Best Airsoft Pistols Under 100

If you want to refine your marksmanship and practice handling a firearm without spending a fortune down your local gun range, a quality airsoft pistol is a must. However, if you’re serious about shooting, not just any will do.

From professional firearms stores to Sunday markets, airsoft pistols are absolutely everywhere, and granted, some are great, but others aren’t worth the BBs you put in them.

The problem is, as most of them do a good job as far as looking like the real deal, it can be hard to separate the good from the bad.

Don’t worry though, sharpshooter. We’ve spent the last month testing and researching the best budget airsoft pistols you can buy, all in the name of helping you find the right practice weapon for you!

Best Airsoft Pistol Under 100 - Reviews

Let’s not waste time. Every moment we spend chatting could be better spent tearing it up in a CQB.


If you’re trying to strike out in the airsoft game on a budget, there’s truly no better place to start than this Umarex Beretta.

With an all-metal frame, it’s durable and feels great in hand, yet it only weighs 1lbs, so no matter how long your CQB showdown goes on, you’ll remain agile and accurate.

Powered by C02, with this Beretta in hand, you’ll be capable of unloading 6mm, 20g airsoft BBs at a 300FPS rate, which is a perfect speed for enthusiastic beginners and accomplished intermediates.

It also features a sliding rail blowback function that mimics the recoil of an actual handgun, giving it an incredibly realistic break — pretty neat, right?

We found the fixed white dot sights to be very effective as is, but thanks to the picatinny rail system, you can augment this beast of a Beretta with an aftermarket laser sight for supreme marksmanship.

A double-action design, you can forget about manually cocking. One pull on the trigger and the hammer is primed and released, saving you valuable seconds you can use to outfox your opponent and claim victory.


  • Blowback - Sliding rail creates realistic recoil.
  • Picatinny Rail - Customize it with a laser sight.
  • 300 FPS - Great speed to get started with.
  • Double Action - You don’t need to cock the hammer.
  • All-Metal - Feels the part.


  • Mismatched Colors - Gives it more of a ‘toy’ vibe.
  • Internal C02 Cartridge Screw - Changing the cartridge can be time-consuming.


Coming in at number two, we have this awesome full-metal, C02 airsoft pistol from WG. This one weighs in at 2lbs, verging on real gun weight, so it makes a great practice firearm. Having said that, it’s a non-blowback design, so you won’t feel any recoil.

What shocked us about this piece is its breakneck speed. Capable of firing 6mm BBs at a rate of 500 FPS, not even Keanu Reeves could dance around these shots.

Bringing a certain amount of customizability to the table, features such as adjustable sights and hop-up boost accuracy and range. The magazine ejection isn’t as smooth as we’d like, but at this price point, you can’t sweat the small stuff.

It’s a semi-auto pistol, so you don’t need to waste time cocking the hammer. Just squeeze the single-stage trigger, and voilà - instant BB carnage.

We also absolutely love the aesthetics of the 1911. The wood effect grip and minimal barrel design are very slick, so if you want to kick some ass and look stylish doing so, this is the airsoft gun for you.


  • 2lbs - Realistic weight.
  • 500 FPS - Incredibly fast.
  • Semi-Automatic - No manual cocking required, folks.
  • Customizable - Adjust the sights and hop-up to suit you.
  • Full-Metal Frame - Feels awesome.


  • Accuracy - Not quite as accurate as our top pick, but still great.
  • Magazine Ejection - Should be smoother.


The PowerWin is very similar to our second pick, but it has a 15 round magazine rather than 16, has a stylish all-black look, and apart from the aluminum barrel, is crafted from high-quality ABS plastic.

Weighing roughly 1.3lbs, it’s not quite as realistic as the Sport, but it’s put together incredibly well, and the 500 FPS BB speed will definitely give your team an edge in CQB showdowns.

Featuring an exquisitely designed RIS rail system, you’re free to augment this bad boy to your heart’s content.

It’s a C02 pistol, which means zero recoil, so it doesn’t offer a high fidelity shot, but neither will you have to break focus after every break.

Unlike the Sport, the PowerWin’s magazine loads and ejects in a silky smooth fashion, making reloading almost as enjoyable as shooting the dang thing.



  • ABS Construction - Not necessarily a bad thing, but we like metal more.


With a velocity of 240 FPS, the P30 isn’t exactly an advanced design, but as a starter pistol for those who aren’t sure if they’re going to stick with airsoft, it couldn’t be more perfect.

It’s a spring-powered pistol, which means it has more potential power than C02 designs, and of course, you don’t have to worry about replacing any fiddly internal gas cartridges - always a bonus.

Unfortunately, at this price point, you have to come to terms with a few compromises. A single-action pistol, you’ll have to cock the hammer before each shot, and it’s only designed for 12G BBs, so accurate long-range shooting is out of the question.

The spider web grip is also a little garish if you ask us, but that’s only cosmetics.

Granted, it’s not perfect, but ultimately, it's a fine airsoft pistol for an eager novice yet to develop their own preferences.


  • Spring Powered - More power potential than equivalent C02 pistols.
  • Price - Check it out. You won’t believe it.
  • Metal Slide - Gives it a more robust feel.
  • Accessory Rail - Pimp this pistol out!


  • 12G BBs - Won’t travel straight over long distances.
  • Single-Action - You have to cock it manually.


Available for less than $20, we assumed the Stinger was going to be a toy...a fun toy, but a toy nonetheless. As it turns out, we were pleasantly surprised. It’s made of plastic, yet it doesn’t feel flimsy, it can fire a 12G BB at 325 FPS, and it looks fairly respectable too.

It’s fantastic for a beginner as it’s spring-powered, which means you don’t have to worry about the world of gas cartridges, and you can just focus up on what’s important...refining your shooting skills.

Obviously, with 12G BBs, it’s not a long-range pistol, so if you’re taking this into a CQB skirmish, ensure it’s a very close-quarters skirmish, otherwise, your shots simply won’t reach your opponents.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t warn you of just how sensitive the magazine release trigger is. It’s meant to be this way, but we feel GameFace has taken things a little too far as even the slightest touch can release it.

Ultimately, though, this is the best budget airsoft pistol on the market.


  • Price - Mere pennies.
  • 325 FPS - Crazy powerful for a pistol of this price.
  • Spring-Powered - Save money on gas cartridges.
  • Build Quality - Feels solid.


  • 12G BBs - Short-range shooting only.
  • Easy-Release Magazine - Comes out way too easy.
  • Plastic - Mostly ABS design.

Best Airsoft Pistol Under 100 - Buyer’s Guide

Real or airsoft, guns are complicated bits of gear, so to give you a nudge in the right direction, we’ve composed this buyer’s guide. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Best Airsoft Pistols Under 100

Airsoft Pistols - What Are Your Options

Before we do a deep dive on the specifics of a great airsoft pistol, you’ll need to decide which of the three types suits you best.


Spring-powered airsoft pistols are by far the most affordable. Cocked by hand, firing one shot per break, they’re the most popular choice of those testing the airsoft waters.

As a single shot firearm, they encourage forethought and help to improve shooting fundamentals such as accuracy and timing.


Also known as AEG (Auto Electric Guns) guns, electric airsoft pistols are powered entirely by batteries.

AEGs are usually either semi or fully automatic, meaning a motor triggers the firing mechanism continuously when the trigger is held, or a single BB is fired per break, but you don’t have to cock the weapon in between shots.

AEGs are normally rifles, but there are electric pistols out there too. They will typically have a full metal gearbox, but you may have also heard of LPEGS (Low Power Auto Electric Guns). These function on the same principles but feature a plastic gearbox.


If you’re looking to spend a little more, we highly recommend choosing a gas-powered airsoft pistol. They come in two formats: green gas and C02.

Every time the trigger is depressed on the former, a burst is released, projecting the round. C02 is the same but for the compressed gas being stored in a cartridge.

One of the reasons airsoft enthusiasts prefer gas pistols to spring or electric is the blowback, a feature involving a slide that moves when the gun is fired, creating a small amount of recoil. Not all gas pistols have this feature, but it helps to create a far more realistic shooting experience.

Durability and Design

The quality of an airsoft pistol’s build is essential. They may not be firing live rounds, but they still harness a massive amount of kinetic energy, and with subpar components or craftsmanship, that force is going to tear them up from the inside out.


Weight is an interesting and much-debated topic in the airsoft realm. As they’re not actual weapons, they’re naturally lighter than the real thing, which is great for reducing fatigue as you throw yourself around the scene of a close-quarters battle.

On the other hand, if you want it to feel as real as possible in preparation for actual shooting, you’ll need a heavier pistol - think metal enclosure and longer barrel.

Magazine Compatibility

Here’s an oft-forgotten consideration. Many airsoft pistols are compatible with a bunch of magazines, while others are designed to use one in particular.

Having a collection of airsoft guns that use different magazines isn’t a problem as such, but as you bring more airsoft guns into the fold, the ability to use all your magazines for any of them is definitely a plus.

FPS Rating

FPS stands for feet per second, and it’s the primary method of measuring the speed an airsoft gun can fire BBs.

If you’re new to airsoft, don't worry too much about this aspect of your pistol, but we highly recommend something with at least a 300 FPS rating for intermediate airsoft enthusiasts.

Magazine Capacity

If you want to spend more time firing and less time reloading, we respect your gusto, but to feed that hungry trigger finger, you’re going to need a magazine(s) with a hefty capacity. It’s a simple concept - the larger the capacity, the more rounds you can shoot consecutively.

CQB (Close Quarters Battle) vs Field (Wider Conflict or Target)

If you’re into your close combat scuffles, you should be prioritizing shorter barrels and stock lengths. Field events require a larger scale airsoft weapon.

If you’re unsure about what you want or need, a good rule of thumb is to stick with a standard length. It can be modified at a later date to suit your evolving airsoft tastes.


Some airsoft guns come with modular components and rail systems that make altering and upgrading certain aspects of the design a total breeze. Why buy a whole new gun, when you can juice up old reliable, ay?


Choosing an airsoft pistol with a decent warranty should be a priority, especially for beginners. The last thing you want is to break your gun before you’ve had a chance to really enjoy it or hone your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we part ways, and you go to practice your best Clint Eastwood impression in the mirror in preparation for your new airsoft piece, let’s clear up some burning queries.

Can I Reuse BB?

While we here at airsoft2day always champion recycling, it’s best to leave those little plastic balls where they lay.

Once a BB is expelled it can become deformed and pick up debris. Loading all that junk back into your weapon is a sure-fire way to hamper your performance and damage your airsoft pistol.

Having said that, If you’re a particularly eco-conscious gunslinger and you come across some dead BB, you can pick them up to discard properly at a later date.

Does Airsoft Hurt?

Those that grew up with older brothers will already know that airsoft can indeed hurt, but don’t let that spook you. As long as you’re wearing the proper protective gear, you’ll be just fine.

Furthermore, the impact BB has on skin is influenced by several factors such as their weight, the FPS of the pistol, the clothes you’re wearing, the range, weather conditions, and your pain tolerance.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill?

Although getting hit on bare skin can certainly sting like the dickens, airsoft guns cannot kill; however, that’s not to say they shouldn’t be used with extreme caution. They may not be capable of taking life, but they can injure, especially if you’re not wearing appropriate eye shielding.

Is Airsoft an Expensive Hobby?

Airsoft isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s by no means going to destroy your savings account. Compared to paintball and real firearms, it’s actually more of a budget hobby.

The great thing about airsoft is that you can put as much into it as you want. You can equip yourself for less than $100 and still have a great time with it, or you can spend upwards of $500 for the big guns if you’re getting serious. 

Final Thoughts

That’s all from us, folks. We hope all you burgeoning airsoft-heads found something on this list for you. We feel our chosen pistols cover a whole range of starting points.

At the top end, we have Umarex and WGs for those who’ve already been bitten by the airsoft bug, then there’s the more affordable Elite Force and GameFace pistols for those who are just looking to dip their toes in. Either way, have fun, stay safe, and we’ll see you in the field.