as BB weight and the power source of your gun. Lighter BBs, like 0.12g or 0.20g, will achieve greater velocities but may sacrifice accuracy and range.

Upgraded components, like high-quality springs or gas systems, can enhance the velocity of your shots. However, be cautious about breaking field limits and follow safety guidelines and regulations.


The range is the maximum distance your shots can travel while maintaining accuracy. Heavier BBs can help extend your range because they are less affected by external factors like wind. However, a trade-off might occur, as heavier BBs generally result in lower velocities.

Proper gun maintenance and hop-up adjustments can also contribute to effective range. Maintaining clean barrels and using a well-tuned hop-up can significantly improve your gun’s range and accuracy.

Airsoft BB Specifications

In the airsoft world, the ammunition you choose directly affects your performance, accuracy, and overall experience. Let’s dive into two standard airsoft BB sizes and their specifications.


6mm BBs are the most commonly used airsoft ammunition, compatible with most airsoft guns. These BBs come in various weights, ranging from 0.12g up to 0.45g, each serving a different purpose:

  • 0.12g: lightweight, suitable for low-power spring or electric guns and entry-level players.
  • 0.20g to 0.25g: ideal for casual play or target practice, offering a balance of range, power, and accuracy.
  • 0.28g to 0.45g: heavier rounds, often used by experienced players who own upgraded or high-powered guns, improving accuracy and consistency at long range.


4.5mm BBs, also known as .177 cal, are smaller and mainly used in airsoft pistols and rifles. These BBs are made of steel or lead and weigh between 0.33g and 0.35g, making them faster and more accurate at short distances:

  • Steel: durable, with a hard surface, excellent for target practice but not recommended for use in skirmishes due to potential ricochets and safety concerns.
  • Lead: softer than steel BBs but less prone to ricochet; however, they still pose safety risks and are not ideal for airsoft games.

Using BBs’ appropriate size and weight for your airsoft weapon ensures optimal accuracy and performance. Now you’re equipped to make informed choices when selecting your airsoft ammunition.

Usage Scenarios

When it comes to airsoft ammunition, different usage scenarios call for specific types and strategies. This section will explore two common situations: target practice and skirmishes.

Target Practice

Target practice is an essential aspect of honing your airsoft skills. For this, you should opt for cost-effective yet reliable BBs.

Choose BBs with a medium weight, typically around 0.20g to 0.25g. This provides a good balance between accuracy and cost. While practicing, set up targets at varying distances to build expertise in optimal shooting techniques.

Consider using biodegradable BBs, which are more eco-friendly and suitable for outdoor target practice. It’s a responsible choice for keeping your airsoft practice areas clean and sustainable.


The choice of ammo is considerably significant in skirmishes, as it can impact your performance on the battlefield. Select BBs based on your airsoft gun type, as well as the game scenario and location.

  • Close Quarters: Lighter BBs (around 0.20g) work well for indoor or tight spaces due to faster speeds and shorter engagement distances.
  • Outdoor: When engaging in outdoor play, use heavier BBs (0.25g to 0.30g) for improved accuracy and resistance to wind interference.
  • Sniping: As a sniper, heavier BBs (0.30g to 0.43g) are ideal, offering increased accuracy and stability, thus allowing you to hit targets from greater distances.

Always adhere to field rules and guidelines when selecting your airsoft ammunition. Ensure you’re using high-quality BBs for a smooth, enjoyable experience in any usage scenario.

Environmental Impact

Airsoft ammunition can impact the environment due to the materials used in their production and disposal after use. In this section, you’ll learn about environmentally friendly ammunition options and how they can help minimize the adverse effects on our environment.

Environmentally Friendly Ammunition

Most airsoft ammunition is made of plastic, which can decompose in the environment for hundreds of years. However, alternatives, such as biodegradable BBs, significantly reduce their environmental footprint. These BBs are made from materials like PLA (polylactic acid), which decompose more quickly in the environment.

Biodegradable BBs may be slightly more expensive than traditional plastic BBs, but the environmental benefits can make the cost difference worthwhile. Additionally, some airsoft fields and events now require the use of biodegradable ammunition to help protect the environment.

When choosing environmentally friendly ammunition, look for the following features:

  • Materials: Seek out BBs made from PLA or other bio-based materials for faster decomposing times.
  • Quality: Ensure your chosen BBs are well-made and maintain accuracy even with eco-friendly materials.
  • Availability: Verify that your preferred ammunition is available in the BBs size and weight you typically use for airsoft play.

By choosing environmentally friendly airsoft ammunition, you’re doing your part to help protect our planet while still enjoying your favorite sport. Always clean up after your games and responsibly dispose of used BBs to reduce your impact.

Brands and Pricing

Choosing the right airsoft ammunition is essential, and the brand plays a significant role in determining the quality and price. In this section, you’ll learn about some of the most popular brands, their pricing, and what they offer in terms of quality.

Elite Force

As one of the top brands in the airsoft industry, Elite Force offers premium, high-quality BBs. Their products are known for consistency in size and weight, contributing to higher gameplay accuracy. Pricing for Elite Force ammunition ranges from $12 to $45, depending on the quantity and type:

  • 0.20g BBs: $12 – $20 (5000 counts)
  • 0.25g BBs: $15 – $25 (5000 counts)
  • 0.28g BBs: $18 – $30 (5000 counts)
  • 0.32g BBs: $25 – $45 (5000 counts)


Crosman is another reputable brand in the world of airsoft ammunition. Known for their affordability, Crosman BBs cater to airsoft enthusiasts on a tighter budget. You can still expect decent performance from their ammunition despite the lower price. Typical pricing for Crosman BBs is:

  • 0.20g BBs: $8 – $12 (5000 counts)
  • 0.25g BBs: $11 – $16 (5000 counts)

Small Business Brands

Some smaller retailers in the airsoft community have started to produce their own branded BBs as a more affordable alternative to more prominent brands. It’s essential to read product reviews and get the opinions of knowledgeable airsoft players when considering these small business brands. Prices may vary but are generally competitive to attract customers.

You have various brand options when it comes to airsoft ammunition. Prices typically correspond to the quality and materials used, with more expensive brands offering better performance. Navigate your options and find a balance between quality and affordability that suits your gameplay style.

Color Options

In the world of airsoft ammunition, colors play a significant role. With various options available, you can choose the right color to suit your needs and preferences. Let’s explore some popular choices:

  • White: Popular for its high visibility, white BBs are easy to track and find after the shooting. This color is ideal for competitive games and target practice.
  • Black: Black BBs offer stealth, making them harder for opponents to spot. They’re perfect for strategic play and blending in with darker environments.
  • Green: Green BBs balance visibility and camouflage, as the shooter can see them but blend in with natural surroundings.
  • Other colors: There are various options like orange, blue, and glow-in-the-dark BBs for night games or tracer units.

While colorful BBs can help identify shots from specific players, some fields or events may have color restrictions. Before deciding on a color, check for any limitations or requirements at your chosen airsoft venue.

Remember, the primary purpose of airsoft ammunition is to provide a fun and safe gaming experience. Choosing the right color for your BBs not only enhances your overall experience but can also affect your in-game strategy.

Ammunition Maintenance and Care

Proper care of your airsoft ammo is essential for your airsoft gun’s reliable performance and longevity. This section will discuss tips for maintaining and caring for your airsoft pellets.

Firstly, always store your airsoft ammunition in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Exposure to moisture and extreme temperatures can degrade the quality of your pellets, affecting their performance and accuracy.

Cleaning your ammo can be beneficial too. Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust that might be present on the surface of the pellets. This will help ensure smoother feeding and operation of your airsoft gun.


When loading your magazines, be mindful of the following tips:

  • Inspect your pellets before loading, and avoid using any visibly damaged or deformed.
  • Load the correct caliber and weight of airsoft ammo for your specific airsoft gun, as the manufacturer recommends.
  • Avoid overloading, which can cause jams and misfires in your gun.

Following these simple guidelines will help ensure that your airsoft ammo remains in good condition and that your airsoft gun performs optimally during each skirmish or target practice session.

FPS and Precision

In airsoft, FPS (feet per second) measures the speed of your ammunition as it leaves the barrel of your airsoft gun. A higher FPS can improve range and accuracy, but balancing power with precision is essential.

When it comes to precision, the quality and weight of your airsoft BBs play a significant role. Heavier BBs are less prone to being affected by wind and offer better consistency in flight. Use the chart below to find the optimal BB weight based on your gun’s FPS:

FPS RangeRecommended BB Weight
400-4500.28g – 0.30g
450-5000.32g – 0.36g

Additionally, remember that high-quality BBs are less likely to have imperfections, ensuring better flight consistency and precision. Investing in premium BBs will ultimately enhance your overall performance on the field.


Choosing the right ammunition can significantly impact your game performance in the airsoft world. With various types and weights available, it’s essential to consider factors such as accuracy, range, and compatibility with your airsoft gun.

Key considerations:

  • Opt for BBs with a smooth surface and consistent shape to ensure better flight trajectories.
  • Heavier BBs, such as 0.25g or 0.28g, can enhance your accuracy while playing outdoors.
  • Always use biodegradable BBs when possible to minimize environmental impact.

Remember, selecting the right ammunition can make all the difference in your airsoft experience. So, invest in quality BBs, experiment with various types, and enjoy a more accurate and enjoyable game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of airsoft ammunition should you use?

Generally speaking, invest in high-quality, seamless BBs with accurate sizing. Check your airsoft gun’s recommended weight and stick to it for optimal performance.

Q. How do I store my airsoft BBs?

It’s essential to store your airsoft ammunition in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Moisture can cause BBs to swell, reducing your gun’s accuracy and even causing jamming.

Q. Is biodegradable ammunition worth it?

Absolutely! Biodegradable BBs are becoming more popular and encouraged in the airsoft community due to their reduced environmental impact. They perform just as well as non-biodegradable BBs but break down over time, helping to keep the airsoft fields free of plastic pollution.

Q. Can I reuse BBs?

Reusing BBs is not advisable, as they can get deformed, dirty, or damaged after use. Using damaged BBs can cause your airsoft gun to jam or degrade performance.

Q. What are tracer BBs?

Tracer BBs are unique ammunition designed to be used with a tracer unit attached to your airsoft gun. They glow in the dark, allowing you to trace your shots during nighttime games, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to the sport.

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