Novritsch SSG24 Review: Expert Insights on the Airsoft Sniper Rifle

In the airsoft world, precision and range are essential to your overall performance. As a result, the Novritsch SSG24 has quickly become a popular choice among airsoft enthusiasts seeking a high-quality sniper rifle. This bolt-action airsoft gun is known for its supreme accuracy, making it the perfect companion on the battlefield.

When it comes to the SSG24, several features make this airsoft sniper rifle stand out. With its adjustable hop-up system and tight bore barrel, you can easily fine-tune the gun to meet your needs. Additionally, it comes pre-upgraded from the factory, so there’s no extra work required on your end.

As you read, you’ll learn about the various aspects of the Novritsch SSG24 and how it could be the game-changer you need in your airsoft arsenal. From its build quality to its performance on the field, this sniper rifle packs a punch, and you’ll soon see why it has garnered significant attention in the airsoft community.

Novritsch SSG24 Overview

The Novritsch SSG24 is a high-quality airsoft sniper rifle designed to give you unparalleled performance on the battlefield. Out-of-the-box, this rifle offers exceptional range, accuracy, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for serious airsoft players.

When it comes to building quality, the SSG24 is a masterpiece. It features a full-metal body, CNC machined aluminum cylinder, and stainless steel internals to ensure durability and longevity. You’ll also appreciate the adjustable stock and ergonomic grip, designed for optimal comfort during long gameplay sessions.

Some key features of the Novritsch SSG24 include the following:

  • FPS: 650 (adjustable)
  • Range: 75+ meters
  • Full-metal body
  • CNC-machined aluminum cylinder
  • Stainless steel internals
  • Adjustable stock

As you use the SSG24, you’ll notice that the bolt action is smooth and swift, allowing you to cycle shots quickly and efficiently. The rifle is also easy to disassemble and maintain, thanks to its modular design and quick-change spring system.

Distinguishing itself from most airsoft sniper rifles available, the SSG24 stands out as a model requiring no additional tuning or modifications. However, you can easily upgrade your rifle with various aftermarket parts and accessories, ensuring the SSG24 remains adaptable to your evolving airsoft needs.

The Novritsch SSG24 offers unparalleled performance, build quality, and support for airsoft players seeking a high-end sniper rifle. With its impressive range, accuracy, and reliability, the SSG24 is a great addition to your airsoft arsenal.

Performance and Accuracy

FPS and Range

The Novritsch SSG24 offers impressive performance in terms of FPS and range. You can expect an FPS of around 650 out of the box, making it suitable for most outdoor skirmishes. Maintaining a consistent FPS ensures a stable performance, owed largely to its excellent air seal.

When it comes to range, the SSG24 delivers as expected. With a properly adjusted hop-up, you’ll find that your maximum effective range is roughly 250 feet. This long-range capability puts the SSG24 ahead of many other airsoft sniper rifles.

Accuracy with Different BBs

To obtain the best accuracy, it’s essential to test various BB weights. Most players find optimal performance with .40g bbs or heavier. Using heavier BBs ensures improved stability in flight, leading to impressive accuracy even at longer ranges.


Here’s a breakdown of the SSG24’s accuracy with different BB weights:

  • .30g BBs: Good for close-range engagements but not ideal for long-range sniping.
  • .36g BBs: Better stability and accuracy than .30g BBs at longer ranges.
  • .40g BBs: Excellent balance of range, accuracy, and consistency, making them perfect for the SSG24.

In summary, the Novritsch SSG24 excels in both performance and accuracy. By carefully selecting the right BB weight, you can unlock its full potential and dominate the airsoft battlefield.

Upgrades and Customization

When it comes to upgrading your Novritsch SSG24, there are several options available. The good news is that this airsoft sniper rifle is highly customizable and compatible with a wide range of VSR-10 parts.

Barrel and Hop-up Upgrades

  • You can improve the accuracy with a precision barrel and advanced hop-up unit.
  • Companies like PDI and Action Army offer top-quality barrel and hop-up parts.
  • By upgrading these components, you’ll experience tighter groupings and better range.

Spring and Cylinder Upgrades

  • Enhance your airsoft rifle’s power with a powerful spring and high-quality cylinder set.
  • Look for components made from durable materials to ensure longevity.
  • Proper spring and cylinder upgrades can result in a more consistent FPS output.

Trigger and Sear Upgrades

  • Upgrading the trigger and sear components can improve the trigger pull and durability.
  • For optimal performance, you may consider installing a zero-trigger system or a 90-degree sear piston.
  • These changes can lead to a lighter, smoother trigger pull and longer-lasting parts.

By taking the time to consider and upgrade your Novritsch SSG24 with quality VSR-10 compatible parts, you can enhance your airsoft experience by having a high-performing and customized sniper rifle in your arsenal. Happy upgrading!

Magazines and Loading

SSG24 magazines are specifically designed for the Novritsch SSG24 airsoft sniper rifle. They have a 28-round capacity and are constructed from a high-quality polymer material. This ensures durability and proper feeding throughout your gameplay.

When loading the magazines, make sure to use the provided speedloader. This handy tool makes the process faster and prevents potential damage to your BBs or the magazine. Remember only to use high-quality BBs, as lower-quality ones can cause jamming or accuracy issues.

To load the SSG24, simply insert the magazine with a satisfying click, and you’re good to go. It’s essential to take care of your magazines, so after each game, unload them and clean any dirt or debris. Keep them in tip-top shape; they’ll serve you well in airsoft battles.

  • Magazine capacity: 28 rounds
  • Material: High-quality polymer
  • Loading tool: Speedloader provided
  • Maintenance: Clean after every game

Comparison With Other Airsoft Snipers

When comparing the Novritsch SSG24 to other airsoft snipers, some key models, such as the popular VSR-10, come to mind. Let’s break down the differences between these two great airsoft snipers in a concise manner.

Performance & Accuracy

  • The SSG24 boasts a high-quality, CNC-machined steel barrel for increased accuracy, whereas the VSR-10 may require some upgrades to reach a similar level.
  • Out of the box, the SSG24 has a range advantage over the VSR-10, but with proper upgrades, the VSR-10 can match or even surpass it.

Upgradability & Customizability

  • The VSR-10 is known for its extensive aftermarket support, allowing you to upgrade and customize the rifle to your liking easily.
  • Although the SSG24 is less customizable than the VSR-10, it already comes with many high-quality components, making immediate upgrades less of a necessity.

Price & Value

  • The Novritsch SSG24 comes at a higher initial cost, but its performance and quality components justify the price for serious players.
  • On the contrary, the VSR-10 offers a more budget-friendly platform with the possibility of investing in upgrades over time, depending on your needs and preferences.

Remember that the choice between the Novritsch SSG24 and other airsoft snipers, such as the VSR-10, ultimately comes down to your requirements, playstyle, and budget.

Accessories and Additional Gear


When it comes to scopes for your SSG24, you have several great options. A popular choice is a 3-9x50mm scope, providing a good magnification range for Airsoft engagements. Alternatively, you may opt for a 4×32 compact scope, offering a lower profile and lighter weight for more agile gameplay.

Here’s a quick comparison:

  • 3-9x50mm Scope: Greater magnification, better long-range targeting
  • 4×32 Compact Scope: The lower profile, lighter weight

Ultimately, the choice depends on your personal preferences and playstyle.

Recommended BBs

Selecting the right BBs is crucial for optimum performance with your SSG24. We recommend using 0.40g to 0.46g BBs, specifically Novritsch Sniper BBs, for the best results. Heavier BBs will give you more accuracy and a flatter trajectory at longer ranges, making them essential for sniper roles.

Here’s a summary of BB weights:

  • 0.40g: Increased accuracy, suitable for most conditions
  • 0.46g: Maximum accuracy, perfect for long-range engagements

Always use high-quality, seamless BBs to prevent jamming and damage to your SSG24.

Novritsch’s YouTube Videos and Tutorials

Quality Content and Expertise

Novritsch provides valuable content through his YouTube channel. You can learn from their expertise in airsoft as they share tips, tricks, and detailed tutorials. These videos showcase the performance of the Novritsch SSG24, making it an excellent resource for beginners and experts alike.

Informative Tutorials

The channel offers comprehensive tutorials ranging from upgrading the SSG24 to long-range shooting techniques. By following the provided information, you can enhance your airsoft gameplay and potentially become a more formidable player on the field.

Entertaining and Educational

Alongside the tutorials, Novritsch produces entertaining gameplay videos where that demonstrate the skills and the capabilities of his airsoft guns, such as the SSG24. These videos offer entertainment and a real-life demonstration of the SSG24’s performance to enrich your understanding of this popular airsoft sniper rifle.

Popular Videos to Watch

  • Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Scope Cam – Urban Sniper 2
  • BEST of NOVRITSCH 2016 – Fails, Fun and Epic Moments
  • This Airsoft Launcher shoots 400 BBs per second – 40 Mike

By exploring this YouTube channel, you can see the Novritsch SSG24 in action and learn firsthand how to get the most out of your airsoft sniper rifle.


The Novritsch SSG24 is a reliable sniper rifle with impressive accuracy and consistency in shots. The range it provides outperforms many other airsoft guns in its category.

With numerous upgrade options, you can easily customize the SSG24 to fit your style and preferences. This flexibility makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced players. The SSG24 offers a premium feel and solid construction, ensuring its longevity and durability in the field. Its attention to detail and quality components highlights its value for money.

The Novritsch SSG24 is an excellent airsoft sniper rifle that delivers exceptional performance, customization, and durability. As an airsoft enthusiast, it’s worth considering for your collection or as your primary weapon on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How accurate is the Novritsch SSG24?

With its precision-crafted internals and durable construction, the SSG24 offers exceptional accuracy. You’ll experience tight groupings and long-range capabilities, enhancing your airsoft matches.

Q. What is the build quality of the SSG24?

The SSG24 features a robust design, combining high-quality materials like metal and reinforced polymer. This results in a reliable, long-lasting airsoft rifle that withstands harsh gameplay.

Q. Is the SSG24 compatible with aftermarket parts?

Yes, the SSG24 is designed to work seamlessly with many popular aftermarket parts. You can easily upgrade your rifle with various components to suit your playing style.

When upgrading your airsoft gun, there are several options available for hop-up units, barrels, and spring guides. These upgrades can improve your gun’s performance and accuracy.

Selecting the right combination of upgrades can help you achieve the desired level of performance for your airsoft gun.

Q. What is the shooting range of the SSG24?

Out of the box, the SSG24 can reach ranges of 60-80 meters (200-250 feet).

Q. What kind of maintenance does the SSG24 require?

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your SSG24 airsoft sniper rifle, it is essential to perform regular maintenance.

Basic maintenance includes cleaning the barrel and hop-up unit, lubricating the cylinder and moving parts, and inspecting the internal components for wear and tear. Regular maintenance will help keep the rifle functioning smoothly and accurately and extend its lifespan.

Observing safety guidelines when handling and storing your airsoft rifle is vital to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation.

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