Raven EU17 Review: Unveiling the Ultimate Experience

In the world of airsoft, finding the perfect sidearm can make all the difference in your gameplay. The Raven EU17 is a popular choice among players like you, and it’s time to take a deeper dive into what sets it apart. This review will provide you with valuable information about the performance, build quality, and overall value of this airsoft gun.

As an airsoft enthusiast, you know the importance of accuracy and power in your sidearm. The Raven EU17 offers a gas blowback system that provides realistic operation and consistent performance. Its metal slide offers durability, while the polymer frame ensures a comfortable grip and lightweight handling.

Upgrading your airsoft gear can be difficult, but considering well-constructed and reliable options like the Raven EU17 is crucial. By the end of this review, you will better understand whether this airsoft pistol meets your skirmishing needs, making your game even more enjoyable and competitive.

Design and Quality

Materials and Build

The Raven EU17 is crafted with premium materials, ensuring a top-quality build. Its frame is constructed with a durable polymer, providing robustness and longevity. The slide is made from high-quality metal, offering a smooth and reliable cycle during use.

Color Options

For this airsoft pistol, you have two color options to choose from: black and tan. Both colors add to the aesthetic appeal and integrate seamlessly into various airsoft loadouts. Make your selection based on personal preference or tactical needs.

  • Black: Sleek and versatile, the black variant complements any gear setup and provides a classic, tactical look.
  • Tan: The tan option adds a desert flair, ideal for those who prefer a more earthy, camouflage-inspired appearance.

Performance and Features

Full Auto Mode

With the Raven EU17 airsoft pistol, you’ll enjoy the thrill of full auto mode. This feature allows you to unleash a rapid stream of BBs at your opponents, giving you the upper hand in intense airsoft battles. Although this mode can drain your gas quickly, it’s perfect for those close-quarters skirmishes where speed and firepower are essential.

FPS and Range

The Raven EU17 boasts an impressive FPS (feet per second) and effective range, providing reliable performance on the field. With a consistent FPS of around 300-330 with 0.20g BBs, you can be confident that your shots will reach their target swiftly. The effective range of approximately 100-120 feet ensures that you can comfortably engage opponents at various distances.

FPS Table

BB WeightFPS

Range Table

BB WeightRange (feet)

Additional Features

The Raven EU17 airsoft pistol offers several additional features that will enhance your experience on the field:

  • Ambidextrous slide release: Easily accessible for both left and right-handed players
  • Integrated rail: Conveniently attach accessories like flashlights or laser sights
  • Snappy trigger response: Enjoy quick follow-up shots with a minimum trigger pull

Remember to maintain your Raven EU17 for optimal performance and longevity, and always use high-quality BBs and gas to ensure peak functionality. With these features and performance capabilities, you’ll have a versatile and reliable sidearm in your arsenal.

Nuprol Collaboration

Nuprol has partnered with Raven EU17 to create a reliable airsoft pistol. In this collaboration, they’ve combined their expertise to enhance the pistol’s performance and elevate your airsoft experience.

  • High-quality build: Nuprol and Raven have carefully crafted their EU17 with top-notch materials, ensuring its durability and accuracy. This collaboration guarantees you a trustworthy sidearm during your games.
  • Efficient gas system: The combined efforts of Nuprol and Raven have resulted in an efficient gas blowback system for the EU17. The stable gas system allows consistent performance and a realistic shooting experience.

To help you understand the specifics of their collaboration, we’ve prepared this table:

Build QualityNuprol & Raven
Gas System EfficiencyNuprol
Design & AestheticsRaven

The Nuprol and Raven collaboration has significantly enhanced the EU17 airsoft pistol. As a result, you can rely on its performance, durability, and aesthetics during your airsoft matches.

Accessories and Package Contents


The Raven EU17 comes with a durable and adjustable holster, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for your airsoft pistol. Made from high-quality materials, it allows for easy access and quick drawing during gameplay.

Spare Gas Nozzle

You’ll also receive a spare gas nozzle in the package, which is essential for maintaining optimal performance. In case of any damage or wear, you can easily replace the nozzle and keep your pistol firing smoothly.


The package includes a single magazine with a 25-round capacity. This high-capacity magazine enables you to engage in extended play without needing to reload constantly. Additional magazines can be purchased separately for even more convenience.

HolsterAdjustable and durable
Spare Gas NozzleReplacement part included
Magazine25-round capacity

Before heading out to the field, it’s always a good idea to double-check your package contents to make sure everything is in order. Ensure you have the holster, spare gas nozzle, and magazine ready for action. Having these essentials with your Raven EU17 will significantly enhance your airsoft experience.

Usage and Maintenance

Gas System

Regularly clean and lubricate the gas system to maintain your Raven EU17 GBB pistol. Use a silicone-based oil to lubricate the gas inlet valve and O-rings that can be found within the magazine. Ensure proper gas flow and avoid leaks.

To clean the gas system, lightly spray a cleaning solution onto a soft cloth, and use it to wipe down the inside of the gas chamber gently. Inspect the chamber for any build-up or debris that may hinder performance.

Magazine Care

Proper magazine care extends the longevity of your EU17. Keep the magazine clean by disassembling it regularly and removing any dirt or debris. Use a dry cloth or soft brush for cleaning, and avoid using any strong solvents.

Lubricate the Magazine:

  • Apply a small amount of silicone oil on the springs, follower, and feed lips
  • Avoid over-lubricating as it may attract dirt and grit

Remember to store your magazines with a small amount of gas to ensure the seals remain properly pressurized. This prevents seal damage and maintains their functionality.

Comparison with Similar Pistols

The Glock series stands out as a popular option when comparing the Raven EU17 to other airsoft pistols. To help you make an informed decision, let’s examine some key differences and similarities between the two:

Design And Build Quality

Both the Raven EU17 and Glock airsoft pistols feature polymer frames and metal slides, offering a realistic feel and robust construction. However, the Glock series boasts a wider variety of models which suits your preferences.


In terms of accuracy and range, both pistols perform admirably. The Raven EU17 packs a punch with its adjustable hop-up, while the Glock offers consistent accuracy across its models. Your choice may boil down to personal preference in handling and style.

Features And Customization

The Raven EU17 shines with its under-barrel rail, providing you with options to attach accessories like flashlights and laser sights. While some Glock models also include an accessory rail, it’s not as common across the board.

PistolDesign and Build QualityPerformanceFeatures and Customization
Raven EU17Polymer frame, metal slideAdjustable hop-upUnder-barrel rail for accessories
Glock seriesPolymer frame, metal slideConsistent accuracyAccessory rail in some models

Ultimately, your choice between the Raven EU17 and Glock series will depend on your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Remember to factor in availability, price, and aftermarket support when making your decision.

Rule Compliance and Safety

As an airsoft player, you know that rule compliance and safety are crucial when using any airsoft gun. With the Raven EU17, you can rest assured that it meets the necessary regulations.

The Raven EU17 features an orange tip to indicate that it’s an airsoft gun, not a real firearm. This makes it easier for others to identify it, ensuring your safety during play. Additionally, the gun adheres to standard FPS (feet per second) regulations, making it suitable for most airsoft fields.

In terms of safety features, the Raven EU17:

  • Has an ambidextrous safety selector
  • Includes a trigger safety
  • Offers an adjustable hop-up system, allowing for greater control

Remember to always check your local airsoft field’s rules before playing, as they may have specific requirements that differ from standard regulations. Following these rules and using the safety features of the Raven EU17 will help ensure a fun and injury-free experience for you and your fellow players.

Personal Experiences

When users first got their hands on the Raven EU17, they immediately noticed its impressive build quality. The polymer frame and metal slide give it a sturdy and realistic feel.

Users appreciate the crisp blowback action during gameplay, which adds to the airsoft experience. The accuracy of the Raven EU17 is commendable as well, allowing you to engage opponents at various ranges confidently.

Several features make the Raven EU17 an attractive choice:

  • Easy-to-access gas system: The gas system is accessible from the bottom of the grip, making it convenient to refill on the field.
  • Enhanced controls: The enlarged slide release and ambidextrous safety cater to a wide array of players.
  • Rail system: The integrated rail mount allows for attachments to suit your playstyle.

Users who have also used the Raven EU17 can attest to its reliability and performance. They found it consistently effective in skirmishes and appreciated its easy-to-adjust hop-up system. They have had their fair share of victories thanks to the versatility and functionality of the Raven EU17.


The Raven EU17 airsoft pistol stands out as an affordable and reliable option, offering a range of pros. Its realistic blowback action and comfortable grip design will delight you, ensuring an immersive and comfortable shooting experience. The pistol impresses with its consistent performance and ease of maintenance, making it a solid choice for airsoft enthusiasts.

However, it’s worth noting that the plastic construction may be less durable than metal alternatives, and the limited availability of accessories or customization options could be a constraint for some users. Overall, the Raven EU17 delivers a commendable balance of affordability, reliability, and performance for airsoft players seeking a dependable sidearm.

The Raven EU17 is a solid option for both beginners and experienced players in the airsoft community. The pistol balances affordability, performance, and reliability to bring you a rewarding experience on the field. While there are some limitations, such as construction materials and customization options, the EU17 still makes an excellent addition to your airsoft arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the main features of the Raven EU17?

The Raven EU17 offers you a solid full-metal slide, a polymer frame, and a 25-round gas magazine. With its enhanced trigger, the shooting experience is smooth and highly responsive.

Q. How does the Raven EU17 perform in terms of accuracy and range?

Your Raven EU17 will provide you with consistent accuracy because of its well-designed hop-up system. Its effective range extends up to 30 meters, making it ideal for short- and mid-range engagements.

Q. What type of gas should I use with the Raven EU17?

You should utilize green gas for optimal performance, as this type is recommended for the Raven EU17. Remember to refill your magazine regularly to ensure a consistent shooting experience.

Q. Are spare magazines available for the Raven EU17?

Yes, spare 25-round gas magazines are available for purchase. They will allow you to maintain a steady supply of ammunition during your airsoft games.

Q. Does the Raven EU17 have any customization options?

Absolutely! The Raven EU17 offers excellent customization options to enhance your airsoft experience. You can personalize the pistol with various accessories, such as upgrading to a tighter bore barrel to enhance accuracy.

Adding red dot sights or night sights allows for quicker target acquisition and improved aiming in different lighting conditions. Additionally, the pistol features rails that enable the attachment of a rail system, granting you the ability to mount lights, lasers, or other tactical gadgets according to your preferences.

With these customization options, you can optimize the Raven EU17 to suit your specific gameplay style and gain a competitive edge on the field.

Q. Is the Raven EU17 suitable for beginners?

The Raven EU17 is an excellent choice for beginners because of its affordability, ease of use, and relatively low maintenance requirements. As you gain experience, you can customize your airsoft gun to meet your needs.

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