Best Airsoft Glock

Glock is one of those names in the firearms business that has earned itself a place. Earned itself respect. Like Smith & Wesson, Walther, and Colt, it’s a name with a history attached, as well as a reputation for hard-nosed efficiency when it’s needed.

That’s one reason why it’s beloved by so many airsoft players.

Another reason is that Glock has got behind the game, and officially licensed Umarex to produce some of the most accurate replica guns on the market. Glocks are intensely popular pistols in the game for both these reasons – but which are the best airsoft Glocks to have?

To find out, you need to do one of two things. You either have to arrange with Umarex to get their range sent round so you can test them out before you buy – and good luck with that – or you have to take a…erm…crap shoot on the scattered and individual reviews on the web, and stake your money on a maybe. The problem with that is that you could be wrong, and lose your money.

Or you could stick with us for a handful of heartbeats, as we profile the five best airsoft Glocks on the market today, so that all you have to do is pick the one which works best for you.

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick.


Now…we know what you’re thinking.

Don’t panic.

Yes, the Glock 19 Gen 3 .177 16 rounds is a non-blowback pistol. Yes, we know lots of airsoft players regard non-blowbacks as inherently inferior to the blowback versions. Yes, there can sometimes be something to that. No, there isn’t this time.

The look and the feel of this model is extremely good – put the airsoft Gen 3 up against the Generation 3 centerfire pistol and at any distance where you can’t see the orange safety element, you wouldn’t be sure which was the genuine, lethal version, and which was the airsoft.

You’ll get a shiver of potential from the weight of the airsoft version in your hand, too. It weighs around 26 ounces, whereas the loaded lethal version weighs in at around 30 ounces.

You might be able to tell them apart if you tried them both one after the other, but if you’re just picking up and using one, the closeness is uncanny.

It’s all the more uncanny for the non-blowback version, meaning very few of the controls of the weapon work in any realistic way – the slide and extractor are simply molded, rather than functional.

The Gen 3 will give you good accuracy at 10 yards, and naturally better accuracy at 6, more or less irrespective of how experienced you are in the game. With 16 rounds, and a range of up to 410 FPS, the Gen 3 Glock came to play.

It looks spectacularly real, and you can easily add a small laser to it if you like, thanks to the Picatinny rail at the front of the frame. That’ll give you quick POI correction if you need it.

What you have here is a freakishly realistic Glock (licensed by the handgun-maker itself, which despite being a non-blowback with all the moving parts that implies, still gives you not only the look and the feel of the original, but performs spectacularly out in the airsoft field.

The consistency of its performance is second to none, and you’ll feel immersed in the game with the Gen 3 in your hand. That’s why it’s our top pick for best airsoft Glock on the market.



  • It’s a non-blowback pistol, which means it won’t suit people who need the accuracy of moving parts


The Glock 17 is the ‘full-size’ version of the compact Glock 17, so what you have here is a much meatier, hardcore feel in the hand.

It weighs in at a similar point to the Glock 19 Gen 3 replica though, so while it looks and feels bigger, you won’t get a corresponding weight penalty when you draw and aim it.

For those who need the reactive feel and the moving parts of a blowback pistol, this is probably the best Glock on the market – it’s a semi-automatic blowback, with a double action only trigger and a full-size metal magazine and a muzzle velocity of 365 FPS.

The build quality, like most if not all of the Glock-licensed Umarex replicas, is highly impressive – and for the blowback fans, most of the moving parts on this model work like the real, lethal Glock 17.

If you want to be picky, the slide only goes ¾ of the way the real one would, but that’s a tiny matter compared to the stunning look and overall feel of this replica.

There’s an unfussy accessory rail too, so you can add the laser or tactical light of your choice and improve the accuracy of your handgun shooting.

Overall, the realism of the Glock 17 Gen 3 blowback makes you believe and pulls you into the game, without sacrificing much by way of FPS or accuracy.

Sure, in an ideal world, you’d get a full slide length, but if your airsoft play is ruined by the slide on your Glock only going ¾ of the way, you’re focusing way too hard on the small stuff, without appreciating the work that’s gone into this weapon, the otherwise great feel, or the solid, simple useability of the piece.

Stop sweating the really, really small stuff, and get Glocking.


  • A great combination of a realistic feel and a believable, not too heavy weight makes this a very useable weapon
  • The accessory rail lets you add a laser or tactical light
  • The metal magazine is full-size, do you don’t feel like you’re compromising the weapon into an airsoft ‘version’


  • Does have some blowback action, but still falls short of a true blowback pistol


Let’s go back to the Glock 19 Gen 3, but take a look at the 6mm 11-round version. Like our list-leader, this is a non-blowback, but it shoots 6mm BBs, and can get you a muzzle velocity of up to 350 FPS, which is no way too shabby for relatively close quarter battle.

Made of plastic rather than metal, the ergonomics of the gun are still eye-wateringly similar to the lethal version of the Glock, so from the point of view of the look and feel of the weapon, the Glock 19 Gen 3 6mm will give you no problem at all immersing yourself in the realism of the game.

As with most of the Glock-licensed Umarex replicas, this one has the same ergonomics as the lethal version in the real world, so you’re encouraged towards immersion in the realism of the game.

The high FPS gives you a sense of involvement too, even though there’s no blowback, and the shorter grip and slide make it a more compact gaming weapon than the full-sized Glock 17.

The 6mm is a very popular size of BB, with several companies vying to produce the most error-free slugs in the business, and so the Glock 19 Gen 3 6mm opens you up to what feels comparatively like easy street, both in terms of supply and use.

That’s a combination that earns it a place high on our list.


  • An extremely realistic replica, this helps you immerse yourself in the game
  • 6mm BBs are very popular and easy – not to say cheap – to stock up on
  • 11 rounds give you more than enough scope for some close-quarter battles


  • Despite the reasonable weight, the plastic construction will disappoint some airsoft players


OK, so we’ve seen the compact Glock 19, and we’ve seen the bigger Glock 17 from which it is derived.

Take a look at the Glock 19X.

What’s the Glock 19X?

It’s the civilian version of Glock’s new handgun for the US Army and Air Force. You know you want an airsoft version of that. In fact, we could probably leave it at that and have you running to click the ‘Buy’ button.

It’s better than that, though. This is where the blowback/non-blowback debate comes to finally die, because the Glock 19X is available in both versions.

Seriously, there’s a version for everyone, whether they prefer gaming ease or slavish verisimilitude. Seriously, grab the version that most appeals to you, and go nuts. We’ve linked you to the blowback version, but hey, no pressure. You do you.

Weirdly, in terms of its look, the 19X is a departure from the standard that has made Glock instantly recognizable around the world.

Tooled in a liquid injected polymer, it’s powered by CO2, and comes in what is perhaps somewhat insultingly called ‘Coyote,’ rather than Glock’s trad-black. Or… modeling clay, which is what ‘Coyote’ looks more like.

If authenticity is your hallmark though, the 19X will make you a very happy airsoft player indeed.

The frame comes with a lanyard loop just like the lethal version, and the markings are also translated straight from the original, for that little grunt of ‘rightness’ in your heart when you pull it and use it.

That authenticity goes on. The powder-burning 19X has a reversible magazine release catch. The one on the Umarex airsoft version? Mm-hmm – exact same functioning, thank you very much.

It’s very much on point in terms of matching the weight and feel of the lethal version too. There are just 44 grams of weight difference between the lighter airsoft version and the fully-functioning firearm.

It will fire up to 20 rounds per ‘clip,’ and you can get up to 300 FPS from the 19X – yes, significantly fewer than some on the market, but still good enough to put a smile on your face.

The magazine can take 18 rounds and – in a slightly poetic touch, the one thing the Umarex version that the real weapon doesn’t is a traditional safety catch.

For something a little different, and with authenticity oozing out of every inch of it, the Glock 19X is something special that you’ll definitely want in your collection, whether or not it’s your every day, grab-and-go Glock.


  • Authenticity-fans will appreciate the level of replicative detail in the 19X
  • 300 FPS will give you good action and reasonable accuracy at 10 feet
  • Available in both blowback and non-blowback versions


  • The departure from traditional Glock black might make it easier to spot in an airsoft battle


The Glock 17 Gen 4 has been turning heads since its release, and has even converted one or two die-hard blowback-or-bust fans.

The look and the feel are almost absurdly realistic, save for the orange detail that announces an airsoft weapon, rather than a lethal one.

Weighing in at 1.4 pounds, and powered by airsoft green gas, even people familiar with the real Glock 17 in a firearms setting have found themselves impressed by the realism that goes down to details like the finish, the markings, the sights, and the slightly odd trigger that mark out the model.

The full-size magazine includes both BBs and gas cartridge, so it gets away from the convoluted and illusion-breaking business of loading the BBs in through the top, that some less authentic airsoft guns (more noted in rifles, admittedly) inflict on their users.

The trigger pull? Pretty much a straight transfer from lethal to airsoft.

The sights too are lifted directly from the original, so you get real authenticity value from the Glock 17 Gen 4.

With a muzzle velocity of 305 FPS, it gives you enough power for close-quarters combat, though it’s probably wise to get some practice with it before you take it out in the field so you can adjust your aiming point to its action. 

Some people also have issues with BB ricochet when using it, so it’s probably wise to go equipped with safety goggles.

The Glock 17 Gen 4 might not have quite the finesse in action of some of the other models on our list, but it does share their compulsion to reproduce the look and as far as possible the feel of a real Glock in the airsoft environment.

Buyer’s Guide

When buying your airsoft Glock, it’s worth asking yourself a few questions.

Best Airsoft Glock

To blow or not to blow

There are two fundamental types of airsoft players. There are those who are happy to use weapons where the slide doesn’t cycle where much of the detailing is simply molded, rather than moving.

Those are non-blowback weapons, and you get very little if any recoil with them, so there’s less of an authentic feel, but more of a point-and-click aspect to using them.

Then there are those who need the recoil. Who need to feel, or need to know that their slide is doing something in the mechanism. Those are blowback weapons.

It’s rare to find an airsoft player who’s genuinely happy to straddle the divide. Search your heart, pick a side if you want to, and use that knowledge to help you pick the Glock that’s right for you.

Choose your power

You’ll notice a statistic alongside every Glock you look at – the FPS value. That’s simply a measure of muzzle velocity, or ‘BB speed,’ to put it crudely.

The higher the value, the more likely you are to hit targets further away, because the BBs will be traveling more Feet Per Second, so the pathway to impact is likely to be truer. Choose the right FPS for your style of airsoft battle.

Do you accessorize?

Whenever possible, unless you have a personal aversion to it, pick a Glock with a rail that lets you accessorize the weapon with sights, lights, etc. For the most part, they’ll help you with the accuracy of your game.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Which are better, blowback or non-blowback Glocks?

That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. Both are equally valid, it’s just that blowback Glocks give you a more completely realistic action during firing than non-blowback Glocks do.

That only makes them better if authenticity always wins out over personal ease and experience. It doesn’t, always, so “better” is just a subjective judgment. If you’re looking for the more authentic experience, then yes, go blowback every time.

2.    What’s the difference between the Glock 17 and the Glock 19?

Mostly size. The 19 is the compact version of the full-size 17, so you get a slightly more snug and easy-to-use experience with the 19.

That said, the weight differential between the two in the airsoft environment is relatively small, so if you feel like using the hardcore 17, there’s less to stop you in airsoft than there is in real life.

3.    Do people get hurt and injured playing airsoft with Glocks?

Well, it’s a game where you shoot at people with BB pellets, so the likelihood of at least some pain is relatively high. It’s usually less painful than paintball though.

The closer quarters combat of pistol shooting makes being hit more certain, so be sure to go into the arena padded up if possible.