What Airsoft Gun Has the Highest FPS? Unveiling the FPS Champion!

In 2023, the world of airsoft guns is more advanced than ever, and finding the highest FPS (Feet Per Second) model has become a primary concern for many airsoft enthusiasts. As an airsoft explorer, you must know which models dominate the market.

The FPS of your gun impacts its range, accuracy, and overall gameplay experience. A higher FPS translates to a faster and straighter trajectory, which can give you an edge in competitive games.

This blog briefs the top airsoft guns with the highest FPS to consider for your collection. Although several models boast high FPS, only three models stand out because of their exceptional performance and reliability. You must always compare specifications and personal preferences when making your final decision.

Factors Affecting FPS

Power Source

Three primary power sources are affecting the FPS of airsoft guns: spring, gas, and electric. All of these power sources can produce varying FPS rates. Generally, gas guns have the potential to reach higher FPS than spring and electric guns, but other factors also influence the performance.

BB Weight

  • Lighter BBs: Higher FPS but less accuracy
  • Heavier BBs: Lower FPS but more accuracy

The weight of your airsoft gun’s BBs significantly affects FPS. Lighter BBs, like 0.12 grams, will result in higher FPS, but accuracy might be compromised. On the contrary, using heavier BBs, like 0.20 grams or more, will lead to lower FPS but with increased accuracy and stability in flight.

Hop-Up System

An adjustable hop-up system plays a crucial role in the FPS of your airsoft gun. The hop-up system puts a backspin on the BB, creating a lift force that counteracts gravity. This not only extends the range but can also impact the FPS.

Properly adjusting your hop-up system can further enhance your airsoft gun’s performance. Remember to fine-tune your gun’s hop-up based on the power source and BB weight to maximize its FPS capabilities.

Top High FPS Airsoft Guns

Sniper Rifles

Accuracy and durability are crucial for a high FPS airsoft sniper rifle. The Novritsch SSG24 is a top choice, boasting an impressive 500+ FPS with heavyweight BBs. The build quality and consistency make it a favorite among airsoft enthusiasts.

Another option is the Echo1 M28, which provides a high velocity of around 520 FPS. This bolt-action sniper rifle is known for its reliability and accuracy, making it an excellent choice for those who want to make their shots count.

The Wellfire MB11B is a full metal bolt action sniper rifle with a high FPS of around 500. The lightweight establishment makes it easy to handle, and its accuracy doesn’t disappoint.


Airsoft pistols can also pack quite a punch in terms of FPS. CO2-powered airsoft pistols, such as the KJW M700 gas bolt action sniper rifle, offer higher velocities than their green gas counterparts. This pistol’s velocity ranges between 450 and 600 FPS, depending on the type of gas and BBs used.

Consider airsoft pistols and revolvers like the ASG CZ P-09 for a more budget-friendly option. Despite its lower price, it still delivers a solid 380 FPS and accurate performance.


Airsoft shotguns can also achieve high FPS without sacrificing functionality. The Tokyo Marui M870 gas-powered shotgun can reach up to 350 FPS velocities while maintaining a realistic feel and operation. The design includes three selectable fire modes, providing versatility for various gameplay styles.

Another excellent high FPS airsoft shotgun is the Classic Army CA870, a spring-powered model with a solid metal build. It delivers up to 400 FPS and features a realistic pump-action system, giving you an authentic experience on the field.

Remember, when selecting a high FPS airsoft gun, consider factors such as accuracy, durability, and overall performance to ensure you’re making the right choice to dominate the game.


Accuracy and Range

When it comes to accuracy, the Novritsch SSG24 stands out. Its consistent shots and tight groupings allow you to hit your targets reliably. The effective range reaches 70 meters, making it perfect for outdoor engagements.

Muzzle Velocity and Kinetic Energy

The Systema PTW leads with its adjustable FPS (feet per second) system for muzzle velocity. You can customize your FPS from 300 to 500 to meet various game requirements. Your airsoft gun’s kinetic energy will vary based on the chosen FPS.

Rate of Fire

The Krytac Trident MK2 SPR excels in the rate of the fire department. Thanks to its upgraded gearbox and powerful motor, it boasts 25 RPS (rounds per second). This speedy rate of fire means you’ll be able to lay down effective suppressing fire for your team.

Note: Keep in mind that increasing the FPS requires a stronger spring that can affect the rate of fire on some airsoft gun models.

Upgrade and Customization Options

When it comes to upgrading your airsoft gun for high FPS, you have several options to choose from. Components like the spring, barrel, and hop-up system can significantly impact your gun’s performance.


Changing the spring is one of the most popular ways to reach a higher FPS. Consider these options:

  • M120 spring: For an increase of around 20-50 FPS
  • M130 spring: For a significant jump, up to 100 FPS more than stock


Another vital aspect to consider is the barrel. Key factors are:

  • Length: A longer barrel can help increase precision and range
  • Material: High-quality materials such as stainless steel are preferred for durability

Hop-up Systems

A reliable and adjustable hop-up system is crucial. It allows you to:

  • Fine-tune your BB’s trajectory for optimal range and accuracy
  • Use heavyweight BBs without sacrificing too much range

To maximize your airsoft gun’s potential, explore various aftermarket parts for further customization. Some reputable brands to consider include Prometheus, Madbull, and SHS.

With careful selection and upgrade installation, you’ll notice a noticeable improvement in your airsoft gun’s performance. Don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best results closely.

Legal and Safety Considerations

FPS Limits by Country

In the United States, airsoft gun laws and regulations use FPS (feet per second) as the standard measurement for determining the power or velocity of airsoft guns. However, some airsoft fields or organizations may use joules as a measurement.

The FPS limits for airsoft guns in the US can vary depending on the location and type of gameplay, with some fields setting limits as low as 300 FPS for close-quarters combat and others allowing up to 500 FPS for long-range engagements.


Higher FPS limits can include additional safety requirements, such as mandatory full-face protection or minimum engagement distances.

CountryJoules LimitFPS Limit (0.20g BBs)
UK1.3 – 2.5328 – 528
USA1.49 – 3.5300 – 700
Canada1.48 – 5.7366 – 760
Germany0.99 – 7.5230 – 820
Australia1.14 – 3.3330 – 500

It’s worth noting that airsoft gun laws and regulations can vary depending on the specific location, type of gameplay, and other factors, so it’s essential to research and follow the laws and regulations in your area.

Pros and Cons of High FPS


  • Range: High FPS airsoft guns can shoot farther.
  • Accuracy: While not always the case, a high FPS can lead to better accuracy and tighter groupings.
  • Trust: When your teammates see your performance on the field, they’ll put more trust in your capabilities.


  • Legal issues: It’s essential to be aware of local laws and regulations to avoid legal trouble.
  • Safety: A high FPS can cause injury if proper safety precautions aren’t followed.
  • Higher maintenance: Higher FPS airsoft guns are more likely to suffer from wear and tear, so taking care of your equipment is crucial.

Remember to adhere to your country’s legal limit for FPS and put safety first, always wear eye protection, and follow the rules of your local airsoft field.

Selecting the Best Airsoft Gun for You

Beginners vs. Experienced Players

As a beginner, you’ll focus on ease of use and affordability. Look for airsoft guns that are simple and user-friendly. Some reputable manufacturers, such as G&G and CYMA, offer beginner-friendly options.

Experienced players may prioritize performance and customization. High-end brands like Tokyo Marui and Krytac cater to these needs.

Realism and Build Quality

If realism matters, consider airsoft guns with metal bodies and blowback features. These add to the authentic feel and weight of the gun. Remember that realistic airsoft guns come at a higher price tag. Prioritize build quality by choosing reputable manufacturers to ensure your airsoft gun lasts longer.

Value for Money

To get the most value for your money, weigh the features and performance against the price. Here are a few pointers to decide the value for money:

  • Compare models within your budget.
  • Research online reviews from other players.
  • Consider potential upgrade costs.

In the USA, airsoft guns can vary significantly in price, so finding one that fits your needs and budget will take some research. A higher price doesn’t always guarantee better performance, so look for well-rounded options that offer the best balance of features and cost.


In your search for the highest FPS airsoft gun, the Novritsch SSG24 stands out as a top contender. With its reliable 650 FPS, you’ll experience increased accuracy and a longer range in gameplay.

When comparing the SSG24 to other high-FPS models like the Systema PTW Max, it’s essential to consider factors such as price, aftermarket support, and overall performance. Remember, high FPS isn’t the only aspect that matters in airsoft.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind before winding up:

  • Highly accurate long-range shots are crucial in gameplay
  • Price and customization options play significant roles
  • Don’t forget about reliability and support from the manufacturer

Armed with this knowledge, you’re now better equipped to make an informed decision about your next airsoft gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What airsoft gun has the highest FPS?

The airsoft gun with the highest FPS is usually a sniper rifle. One notable example is the Novritsch SSG24, which can reach up to 650 FPS with heavyweight BBs.

Q. Is a higher FPS always better?

No, a higher FPS doesn’t always translate to better performance. It’s essential to consider your playing style and the field’s restrictions:

For close-quarters battles, a lower FPS weapon (e.g., 300-350 FPS) maximizes safety and accuracy. A higher FPS gun (e.g., 400-500 FPS) allows for better range and penetration for outdoor fields.

Q. What factors affect an airsoft gun’s FPS?

An airsoft gun’s FPS (feet per second) is influenced by various factors that can affect its performance.

The power source is one of the primary factors, as spring, electric (AEG), and gas-powered guns can vary in FPS.

Additionally, the hop-up system of an airsoft gun adjusts the backspin of BBs, which can affect range and accuracy. Another factor is the inner barrel length and quality, as a longer and better-quality barrel can enhance consistency and FPS.

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