How to Make AEG Quieter: Expert Tips for Stealthy Airsoft Gaming

If you’re an airsoft enthusiast, you know that the noise from an Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) can be quite loud, sometimes giving away your position on the field. Luckily, there are several ways to make your AEG quieter to maintain the element of surprise in your games. This article will explore some effective methods to achieve a stealthier AEG performance.

The internal components of your AEG contribute significantly to the noise output. Upgrading gears, pistons, and motor parts can greatly reduce the noise generated during operation. Additionally, proper maintenance, like lubricating and aligning these components, will further ensure noise reduction and the overall longevity of your AEG.

We’ll also discuss external modifications such as barrel extensions, suppressors, or foam-filled mock suppressors. These attachments can help dampen the sound of an AEG and provide a sleek and tactical appearance for your airsoft gun. Remember, always check your local laws and regulations in regard to suppressor use in airsoft to stay safe and legal on the field.

Understanding AEG Noise Sources

To make your AEG quieter, it’s important first to understand the various noise sources. By identifying these sources, you can target specific areas to make them as quiet as possible.

Gearbox Noise

The gearbox is one of the main noise generators in an AEG. It can produce a range of sounds, from the gears meshing together to the motor driving them. To reduce noise, consider upgrading your gears, shimming them properly, and using a high-torque motor with better meshing.

Spring Sound

Another noise source in your AEG is the spring sound. When the piston is released, it creates a squelching sound as the spring compresses. Upgrading to a non-linear spring and using a bearing spring guide can help alleviate this issue.

Stock Vibration

Stock vibration can amplify the existing noise in your AEG. A loose or hollow stock can act like a speaker, amplifying the sound signature. Consider using an aftermarket stock with better internal padding or filling the hollow spaces with foam.

Muzzle Sound

The muzzle sound is generated when the BB exits the barrel. Especially with shorter barrels, the noise created can be quite loud. Installing an amplifier in your AEG can suppress this sound and make it quieter overall.

Optimizing Gearbox Components

To make your AEG quieter, optimizing the gearbox components is essential. Let’s explore key adjustments and upgrades that significantly reduce noise and improve performance.


Proper shimming is crucial for reducing friction and noise between your gears. Start by adjusting the spacing between your bevel gear and pinion gear to eliminate wobbling, thus minimizing friction.

Afterward, work on shimming the other gears in the gearbox shell. Aim for minimal vertical movement while ensuring smooth rotation. With shimming correctly done, your AEG will operate more quietly and efficiently.

Bearings Replacement

Replacing your stock bearings with high-quality bearings can vastly improve your AEG’s performance. These bearings reduce friction, leading to smoother gear movement and less noise.

When selecting bearings, you should choose durable materials that resist wear and tear, such as steel or ceramic. Proper maintenance and lubrication will also enhance their lifespan and quiet operation.

High-Speed Gears

Upgrading to high-speed gears can improve your AEG’s trigger response and rate of fire. High-speed ratio gears reduce noise by spreading the load evenly across the gear teeth.

However, pair these gears with a suitable high-torque motor to prevent any negative impact on torque and maintain efficient power usage.

High Torque Motor

Investing in a high-torque motor will improve your AEG’s performance and contribute to a quieter operation. High torque motors demand less current, translating to less heat, noise, and wear over time.

Combining a high-torque motor with optimized shimming and high-speed gears will significantly reduce your AEG’s noise output and enhance its overall performance.

Improving Air Seal and Compression

Improving the air seal and compression is essential to make your AEG quieter. By taking the following steps, you will not only enhance the performance of your airsoft gun but also reduce the noise levels it produces.

Cylinder Head and Cylinder Modification

Upgrading your cylinder head with better padding and a double o-ring design can provide a better seal with the cylinder, reducing air leakage. This is essential when it comes to both noise reduction and improved performance.

It is also worthwhile to polish the inside of your cylinder. This helps to create a smoother and better-functioning air seal, which can contribute to the overall quietness of your AEG.

O-Ring Seal Enhancement

Swapping out the stock o-ring seals with aftermarket ones made of higher-quality materials is another way to improve your air seal. You should ensure the o-ring is well-lubricated and fits snugly around the piston head.

Air Nozzle and Hopup Bucking Upgrade

When upgrading your air nozzle, opt for one with an internal o-ring. This ensures a better seal between the air and cylinder nozzle, improving compression and noise reduction.

Likewise, using a hop-up bucking with a better seal will enhance the air seal between the hop-up bucking and the barrel. This is important since it prevents air leakage and can help reduce the overall noise in your AEG.

Reducing Vibration and Sound Transmission

One of the key factors contributing to noise in AEGs is vibration, which can be minimized by installing foam padding and taking specific steps to reduce sound transmission.

Foam Padding Installation

Adding foam padding to your airsoft gun helps dampen stock vibrations and reduce overall noise. It’s a good idea to focus on areas with significant vibrations, especially near the gearbox. Many popular airsoft brands, like G&G, offer guns with foam padding to reduce sound transmissions.

Sorbo Pad

A Sorbo Pad is another effective way to reduce noise and protect your gun, as it absorbs impact from the piston head. Inserting a Sorbo Pad in your V2 gearbox will enhance performance and reduce vibrations, thus decreasing sound transmission.

Cylinder Head Cushioning

Proper cylinder head cushioning is crucial to make your AEG quieter. By upgrading to a cushioned cylinder head, the impact of the piston head is absorbed more effectively, reducing the noise level of your gun. Take the time to select the right cylinder head cushion that best fits your AEG model for optimal results and increased durability.

Upgrading the Outer Barrel and Suppressors

You’ll want to upgrade the outer barrel and suppressors to make your AEG quieter. We’ll guide you through the process by discussing barrel selection, bore size, and silencer and suppressor considerations.

Barrel Selection and Bore Size

Choosing the right barrel is crucial for achieving a quieter AEG. Look for a barrel with a tight bore size, contributing to a better air seal and less noise. A popular choice is a barrel with a bore size of 6.03mm.

Another factor to consider is the correct cylinder-to-barrel ratio. Ensuring the proper balance between these two components will result in less wasted air, translating to a quieter operation. For example, if your AEG has a muzzle velocity of 350fps or less, pairing it with a barrel that’s 229mm or less will yield optimal results.

Silencer and Suppressor Considerations

Silencers and suppressors play a vital role in making your AEG quieter. The Tokyo Marui MP5SD, for example, is renowned for being one of the quietest AEGs on the market, thanks in part to its integrated suppressor.

When selecting a silencer, consider its length. A longer silencer will reduce noise but may affect your AEG’s aesthetic and overall length.

Here are some popular silencer lengths:

  • 110mm: Compact and lightweight
  • 150mm: Moderate length with balanced performance
  • 200mm: Maximum noise reduction but adds significant length

Remember that upgrading your outer barrel and suppressors is the beginning of the journey to make your AEG as quiet as possible. By combining these suggestions with additional gear and tuning modifications, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a stealthier AEG experience.

Note: The effectiveness of a silencer or suppressor may vary depending on various factors, and the specific length of the silencer that will yield optimal results may depend on the specific AEG model and other factors.

Applying Proper Lubrication and Maintenance

Ensuring your AEG’s smooth operation helps minimize noise levels as you play. Let’s dive into the right lubrication and maintenance practices to make your airsoft weapon significantly quieter.

Choice of Lubricants

Opt for a thick lubricant designed specifically for airsoft gears and internals when choosing a lubricant. A thicker lubricant will reduce friction between gears, effectively dampening sound. Avoid using off-the-shelf lubricants, as they can be too thin to coat gears properly and may deteriorate airsoft components.

For your piston head, look for lubricant options that will not affect the piston weight, as increased piston weight can lead to louder AEGs.

Regular Maintenance Practices

To keep your AEG running smoothly and quietly, adhere to these regular maintenance practices:

  • Regularly clean the internals and barrel to prevent the buildup of dust and debris that can create friction and noise.
  • Inspect and service your gears or replace them as necessary to prevent excessive noise caused by worn or damaged components.
  • Apply lubricant to gears, piston head, and other moving parts to ensure proper lubrication throughout the AEG.
  • Check for loose screws and tighten them appropriately, as loose components can cause rattling and noise.

Following these lubrication and maintenance practices will help reduce the noise your AEG makes, providing you with a quieter, more stealthy airsoft experience.

Selecting Appropriate Batteries and Power Sources

Selecting the right battery for your AEG is crucial in reducing noise levels. Using a higher voltage battery, such as a 7.4V Lipo or an 11.1V Lipo, can significantly decrease the gearbox’s mechanical noise while maintaining optimal performance. Also, upgrading to a larger capacity battery extends your playtime and ensures consistent power delivery.

When choosing batteries, focus on capacity (mAh) and discharge rate (C rating). A battery with a higher capacity provides longer run times, while a higher discharge rate enables stable firing consistency. For example, consider the following options:

  • 7.4V Lipo: Good balance between performance and battery life, minimal effect on motor wear
  • 11.1V Lipo: Enhanced trigger response and rate of fire but causes increased motor wear

Additionally, installing a MOSFET or electronic trigger unit (ETU) enhances electrical efficiency and reduces wear on electrical components, further contributing to a quieter AEG. Always use a smart charger for your batteries to prevent overcharging and potential damage. Choosing an appropriate battery and power source, combined with other noise-reduction techniques, ultimately leads to a more enjoyable, stealthy airsoft experience.


You should have a solid understanding of the various methods to make your AEG quieter. Each step plays a critical role in reducing noise, from gearbox modifications, such as shimming and sorbothane pads, to the barrel and hop-up adjustments.

Implementing these techniques helps you remain stealthy on the airsoft field and contributes to your AEG’s overall longevity and performance. Remember, being methodical, and the patient will yield the best results.

Keep practicing and refining your airsoft skills, and you’ll soon notice a significant difference in your AEG’s noise level. With a quieter and more efficient airsoft gun, you’ll find yourself enjoying the game even more. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I make my AEG quieter?

Reducing the noise of an AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) can be achieved using a combination of methods. The first step is to replace or modify the gearbox components to reduce the vibration and sound generated during operation.

Another method is to install a suppressor or silencer that can absorb the noise produced by the gun. Using heavier BBs can also reduce the noise level, as they create less noise when they hit the target.

Q. What is the best suppressor for an AEG?

There is no single best suppressor for an AEG, as it depends on the user’s preference and the specific AEG model. Generally, a suppressor with a longer length and larger diameter will provide better noise reduction.

However, it is essential to ensure that the suppressor is compatible with the AEG’s threading and will not negatively affect the gun’s performance. It is also important to note that a suppressor on an AEG may require inner barrel length modification to maintain accuracy.

Q. Can changing the hop-up unit make my AEG quieter?

Changing the hop-up unit of an AEG will not significantly affect its noise level, as the hop-up unit only affects the BB’s trajectory and not the sound generated during operation.

However, replacing the hop-up bucking with a higher quality and softer material can reduce the noise produced when the BB is launched from the barrel.

Q. Will using a MOSFET reduce the noise of my AEG?

Installing a MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) in an AEG will not directly reduce the noise generated during operation. Still, it can improve the gun’s trigger response and efficiency, resulting in a smoother and quieter shooting experience.

Additionally, using high-quality wires and connectors can reduce electrical resistance and noise generated by the electrical components.

Q. Is it possible to make an AEG completely silent?

Making an AEG completely silent is impossible, as some noise will always be generated during operation.

However, combining the abovementioned methods, such as modifying the gearbox components, using a suppressor, and using heavier BBs, can significantly reduce the noise level and create a more comfortable shooting experience.

It is also essential to consider safety and ensure that the modifications do not negatively affect the gun’s performance.

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