Double Your Fun: How to Make an Airsoft Double Barrel Shotgun?

Building a double-barrel shotgun is a fun and challenging project if you’re an airsoft enthusiast looking to add variety to your collection.

With this blog, you’ll finish with a distinctive and impressive weapon, learn essential techniques, and gain expertise in airsoft gunsmithing. You can create a powerful and reliable shotgun with suitable tools and materials to give you an edge on the battlefield.

To start, you’ll need a solid understanding of airsoft mechanics and a clear idea of what you want your shotgun to look and feel like. You’ll also need to gather the necessary parts and tools, including a double-barrel shotgun kit, a high-quality airsoft gun, and various accessories such as a scope, sling, and ammo. You may design a shotgun that expresses your style and improves your airsoft games with careful planning and attention to detail.

Designing Your Shotgun

Choosing Your Design

When designing your airsoft double barrel shotgun, it’s essential to consider the type of gameplay you’ll be using it for. Are you looking for a more traditional shotgun design or want to create something more unique? Take inspiration from existing airsoft shotguns, but don’t hesitate to get creative and put your spin on the design.

3D Printing Your Model

Once you have your design in mind, it’s time to create a 3D model. Various software programs, such as Tinkercad or Fusion 360, are available. Take accurate measurements and create a detailed model to ensure the output is functional and looks great.

3D Printing Settings

When printing your model, it’s essential to choose the right settings. This includes the type of filament you’ll use, the layer height, and the infill percentage.

A higher infill percentage will create a stronger and more durable final product and use more filament. Try out several options to determine the most effective for your particular design.

Follow proper safety precautions when using a 3D printer, such as wearing protective gear and ensuring the printer is in a well-ventilated area.

Overall, designing and 3D printing your airsoft double barrel shotgun can be a rewarding and fun experience. To develop a 3D final product that is useful and appealing, take your time and consider all aspects of the design and printing processes.


Gathering Materials

Before assembling your airsoft double barrel shotgun, ensure you have all the necessary materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two airsoft shotgun shells
  • Two barrels
  • Two trigger mechanisms
  • One stock
  • One grip
  • Screws and bolts
  • Screwdriver and wrench

Ensure that every component is high-quality and compatible with the others. Don’t take any chances with your shotgun’s functionality or safety.

Assembling Your Shotgun

  1. Start by attaching the barrels to the trigger mechanisms. Secure them with screws and bolts, making sure they are tightly fastened.
  2. Attach the stock to the trigger mechanisms using the screws and bolts. Make sure the stock is sturdy and comfortable to hold.
  3. Attach the grip to the trigger mechanisms using the screws and bolts. Again, make sure the grip is comfortable and provides a good grip.
  4. Insert the airsoft shotgun shells into the barrels. Make sure they are correctly seated and secure.
  1. Test your shotgun by firing a few shots in a safe and controlled environment.  Verify that everything is functioning in order and that there are no errors.

You have successfully assembled your airsoft double barrel shotgun. Now it’s time to show off your skills. Remember to follow safety rules and regulations.

Double Barrel Break-Action Mechanism

Understanding the Mechanism

To create a double-barrel break-action shotgun, you need to understand the mechanism.

The break-action design is the most straightforward and reliable design for a shotgun. It involves breaking the barrel open to load the ammunition and then closing it to fire the rounds. The double barrel design is achieved by having two barrels side by side.


The trigger is a critical component of the double-barrel break-action shotgun.

It is responsible for releasing the hammer, which strikes the firing pin and fires the rounds. The trigger needs to be durable and reliable to ensure consistent firing. It is also essential to ensure the trigger is smooth and easy to pull to avoid accidental discharge.


The support structure is another critical component of the double-barrel break-action shotgun.

It is responsible for holding the barrels in place and ensuring they are aligned correctly. The support structure must be sturdy and durable to withstand the recoil from firing the rounds. Adjusting the support structure to accommodate different shooters’ preferences is also essential.

The double barrel break-action mechanism is a reliable and straightforward design for a shotgun. The trigger and support components are critical for ensuring consistent firing and accuracy. You can create a high-quality airsoft double-barrel shotgun by understanding the mechanism and paying attention to the trigger and support structure.

Best 3D Printer Files

To make your airsoft double barrel shotgun, you must find suitable 3D printer files. Some of the best resources available are as follows:


Cults is a great place to look for 3D printer files for your airsoft double barrel shotgun. They have many files available, many of which are free. Some top options on Cults include the “Double Barrel Shotgun” and the “Airsoft Double Barrel Shotgun.”

Best Sellers On Thingiverse And MyMiniFactory

Another great source for 3D printer files is the “best sellers” section on sites like Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory. These sections feature files downloaded and printed by many users, so you can be sure they are high-quality and reliable. Some of the best options in the “best sellers” section include the “Double Barrel Shotgun” and the “Airsoft Double Barrel Shotgun.”

No matter where you look for 3D printer files for your airsoft double barrel shotgun, read the reviews and check the file specifications before you download. With the right files and an excellent 3D printer, you can create a powerful and accurate airsoft shotgun that will impress your friends and opponents alike.

Private Use and Licensing


You do not need a license when making an airsoft double-barrel shotgun for private use. However, if you plan on selling or distributing your creation, you must obtain the proper licensing and permits from your local authorities.


If you plan on advertising your airsoft double barrel shotgun, it is crucial to be honest and transparent about its capabilities and limitations. Do not make exaggerated or false claims about its power or range.

Affiliate Links

If you plan on using affiliate links to promote your airsoft double-barrel shotgun, disclose this information to your audience. Be honest about any potential benefits you may receive from the affiliate program.


If you accept donations for your airsoft double barrel shotgun project, use the funds responsibly and transparently. Keep your donors informed about the progress of your project and how their contributions are being used.


Engage with the airsoft community and seek feedback on your airsoft double barrel shotgun project. Accept constructive criticism with open arms and use it to enhance your work. Talk to people interested in airsoft and share your airsoft knowledge and experience with them.

Making an airsoft double-barrel shotgun for personal use does not require a license. However, if you plan on selling or distributing your creation, you must obtain the proper licensing and permits. Be transparent and honest about your project, and engage with the airsoft community for feedback and support.


Congratulations, you have successfully built your very own airsoft double-barrel shotgun! Building an airsoft gun can be a rewarding and fun experience with the right tools and materials.

Prioritize safety when handling airsoft guns. Wear protective gear and never point the gun at someone not participating in the game. Build your airsoft gun and customize it to your liking.

Building an airsoft gun is a great way to save money than buying a pre-made one. Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you built it yourself.

Overall, building an airsoft double barrel shotgun requires some technical knowledge and patience, but with the right guidance, anyone can do it. Happy building!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use any airsoft gun to make a double-barrel shotgun?

No, not all airsoft guns can be converted into a double-barrel shotgun. You will need a shotgun-style airsoft gun with a magazine tube under the barrel, and this is where the second barrel will be installed.

Q. What materials do I need to make an airsoft double-barrel shotgun?

You will need a shotgun-style airsoft gun, two barrels, a barrel clamp, a magazine tube extension, and a few basic tools, such as a drill and screwdriver. You can purchase these materials from a local airsoft store or online.

Q. Is modifying an airsoft gun to make a double-barrel shotgun legal?

It depends on the laws in your area. In some places, modifying an airsoft gun in any way may be illegal. Researching and understanding the laws before modifying your airsoft gun is important.

Q. How do I install the second barrel on my airsoft gun?

First, remove the magazine tube cap and spring from your airsoft gun. Next, install the magazine tube extension onto the magazine tube.

Then, install the second barrel onto the barrel clamp and attach the clamp to the magazine tube extension. Finally, reattach the magazine tube cap and spring.

Q. Is it difficult to make an airsoft double-barrel shotgun?

Making an airsoft double-barrel shotgun can be challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with airsoft guns and modifications. However, suitable materials and tools can create a functioning double-barrel shotgun. It’s important to take time and follow instructions carefully to ensure safety and proper function.

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