What Does FPS Mean In Airsoft?

BB guns certainly are addictive, with decent firepower and a non-lethal element, you can have all the joys of firing the real thing without harming anyone around you.

However, you might have found the term fps cropping up in any article you read about airsoft weapons. What exactly does it mean?

What Does FPS Mean In Airsoft

Well, in short, fps means ‘feet per second’, and is the most accurate measurement of how fast your bullets fire. This is how many meters your BB will travel per second, so the more fps that you have then the larger the range of your weapon.

The typical airsoft gun is able to shoot around 0.20G BB, which translates as around 50-80 meters. Another important measurement for your airsoft weapon is joules, which is the force at which your airsoft bullets travel contrasted with the weight of each individual projectile.

Both fps and joules will determine the overall performance of your airsoft weapon and they are the first things you should look for when shopping for an airsoft rifles. However, there are numerous things that can determine how far your bullets can travel and where you can find them.

But how can you make sure that your fps is the best that it can be? What airsoft guns have the highest fps and how can that be determined? How can you find the perfect weight of BB to get the fastest and longest fps?

Well, if you do love airsoft guns and want the best that money can buy, then keep reading. We have compiled an ultimate guide to fps and how to alter it to get the best output from your favorite air-powered rifle.

Typical FPS Measurements

There are many types of urban airsoft guns that you can pick up - including rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns and pistols. Each one of these will have a specific fps that you can depend on for getting a dead shot on your distant targets.

The location of your sight will go some way to determining your FPS in terms of how far it can go and how well it fits in within the country’s legal limit.

That’s right, there has to be a certain limit on your airsoft gun. Each country has different limits of their fps, so you’ll have to check that before ordering one.

In the UK, for example, the Policing and Crime Bill changed its laws to drastically reduce the range of most airsoft guns. Below are some of the figures as of 2017:

  • Fully automatic gun - 350fps
  • Semi-automatic gun - 400fps
  • Bolt action gun - 500fps

Depending on what gun you buy, you can guarantee a certain level of fps. If you have your heart set on a longer and faster fps, then we would recommend that you get a bolt action version, which will launch your BB bullets a lot further.

You can get certain models of airsoft guns that cover a whopping 720 fps, so if it’s range you are looking for then you should have a gun that comes with this larger fps.

However, these guns often come with a very expensive price tag, so make sure that you have the funds to cover such purchases.

Does Airsoft Battery Affect FPS?

The airsoft battery will not affect the fps, but it will certainly affect the rate of fire. This is because a more powerful battery will launch your BBs at a far more powerful rate. However, make sure that the battery that you buy is compatible with the gun that you are using.

If you have a battery that is too high powered for your gun, then you run the risk of damaging the gearbox. The only thing the battery has to do with is the velocity of the bullets.

It will matter whether or not your matter can power the spring to push the bullet through the barrel of the gun in the first place.

The battery will either power your gun or it won’t, there isn’t a lot of choice in between. You won’t be able to supercharge your battery to give your bullets that increased range. Most likely, supercharging will result in your battery shorting out and becoming permanently damaged.

How Important Is FPS on Your Gun?

Fps is just one factor in many that will determine how well your rifle functions. You’ll need to consider how versatile your gun is, with accessories such as sight, reload capacity and the shape of your gun also affecting the performance.

Having a gun that is lightweight but durable will also affect how well that it handles. If you have a gun made from ABS plastic, then you can be certain that it will be resilient to breaking and very easy to carry for longer periods of time.

You can get certain guns that are adaptable to certain styles of gameplay. For example, an automatic rifle will be great for fast and furious games, whereas a sniper rifle will be more adapted for slower-paced games that involve camping out for longer periods of time.

You should make sure that your gun is compatible with the materials that your BBs will be made from. If you have metal bearings, then you should have a gun with a slightly more powerful fps. This means that they will be able to exit the hole a lot quicker and harder.

However, plastic BBs will be much more lightweight, which means that having a more forceful gun will result in the bearings shattering or misfiring. It is important to remember that not all BBs are compatible with all types of guns.

Our Final Say

You should pay attention to the fps of your gun, especially when buying bearings, as this will affect their trajectory and range. However, bear in mind that changing your battery won’t change the force and speed at which they are fired.