Are Airsoft Grenades Reusable? Unveiling the Explosive Truth!

In the thrilling world of airsoft, grenades play a crucial role in adding a level of realism and excitement to the game. As an enthusiast, you might wonder whether these airsoft grenades are reusable and how they function.

Well, the short answer is: yes, there are reusable airsoft grenades in the market. These grenades often use a gas-powered mechanism, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective option for those regularly participating in airsoft battles.

Now that you’re aware of their reusability, it’s essential to understand the types of reusable airsoft grenades and how to maintain them properly for optimal performance. This knowledge will help you maximize the effectiveness of your grenades during gameplay and ensure your and your teammates’ safety.

Understanding Airsoft Grenades

In the airsoft world, grenades play a significant role in enhancing the gaming experience. They come in various types, and their primary function is to simulate real-life explosions as closely and safely as possible. Let’s delve into the different types of airsoft grenades and their impact on realism and gameplay.

Types of Airsoft Grenades

There are three main categories of airsoft grenades:

  • Projectile Grenades: These grenades release projectiles, like BBs or paintballs, upon detonation. Most commonly, they are gas-powered and provide an element of surprise to your opponents.
  • Smoke Grenades: As the name suggests, these grenades emit a dense cloud of smoke to obscure vision and create a tactical advantage. They are often used in conjunction with other grenades for a more strategic play.
  • Blank Firing and Pyrotechnic Grenades: These grenades create loud noise and bright flashes, simulating real explosions. While they don’t release projectiles, they still provide a thrilling experience for players.

Realism and Gameplay

Realism is crucial in airsoft, and grenades add an extra layer of authenticity to the game. By selecting the right grenade for the playstyle, you can create a more immersive experience.

Projectile grenades provide a realistic simulation, as they have a similar function to actual grenades – dispensing projectiles that scatter in different directions. This type of grenade can effectively turn the tide in your favor during a closely contested game.

Smoke grenades and blank-firing grenades help increase the intensity of the game. Well-timed smoke grenades can confuse your enemies while blank-firing grenades can scare them off with loud noise and bright light. Ultimately, the proper use of airsoft grenades can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the airsoft battlefield.

Reusable Airsoft Grenades

As an airsoft enthusiast, you may often wonder if airsoft grenades are reusable. The good news is that various reusable airsoft grenades are available, providing cost-effective and eco-friendly options. This section will discuss three main types of reusable airsoft grenades: Blank Firing Grenades, Projectile Grenades, and Gas Grenades.

Blank-Firing Grenades

Blank Firing Grenades (BFGs) are an exciting option for airsoft enthusiasts who prefer the loud bang without any projectiles. They typically work using 9mm blank rounds or caps, which generate sound and gas release.

Popular manufacturers like Airsoft Innovations continuously strive to improve these reusable BFGs and make them more efficient in various scenarios.

Projectile Grenades

Projectile Grenades specialize in propelling BBs or other payloads to simulate an explosive effect. The Tornado 2 from Airsoft Innovations is a prime example of such a reusable grenade. To use it, load your BBs and gas and pull the pin; then, you’re ready to rock!

Some projectile grenades allow you to adjust the timer or the amount of BBs they hold:

  • Green Gas Grenades: Powered by green gas, these reusable grenades perform well in various airsoft scenarios. However, they may need additional maintenance due to their complex nature.
  • CO2 Grenades: Built for performance, these grenades use CO2 as their propellant, ensuring reliable and consistent use. Remember that CO2 grenades usually have a higher velocity, so be cautious when using them in close-quarters scenarios.

Gas Grenades

Gas Grenades focus on the noise and the burst of gas without launching projectiles. They use either green gas or CO2 to operate, and the reusable nature of these grenades makes them popular among airsoft players.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper usage and maintenance to keep your gas grenades functioning well for a long time.

Operation and Mechanisms

As an airsoft player, you are likely interested in the operation and mechanisms of airsoft grenades. This section will dive into the functioning of key components such as firing pins and primers, spoons, pins, and striker caps. Understanding these mechanisms will help you determine their reusability and maintain your airsoft equipment better.

Firing Pin and Primer

The firing pin is the component that strikes the primer to initiate the ignition. In airsoft grenades, the firing pin is often spring-loaded, and upon striking the primer, it creates a small spark. This ignition process occurs in the detonation chamber, where the gas is released, thus generating the “explosion.”


Your grenade’s spoon is the lever-like part holding the safety pin. When you pull the pin, the spoon is released, and the spring-loaded striker is activated. By understanding the spoon’s function, you can assess its wear and tear, which may indicate whether your grenade is reusable.


The safety pin, commonly referred to as the “pin,” is a critical safety mechanism in airsoft grenades. It prevents accidental discharge by holding the spoon securely in place. Proper handling and storage of your grenade pins can extend the lifespan and reusability of your airsoft grenades.

Striker Caps

Striker caps are the replaceable elements that make contact with the firing pin. They play a significant role in determining an airsoft grenade’s reusability. Regular inspection and maintenance can ensure they remain in good condition, allowing for multiple uses of your grenade.


With this information on the essential components of airsoft grenades, you’re better equipped to assess their reusability and maintain them for extended use. Individual grenade models and brands may have slightly different mechanisms and varying levels of durability.

Safety and Rules

When using airsoft grenades, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and adhere to the rules, both on and off the field.

Airsoft Field Regulations

You must follow the specific rules of your local airsoft field, which may include restrictions on grenade types and usage. For example, they might only allow gas-powered grenades and not CO2 ones. Also consider:

  • Wear proper protective gear, such as goggles and long sleeves, to avoid burns or injuries.
  • Know the field’s maximum power limits for grenades.

Proper Handling and Use

When handling airsoft grenades, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and exercise caution. Here are some handling tips:

  • Keep your finger away from the trigger until you’re ready to use it.
  • When throwing, ensure no obstacles or teammates are in your path.

Some airsoft grenades are reusable, but not all of them. Gas-powered grenades are generally reusable, while pyrotechnic ones are typically single-use.

Performance and Effects

This section will discuss their performance and effects, focusing on the range and cover, sound and visual effects provided by these devices.

Range and Cover

Airsoft grenades offer varying ranges and covers, depending on their design and propulsion system. Generally, these devices have an effective range of about 20 to 60 feet, with some models providing enhanced range and coverage.

The grenades work by dispersing BBs or paint upon detonation, allowing you to engage opponents and clear small areas effectively. Consider factors like wind and your grenade type for optimal accuracy in real-life scenarios.

Sound and Visual Effects

One of the primary effects offered by airsoft grenades is their ability to produce a loud bang, which adds to the overall realism and intensity of the gameplay. These devices utilize chemical reactions or compressed gas to simulate an explosion, producing noise and a visual spectacle.

Many airsoft grenades come in various colors, making them easily identifiable during operations. Some even incorporate smoke, further enhancing the game’s visual aspect and offering tactical advantages such as obscuring your movement and disorienting your opponents.

  • Effect: Airsoft grenades provide a realistic and engaging experience by offering a combination of sound, visual effects, and tactical advantages in gameplay.
  • Loud Bang: The detonation of an airsoft grenade simulates an explosion with a loud noise, adding to the game’s intensity and realism.
  • Range & Cover: With effective ranges between 20 to 30 feet, airsoft grenades enable you to engage opponents and clear small areas with dispersed projectiles.
  • Accuracy: Factors like wind, grenade type, and deployment techniques can affect your device’s accuracy in real-life scenarios – plan accordingly.
  • Colors: Airsoft grenades are available in different colors, making them easily identifiable during operations and simulating various explosives.

Selecting the Right Grenade

Factors to Consider

When choosing a reusable airsoft grenade, it is essential to consider factors such as the type of grenade, ease of use, and your airsoft field’s regulations.

Some grenades, like the Valken Thunder V, are designed for sound, while others may emit BBs or gas upon detonation. Check the field’s regulations regarding FPS (feet per second) limits and allowed grenade types before purchasing one.

Top Brands and Models

Popular brands in the world of airsoft grenades include:

  • Valken – Known for their Thunder V sound grenades and other high-quality products.
  • Enola Gaye – A UK-based company that offers a wide range of airsoft grenades, including refillable ones.

One example of a reusable grenade is the Enola Gaye EG18X, which features a high output of smoke and can be refilled with various colored smoke in the US.

Buying Guide

When buying your reusable airsoft grenade, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Research – Look for reviews, performance tests, and durability assessments of the grenade you’re interested in.
  • Compatibility – Ensure the grenade type and refill options suit your needs and the airsoft field’s requirements.
  • Price – Compare prices between brands and models to find the best reusable grenade within your budget.

Maintenance and Refilling

Proper maintenance and refilling are essential to ensure the longevity of your reusable airsoft grenades. This section will discuss CO2 cartridge replacement, reusing the base, and components.

CO2 Cartridge Replacement

When it comes to CO2 cartridges, following the manufacturer’s recommendations is crucial. Routinely inspect your cartridges for any damage or wear, and replace them as needed. Be sure to securely fasten the new cartridge to avoid leaks and ensure optimal performance.

CO2 Replacement Steps:

  1. Unscrew the spent CO2 cartridge from the base.
  2. Inspect the cartridge for damage or wear.
  3. Replace the cartridge with a new CO2 cartridge.
  4. Tightly screw the new cartridge into the base.

Reusing Base and Components

One of the key advantages of reusable airsoft grenades is their ease of use. After each gameplay, inspect the grenade components for damage and address those components as needed.

Component Inspection:

  • Check the grenade’s base and shell for cracks or any structural damage.
  • Ensure that the triggering mechanism is functioning properly.
  • Make sure any O-rings and seals are in good condition.

By regularly maintaining and refilling your airsoft grenades, you can ensure their durability and efficiency throughout your games. Taking the time to care for your reusable grenades ensures their proper functioning and extends their usability, providing you with an engaging gameplay experience.

Cost and Alternatives

The cost may be a primary concern in your quest to find the best airsoft grenades. Luckily, there are budget-friendly alternatives and ways to compare reusable options with single-use products. Let’s investigate some options.

Budget-Friendly Options

Reusable airsoft grenades can be budget-friendly, particularly when you consider their long-term use. Some inexpensive models are available in a variety of colors and maintain decent build quality. Check out the options listed below:

  • Option A: A moderately priced, well-reviewed grenade in various colors like AI Tornado Grenade.
  • Option B: A slightly cheaper alternative, like Valken Thunder V, provides satisfactory performance and durability.
  • Option C: A basic option like Frag Out with the lowest price on the market.

Comparing with Single-Use Options

Choosing between reusable airsoft grenades and single-use options depends on several factors. The following table compares essential attributes:

Reusable Airsoft GrenadesSingle-Use Airsoft Grenades
CostHigher initial investment but long-term cost savings.Lower initial cost, but can become more expensive over time.
VarietyAvailable in various colors and build qualities.Less variety in design and colors, but it serves their purpose.
UsageIt can be used multiple times after resetting or refilling the required components.Only used once, requiring additional purchases for continued gameplay.

By considering your budget, preferred grenade features, and how often you participate in airsoft games, you can decide on the best airsoft grenades for your needs.


In the realm of airsoft, grenades can be a fun and strategic addition to your gameplay. These props have much to offer, from the initial burst of excitement as you toss one into an enemy’s stronghold to the satisfying scattering of your opponents.

However, not all airsoft grenades are created equal. While some are reusable and can provide a cost-effective option for enthusiasts, others are single-use and have a limited life span. By carefully considering your needs and preferences, you can make an informed decision and enhance your arsenal.

Reusable airsoft grenades include gas-powered and mechanical designs. These typically require maintenance, such as replacing gas cartridges or resetting the grenade mechanism, but they offer longevity and continued enjoyment.

On the contrary, single-use grenades may be discarded after a single explosion but require less hands-on attention. The choice is yours, and a well-rounded airsoft experience may benefit from experimenting with both types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you have questions about airsoft grenades and their reusability. We’ll address some of the most common questions here.

Q. Are airsoft grenades reusable?

Yes, many airsoft grenades are designed to be reusable. Generally, the reusable ones are gas-powered or spring-loaded. However, it’s essential to read the grenade’s instructions to know whether it’s reusable or not.

Q. How do I refill a reusable airsoft grenade?

To refill your reusable airsoft grenade, you’ll need BBs and gas (usually green or CO2). Some brands have specific refilling instructions, so following the manufacturer’s guidelines is best.

Q. How safe are reusable airsoft grenades?

Reusable airsoft grenades are generally safe when used correctly and responsibly. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, wear appropriate safety gear, and never point a grenade at someone without proper protection.

Q. What type of airsoft grenade should I choose?

Different types of airsoft grenades are available for players, including gas-powered, spring-loaded, and pyrotechnic grenades. Gas-powered grenades use compressed gas to propel BBs or create a burst of gas, providing a realistic simulation of an explosion.

On the contrary, spring-loaded grenades use a spring mechanism to shoot BBs in multiple directions when released, making them a good option for clearing rooms or taking out multiple opponents.

Pyrotechnic grenades use an explosive charge to create a loud bang or bright flash, adding a level of realism to airsoft games. Each type has pros and cons, so research and choose the one that works best for you.

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