How to Increase The FPS of an Airsoft Gun? Boost Performance in Minutes!

As an airsoft enthusiast, you always look for ways to improve your game. One key factor that can make all the difference is your airsoft gun’s FPS (feet per second). Higher FPS means better range and accuracy, giving you the edge in airsoft battles.

Increasing your gun’s FPS might initially seem challenging, but several tried and tested methods exist to achieve this. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps that can help you maximize your airsoft gun’s potential and give you a competitive advantage on the field.

Get ready to learn about upgrades, maintenance, and fine-tuning techniques that can increase your airsoft gun’s FPS. By the end of this article, you’ll have the knowledge you need to transform your airsoft game and become a formidable opponent in any airsoft skirmish.

Understanding FPS in Airsoft Guns

Regarding airsoft guns, FPS (feet per second) is a crucial factor affecting their performance and safety. In this section, we’ll explore how FPS impacts the performance of your airsoft gun and the importance of adhering to safety limits.

FPS and its Impact on Performance

The FPS of an airsoft gun measures the velocity at which BBs are propelled. A higher FPS generally translates to better performance in terms of accuracy and range. However, a gun with a lower FPS can still be effective in close-quarters combat scenarios.

Upgrading internal components, such as the spring or motor, can increase your gun’s FPS. Keep in mind that excessively high FPS can cause damage to your gun and decrease its lifespan.

Safety and FPS Limits

Maintaining safe FPS limits is essential for players’ well-being and the longevity of their airsoft equipment. Many airsoft fields enforce strict FPS limits to protect players from injury.

Here are some common FPS limits for airsoft guns:

  • Pistols: 300-350 FPS
  • Assault Rifles: 350-400 FPS
  • Sniper Rifles: 450-500 FPS

Always check your local field’s regulations and ensure your airsoft gun complies with safety guidelines. Remember that it’s your responsibility to keep your airsoft experience safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Essential Airsoft Gun Components

Having the right components can make all the difference in your performance on the field. This section will cover the essential components you need to know about, from barrels and hop-up units to triggers and grips.

Understanding these key elements will help you choose the best upgrades for your airsoft gun and improve your gameplay.

Inner Barrel

The inner barrel is a crucial component in your airsoft gun as it directly impacts accuracy and range. To ensure optimal performance, consider upgrading to a tight bore barrel with a higher diameter consistency, resulting in a tighter air seal and increased FPS.


A high-quality motor is vital for increasing your airsoft gun’s FPS. Choose a motor with solid magnets and proper torque for your desired performance. Remember that a high-speed motor will generally sacrifice torque, while a high-torque motor may have a slower rate of fire.


An appropriate cylinder ensures efficient compression, leading to increased FPS. Match the cylinder’s volume ratio with your gun’s barrel length to enhance performance. Upgrade to a double o-ring cylinder head for improved air seal and reduced air loss.


When upgrading your AEG (automatic electric gun), focus on the spring and gears. A stiffer spring will boost your FPS but may increase wear and tear on your internals. High-speed or high-torque gears can also improve performance, depending on your desired playstyle.


The hop-up system introduces spin to the BB, affecting range and accuracy. Upgrading to a precision hop-up unit with consistent pressure can result in better shot consistency. Additionally, consider trying flat-hop or R-hop modifications to enhance performance further.


A high-end battery can improve your gun’s trigger response and rate of fire. Choose a battery with adequate capacity and a higher discharge rate to ensure consistent power delivery. A battery with a voltage higher than your gun’s specifications can cause damage.

Increasing the FPS

Increasing your airsoft gun’s FPS (feet per second) positively affects range, accuracy, and overall performance. Let’s discuss practical ways to achieve this by focusing on four key aspects: Upgrading Springs, Improving Barrel Accuracy, Enhancing Air Seal, and Adjusting the Hop-Up.

Upgrading Springs

Upgrading the spring is one of the most straightforward approaches to increasing your FPS. Springs like M110 and M130 provide a noticeable improvement. Ensure you choose the appropriate spring for your gun to prevent potential damage.

Improving Barrel Accuracy

A tight-bore barrel offers better performance and accuracy. They allow for an increased FPS as the reduced space between the BB and barrel leads to less wasted air. Consider installing a tight bore barrel with a diameter of 6.01mm to 6.03mm.

Enhancing Air Seal

A better air seal in your airsoft gun ensures optimal air pressure, leading to a higher FPS. Upgrades to enhance your air seal include:

  • Replacing the piston head with a high-quality aftermarket model
  • Upgrading the cylinder head
  • Replacing the air nozzle

Adjusting the Hop-Up

Adjusting the hop-up system helps fine-tune the trajectory of the BB, potentially increasing both range and accuracy. Although it may not significantly affect FPS, a well-tuned hop-up dramatically improves overall performance, providing an advantage in your airsoft battles.

Upgrading Internal Components

One of the most effective ways to increase FPS in an airsoft gun is to upgrade the internal components. This section will discuss key upgrades that can directly impact your gun’s performance, focusing on piston heads and cylinders, gears and torque, and air nozzles and cylinder heads.

Piston Heads and Cylinders

The piston head is responsible for transferring energy and compressing air effectively. Upgrading to a higher-quality piston head can improve the air seal and longevity of the mechanism.

When choosing between ported and non-ported cylinders, it’s essential to consider the specific needs of the airsoft gun.

  • Ported Cylinder: A ported cylinder is designed to reduce the air used for each shot, which can result in a lower FPS, help improve the gun’s efficiency, and reduce wear on the gearbox. This can be beneficial for short-to-mid-range engagements where accuracy and consistency are essential.
  • Non-Ported Cylinder: On the contrary, a non-ported cylinder is designed to provide maximum air volume for each shot, which can result in a higher FPS but can also put more stress on the gearbox and reduce efficiency. This can be beneficial for long-range engagements where range and power are essential.

Gears and Torque

Upgrading the gears in your airsoft gun can significantly impact FPS. Here are some recommendations:

  • High-Speed Gears: Designed to increase the fire rate by reducing the time it takes for the gears to cycle. This can be beneficial for scenarios where a high rate of fire is essential, such as CQB engagements, but may not necessarily result in improved responsiveness.
  • High Torque Gears: On the contrary, high-torque gears are designed to provide increased energy and power to the gearbox, resulting in a higher FPS and improved overall performance. This can be beneficial for scenarios where power and accuracy are crucial but may result in a slower rate of fire.

Air Nozzles and Cylinder Heads

Proper air seal maximizes the performance of your airsoft gun’s internals, directly affecting FPS. Consider upgrading these components:

  • Air Nozzle: High-quality air nozzles enhance air delivery and maintain proper air seals throughout the firing process.
  • Cylinder Head: Upgraded cylinder heads offer a better air seal, enabling more consistent FPS and improved accuracy.

Optimizing Ammunition and Weight

In this section, we will cover the importance of using the right BBs and considering the weight and energy of your ammunition to increase your airsoft gun’s FPS.

Choosing the Right BBs

When selecting airsoft BBs, quality is crucial. Invest in high-quality, seamless BBs to prevent jams and misfires. Avoid using poorly molded or damaged BBs, which can hinder your gun’s performance and cause internal damage.

Additionally, pay attention to the BBs’ diameter. The standard size is 6mm, but slight variations can still impact your gun’s FPS. Ensure you have the correct size for your specific airsoft gun to maximize efficiency.

Considering Weight and Energy

Weight and energy balance significantly affect your airsoft gun’s FPS. Lighter BBs (0.20g) can achieve higher FPS but are more susceptible to wind and have shorter trajectories. Heavier BBs (0.25g and up) offer more stable trajectories but at the cost of a reduced FPS.

In terms of energy, it’s essential to know your gun’s joule rating. The energy output (joules) directly affects your BB’s flight characteristics, with more energy generally translating to improved accuracy and stability. If your gun exceeds your local field’s joule limits, you can opt for heavier BBs or decrease your gun’s FPS to meet the required regulations.

Finding your airsoft gun’s ideal BB weight and energy balance requires trial and error. Test different BB weights and compare their performance to achieve the best balance between FPS and accuracy for your specific play style and airsoft gun.

Maintaining and Fine-Tuning Your Airsoft Gun

Maintaining your airsoft gun is essential for optimal performance and prolonging its lifespan. In this section, we’ll discuss the importance of proper grease and lubrication and the benefits of chrono testing.

Grease and Lubrication

Applying the correct type of grease is vital to keep the internals of your airsoft gun running smoothly. Avoid using low-quality or incorrect greases, leading to grinding and wear. High-quality silicone-based grease is recommended for most internal components.

Regular cleaning and re-lubrication will enhance your gun’s performance and prevent premature wear. Remove debris and dust from gears and moving parts, then apply a thin layer of the appropriate grease. Be sure not to over-lubricate, as excess grease can attract dirt and impede performance.

Chrono Testing

Chrono testing is an essential part of fine-tuning your airsoft gun’s efficiency. It measures the velocity of BBs, ensuring consistency and control over your FPS (feet per second). Use a reliable airsoft chronograph to measure your gun’s velocity with different BB weights and power settings.

By consistently monitoring your FPS through chrono testing, you can track any internal changes or issues that may arise. This information guides you in making necessary adjustments, enhancing accuracy and range. Remember to keep your airsoft gun within field FPS limits, staying safe and sportsmanlike.

Key Considerations and Safety Tips

Legal and Field Restrictions

Before upgrading your airsoft gun, always check your area’s legal limits and field restrictions. Different countries, states, and even airsoft fields may have specific regulations on FPS and gun modifications. Adhering to these guidelines ensures safety and keeps you within the law.

Some common restrictions include a maximum FPS for certain weapon types and mandatory engagement distances. Violating these rules may result in penalties, expulsion from the airsoft field, or legal consequences. Always familiarize yourself with local regulations before making any modifications.

Balancing Power and Safety

When attempting to increase the FPS of your airsoft gun, remember that power must be balanced with safety. A few key adjustments include upgrading the spring, sealing air leaks, and modifying the barrel. Consider the following tips:

  • Spring Upgrade: Replacing the main spring with a stiffer one can boost FPS, but ensure your gearbox can handle the increased stress. Consult with an experienced airsoft player or technician for guidance.
  • Brass Barrel: Installing a tighter and higher-quality brass barrel can improve accuracy and increase FPS by reducing air leaks between the BB and barrel walls.
  • Ball Bearing: Swapping the plastic bushings for metal ball bearings can reduce friction and increase durability, potentially contributing to a higher FPS.
  • Air Leaks: Check for air leaks by injecting silicone oil around the hop-up, cylinder head, and piston head. If you notice a change in FPS, it’s time to replace the seals or gaskets.

Ultimately, it’s crucial to prioritize the safety of both yourself and fellow airsoft players when seeking to enhance your gun’s performance. An airsoft gun that’s too powerful or improperly modified can lead to injuries or damage to the gun itself.


Increasing the FPS of your airsoft gun can be achieved through several key steps. Upgrading the spring, optimizing the air seal, and choosing the right BB weight are all factors that contribute to improved FPS.

Remember to follow these guidelines:

  • Upgrade the spring: Opt for a high-quality, stiffer spring to increase the tension and ultimately boost your FPS.
  • Improve the air seal: Ensure that all components are fitted correctly and well-lubricated, as any leaks will result in a loss of power.
  • Select the right BBs: Heavier BBs may lower FPS but provide better accuracy and range. Experiment with various weights to find the ideal balance for your airsoft gun.

Implementing these changes will elevate your airsoft gun’s performance and get an edge in your games. Always stay safe and follow established airsoft regulations while enjoying this thrilling sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some quick and easy ways to improve FPS?

You can try a few simple methods to increase your airsoft gun’s FPS (feet per second). The first is to upgrade the spring in your gun, increasing the force used to propel the BBs. This can be a relatively easy upgrade.

Another option is to consider using high-quality BBs, which can improve your shots’ accuracy and power. Finally, cleaning and maintaining your gun is essential to ensure it’s functioning at its best.

Q. Do heavier or lighter BBs affect FPS?

Yes! BB weight plays a role in FPS. Heavier BBs tend to have lower FPS, while lighter BBs generally result in higher FPS. However, heavier BBs may provide better accuracy and range.

Q. Can upgrading the barrel improve FPS?

Yes! Upgrading to a tight bore barrel can enhance the FPS by minimizing air loss during the pellet’s travel, allowing for more efficient shots.

Q. Is it necessary to consider field limitations related to FPS?

Absolutely. Many airsoft fields enforce FPS limits for safety reasons. Abide by these regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all players.

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