What is a Patch in Airsoft? Unveiling the Mystery Behind the Accessory

In the airsoft world, patches hold a special place, adding personalization and a unique touch to your gear. You might wonder, what exactly is a patch in airsoft?

A patch is a small, embroidered, or PVC piece of art that you can attach to your airsoft gear, displaying team logos, morale-boosting phrases or images, and showing off achievements. Besides serving as identifiers, these patches help you express your individuality and can even spark camaraderie with fellow players.

As you step into the airsoft scene, your collection of patches will likely grow, allowing you to swap them out and keep your look fresh.

What Is a Patch in Airsoft?

In airsoft, a patch is a small emblem representing your team, affiliation, or personal style, usually embroidered or woven. It’s a way to showcase your airsoft identity while on the field. Attaching patches to your gear adds personal flair and helps distinguish you from other players.

Patches in airsoft come with Velcro backing, which makes them easy to attach and remove from your gear. Typical areas to place patches include helmets, vests, and backpacks. They can display designs like team logos, national flags, popular culture references, or humorous sayings.

Choosing the correct patch for your airsoft loadout is a fun way to customize your appearance and convey your interests or affiliations. It’s a small detail that can significantly impact your overall airsoft experience.

Types of Airsoft Patches

In the airsoft world, patches are a crucial way to identify and show allegiance among players. They come in various types, including team, manufacturer, and custom patches.

Team Patches

Team patches help you recognize fellow teammates and allow you to display your unity as a group. They often feature your team’s logo or emblem, creating a cohesive look among team members. These patches demonstrate pride in your team and can serve as an effective means of identification during gameplay.

Manufacturer Patches

Manufacturer patches help promote the brands behind your favorite airsoft guns and gear. By wearing these patches, you support the companies that create the products you trust in the field. These patches usually feature company logos or iconic product designs.

Custom Patches

For those who want to express their unique style, custom patches offer the freedom to design and create a one-of-a-kind patch. This allows you to showcase your creativity and stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a personal logo or a reference to your favorite movie, the possibilities for custom patches are endless.

Importance of Patches in Airsoft

Patches play an essential role in the airsoft gaming community. They serve various purposes, such as distinguishing teams, symbolism, and personal expression. Let’s dive into each of these sub-topics.

Distinguishing Teams

To run a smooth airsoft game, players must quickly distinguish their teammates from opponents on the battlefield. Patches, often bearing unique symbols or images, effectively serve this purpose. They are attached to the players’ gear, which makes it easier to identify friends and foes during gameplay.

Uniformity in team patches streamlines in-game communication and fosters better teamwork. This quick identification lets players stay focused on the game and helps them to strategize with their teammates more effectively.


Patches can also represent certain airsoft community symbols, groups, or affiliations. For example, some patches represent a specific airsoft team, while others may highlight a player’s role or expertise in the game. Additionally, patches can be used to commemorate special events, such as tournaments or unique gameplay scenarios.

In some cases, patches carry inspirational quotes or mottos, motivating players during intense gameplay situations. These symbols help players relate to shared values and define the identity of their team.

Personal Expression

Aside from the practical aspects, patches offer players a means of personal expression. Custom-made patches enable you to showcase your personality or sense of humor on the field. They can be used to celebrate your achievements, display your favorite quote or pop culture reference, and pay tribute to your favorite airsoft brands.

Creating or selecting patches that resonate with you can further tailor and enhance your airsoft experience. More than just a functional accessory, patches truly serve as an extension of your identity on the field.

Where to Place Patches on Airsoft Gear?


One of the most common places to attach patches on airsoft gear is the vest. You can find various patches that attach to the MOLLE webbing, which is common on tactical vests. You can customize your vest according to style and team affiliations with MOLLE loops.


Another suitable location for patches is the helmet. You can place patches on the sides or front of your helmet, depending on the type of helmet and your preference. Some helmets have designated patch attachment points, making it simple to display your patch choices.


Sleeves can also support patches on your airsoft gear, especially if you wear a combat shirt or BDU top. Most sleeve patches have hook and loop fasteners that adhere to designated areas on your clothing. These patches can help identify you and showcase your pride in your unit or team.

Patch Size and Backing Options

In airsoft, patches come in various sizes and backing options, allowing you to customize your gear. The standard 2×3 inch rectangle is the most common size, although round or custom-shaped patches are also available. Your size should be based on your preference and available space on your gear.

For backing options, there are two main choices: velcro and sew-on. Velcro-backed patches are popular because they can be easily applied to gear and swapped out as desired, whereas sew-on patches provide a more permanent solution. Be sure to check the compatibility with your gear before making a decision.

Beyond these basic options, other customization possibilities exist, such as:

  • Embroidery: High-quality embroidered patches offer a polished appearance and durability.
  • PVC: Durable and weather-resistant, PVC patches are perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Woven: Woven patches offer a smoother, more intricate design, ideal for detailed logos and images.
  • Embroidered edging: Adds a finishing touch to make your patch stand out.
  • Glow-in-the-dark: A fun option for night games or added visibility.

Consider your needs and preferences when choosing patch size and backing options while keeping your gear’s compatibility in mind. This will ensure your airsoft experience is both comfortable and well-equipped.

Airsoft Accessories and Equipment

As an airsoft player, understanding the available accessories and equipment is crucial. This will allow you to make informed decisions when gearing up for a game or trying to customize your loadout. Let’s look at some key components: weapons and additional gear.


At the core of airsoft are the weapons used to engage opponents. There are various types of airsoft guns, each with unique features and advantages, such as:

  • Spring-Powered: These require manual cocking before each shot and are perfect for beginners due to their affordability and ease of use.
  • Gas-Powered: Running on compressed gas (e.g., CO2 or Green Gas), these airsoft guns provide more realistic blowback action and require less manual shooting effort.
  • Electric (AEGs): Utilizing a battery and motor system, AEGs offer semi-automatic and fully-automatic firing modes, making them a popular choice for experienced players.

Additional Gear

Beyond your weapon, there’s a wide range of gear and accessories to enhance your airsoft experience. Some essential items to consider include:

  • Airsoft Patches: These are often worn on tactical vests or uniforms to represent your team or display personal customization.
  • Protective Gear: Investing in quality safety equipment such as goggles, face masks, and gloves will help to protect you from injuries.
  • External Upgrades: Scopes, grips, and flashlights enhance your weapon’s appearance and functionality.

By familiarizing yourself with the various airsoft accessories and equipment options, you’ll be better equipped to assemble a loadout that suits your playstyle and helps you succeed on the field.

Difference Between Airsoft and Paintball Patches

In tactical sports like airsoft and paintball, patches play a crucial role in distinguishing teams and representing players’ personalities. However, critical differences between patches often used in these two sports exist. Let’s take a closer look.

  • The materials and construction of patches differ. Airsoft patches are typically made of durable PVC rubber or embroidered fabric.
  • On the contrary, paintball patches often use woven fabric, giving them a more flexible and lightweight feel. This allows paintball players to move unrestricted, which can be crucial in fast-paced matches.
  • Another distinction is the attachment method. Airsoft patches usually have a hook and loop backing, making attaching and removing them from your gear easy. Conversely, paintball patches often utilize Velcro or sewn-on methods that require more effort to change out.
  • The designs and themes of the patches differ as well. Airsoft patches tend to focus on military insignia, morale-boosting messages, and pop culture references. In contrast, paintball patches lean towards team logos, paintball-related imagery, and competition icons.

Ultimately, these differences in materials, attachment methods, and designs make airsoft and paintball patches distinct from each other, providing unique identities and characteristics for players of each sport.

Buying Airsoft Patches Online

When searching for airsoft patches online, you’ll find various options. Many retailers offer custom and premade designs, allowing you to personalize your gear or show off your team’s brand. Check out popular airsoft stores, Amazon, or Etsy to get started.

Consider the following factors when browsing for patches:

  • Quality: Look for patches made from durable materials like PVC, woven fabric, or embroidered designs. This ensures they last through challenging games and weather conditions.
  • Attachment: Patches typically use hook-and-loop fasteners like Velcro, which makes them easy to attach and remove from your gear. Be sure the patch you choose has a compatible attachment system.
  • Design: Find a patch representing your style, team, or favorite airsoft meme. Custom patches allow for unique designs but may come with higher price tags and longer shipping times.

Once you’ve selected your preferred patch, add it to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process. Double-check shipping and handling times to ensure you receive your new airsoft patch promptly.


Airsoft patches are essential to the airsoft experience, serving practical and decorative purposes. While playing this thrilling sport, they showcase your affiliation, achievements, and personal flair.

To choose the correct patch, consider your team’s theme, your preferred material, and the patch’s design. Whether it communicates a message or adds a touch of customization, your airsoft patch should be true to your personality.

Caring for your patches is just as important. Remove them before washing your gear, and remember to store them safely. Embrace your airsoft journey, and let your patches tell your story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are airsoft patches used for?

Airsoft patches are primarily used to personalize and identify players or teams during an airsoft game. They can represent team affiliations, player ranks, achievements, or even showcase a player’s unique personality.

Q. How do I attach a patch to my gear?

The most common method is using Velcro-backed patches that easily attach to Velcro panels on your tactical gear, such as plate carriers or helmets. Some patches may also require sewing or adhesive to secure them.

Q. Can I create custom patches for my airsoft team?

Absolutely! Many companies offer custom patch services, allowing you to submit your team logo, color preferences, and details to create a unique patch representing your team.

Q. Where can I buy airsoft patches?

Airsoft patches are available at various online and physical stores, including airsoft retailers, tactical gear stores, and online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. Ensure you’re purchasing from a reputable seller for the best quality patches.

Q. What materials are airsoft patches made of?

Airsoft patches can be made from various materials, including embroidered fabric, PVC (rubber), woven fabric, and metal. The choice depends on your preference, style, and intended use, as each material has benefits and drawbacks.

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