Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

When it comes to tactical shooting, airsoft rifles are some of the best that you can find on the market. These powerful sniper rifles are some of the best that you can get out of the box, both being very powerful, with a decent scope that will give you that dead-on shot every single time.

Purchasing the right sniper rifle for your needs is not always easy, so having something that accurately suits the length and weight of your body will be ideal for getting those hyper-accurate shots.

Having something easy to handle will also put you head and shoulders above anyone else in your airsoft game.

Most airsoft rifle users are people who want rapid firepower and accuracy, as well as the ability to upgrade their weapon to suit whatever style of shooting they happen to be doing: whether it is target practice or live, in-the-field shooting.

But where can you find the best airsoft sniper rifles? What features does an airsoft rifle have to give you some of the best performance and high-powered shots?

What materials does an airsoft rifle need to be made from to give you that high degree of accuracy? How much can you be looking to spend on a decent airsoft rifle?

Well, amateur or professional marksmen need not worry themselves any further, as we’ve got a list of some of the best airsoft rifles currently available on the market.

We’ll give you a list of some of the biggest pros and cons of each model, along with a buyer’s guide that will help you to differentiate between the great and not-so-great air-powered weapons.

List of Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles


Our first rifle is one that not only looks incredible but also performs well when used out on the field.

This is one of the best value-for-money purchases that you can get on the market, being a great model for use on long-range shooting exercises - introducing the Well Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifles.

The outer body of this sniper rifle is well designed, giving you a very high-powered rifle shot that will hit targets at over 200 feet away with a very small gauge of bullet.

The inner mechanism of this gun is made from solid steel, which can withstand repeated firing and will give you long-term accuracy over many months.

This rifle casing can resist all the elements, whether it is prolonged wind rain or even sun - intense exposure to daylight might cause other weapons to discolor and crack.

This gun comes with an adjustable hop-up, with a tactical frame that will minimize the impact of any recoil.


  • The outer casing is made from sturdy ABS - this material is not only lightweight and durable, but it is also resistant to most weather conditions.
  • This package comes with plenty of accessories, so if you are already very adept with the basics, then you can start suping up your machine for a more powerful and accurate shot.
  • This takes a 25 round magazine which will give you plenty of shots for one single use. Thankfully this rifle comes with a backup magazine, so you can keep shooting for longer out in the wild without having to go back to your car to restock.
  • This gun is both very portable and durable, you can hold it up for much longer, resulting in less fatigue and an overall longer shooting time.
  • This comes with an amazing bolt action function, allowing you to squeeze off plenty of powerful shots using a limited number of smooth trigger actions.


  • The first few shots on this rifle do sound a lot louder, which will be a huge problem when you’re out in the scrub and trying not to startle your smaller prey.


This next air gun is a great choice for newbie shooters, coming as it does with a very accessible design that does not require a complicated assembly once you have purchased it.

This comes with a highly accurate one-shot barrel that has brilliant accuracy even without a scope - introducing the GameFace Spring-Powered Single-Shot Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle.

This weapon is probably one of the most accurate on our list in terms of the price relative to the machine’s capabilities.

If you want a rifle that will make you feel like Rambo even after a few uses, then this is the perfect one to start out with. This model is very popular, the many praising Amazon reviews being a testament to its quality.

This is weapon comes with a bolt-action option that will allow you to squeeze off a few quick rounds quickly and with precision.

It is a very easy model to reload and fire, with a smooth trigger operation that will not catch your finger or jam. A lot of users are impressed with the simple ABS barrel, which is both very resilient and lightweight.


  • This is a great model for entry-level rifle users, coming with a simple barrel that will give you fast and precise shots straight from the box.
  • This comes with plenty of positive reviews online, with many users praising the usability and the long-lasting quality of the gun itself.
  • This gun is very lightweight, it will not cause you a large amount of fatigue, which will allow you to increase the longevity of your airsoft game.
  • This is also a great unit for the target range - it will squeeze off shots nice and easily, giving you great accuracy even without a scope. Why not challenge yourself to improve your accuracy with a few scopeless sniping sessions?
  • This has plenty of adjustable elements such as a mount for a scope and a bipod that will improve your accuracy as well as your overall firing speed.


  • This rifle is mostly made from plastic, which might be durable to the indoor shooter, but might not be so good for seasoned outdoor shooting.


This next rifle comes with inner mechanisms that are very resistant to shocks, with an outer casing that is manufactured from high-quality ABS plastic.

This gun has great long-lasting properties, with plenty of room for add ons such as a scope and a durable tripod - introducing the TSD Tactical Series Airsoft Rifle.

This gun has great power and you can be sure of a consistent shot, which is perfect for slowly developing a solid shooting style over a few months and years. This airsoft gun has been described by users as one of the closest an airsoft gun can get to the real thing.

This gun comes with its own 25g pellets, which are not only extremely high quality but will not damage the inner workings of your rifle over time.

You can get plenty of great add ons with this gun, including a scope and a tripod that will help you steady your aim and really focus on that target.


  • This weapon has a very solid firing power, so you can be sure of making short work of whatever target you happen to be aiming at.
  • This weapon is very reliable, which is great if you are taking it out into wet and wild terrain where the weather can change in an instant.
  • This gun has been shown to closely mirror the recoil and the firing rate of a real rifle, so if you are just starting but you hope to graduate to the real thing one day, this is an airsoft model for you.
  • This weapon is extremely lightweight, which will both increase your shooting accuracy and give you the ability to hold your weapon for much longer.
  • This weapon is very resistant to repeated shocks, allowing you to keep a steady aim in between shots and also giving your gun a much longer lifespan.


  • This gun is really not suitable for friendly shooting wars between friends, as the bullets are fired out at a very powerful velocity.


This next model of weapon comes with a spring-powered bolt that you can operate easily by hand, giving you a high level of precision, especially at a long-range.

This can hold 24 BBs, with a clip that is very easy to open, allowing for speedy reload times - introducing Evike CYMA Full Metal Marksman Rifle Airsoft.

This is one of the easiest clips to open, reload and fire, which is great if you are hunting small, fast-moving game in dense forest areas where time is of the essence.

The clips can be easily jettisoned, with a simple push-button at the side that you can use to dislodge and reload very quickly.

This is one of the better packages to pick up, as a scope and a bipod come included within the price.

These accessories are ideal for allowing you to up your gunning game, improving your sight and aim, allowing you to develop without having to rely too much on state-of-the-art technology.


  • This rifle is both very powerful and extremely lightweight, giving you everything that you need for increased accuracy and sniping capabilities.
  • This comes with a clip that is easy to load and jettison, so if you find yourself in the middle of a hunt and need to reload your clip quickly, then you can’t go far wrong with this model.
  • This comes with very high-quality 24 BBs, which are perfectly adapted for your rifle, giving you clean, solid shots that won’t damage your rifle’s interior.
  • This comes with plenty of accessories, including a bipod and a scope, so you can make sure that every shot counts when you are out on the range.
  • This is a great gun for use with long-range practicing and hunting, allowing you to get targets dead on from a distance of 500 feet away.


  • Some users have complained that this gun does not come with a great deal of power, which will certainly disappoint the more die-hard gun enthusiasts.


Our final gun is not only lightweight and very comfortable to handle, but it does not have that gut-wrenching recoil whenever you fire it.

You could describe this model as one of the ‘softer’ airsoft models, with a gentle approach that contains a rubber cheek and stock pad for softening the recoil blow - introducing BBTAC BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle.

This has a great bolt action trigger mechanism that will squeeze off shots smoothly and quickly, giving you everything that you need for a silent and effective hunting session.

This has a one-piece bolt and barrel system that will be very easy to use, with considerable padding in the shoulder to cushion recoil.

With this package, you can get a sling, a RIS mount, with a decent x3 scope that will help you to lock on targets from a greater distance. You can also pick up an aluminum bipod that will give you a steady aim even during the harshest weather conditions.


  • This comes with plenty of accessories that will improve your shots no end. The aluminum bipod is a particularly good choice for giving you that rook-eye aim.
  • This comes with a lot of BBs that will help improve the quality of your shot, allowing you to plow bullets into wood and soft metal targets.
  • This gun comes in a durable one-piece that won’t shake apart or lose pieces after repeated firing. This is one of the most reliable guns on this list.
  • This gun comes with an amazing scope that will give you a great sight down the barrel and help beginners target objects slightly beyond their reach.
  • This spring-powered mechanism is great for repeated shots, giving you everything that you will need for a reliable and consistent attack when shooting in tricky terrain.


  • Some users have complained that this is not a convincing replica of gun, considering the money they have paid for it.

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things you’ll be looking for when it comes to buying an airsoft rifle. Mainly, you’ll want something that delivers a soft, non-lethal shot that has enough strength to knock over a tin can, but not enough to pierce the skin or cause significant damage to people.

Here are a few things that you’ll want from your airsoft rifle:

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Great Firing

The ability to rattle off many shots will be crucial for knocking down cans, Pepsi bottles and other softer targets that will not get hurt.

Having a BB gun that will have quick loading and firing times will make all the difference when it comes to your airsoft games.

Fast Reload Times

Having a gun that you can reload quickly and efficiently will again be very important when you are out on the field.

If you are facing off against an opponent who has a faster reloading weapon than yours, then you can expect to be massively impeded in your game.

Easy To Handle

Pointing and aiming are very important, and you don’t want to be hampered by a heavy gun that is difficult to wield.

You’ll need a rifle that you can comfortably swivel and turn with without experiencing any significant drag.


Having a scope and a bipod will be ideal if you are looking to camp out in your favorite hiding spots, popping off rounds as and when necessary.

A bipod will give your shots remarkable stability, while a sniper scope will help you to track targets that are moving fast at a longer distance away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate Are Airsoft Rifles?

Airsoft rifles can conventionally hit a target from between 100 to 150 feet, which usually categorizes them as a medium-range rifle. If you fit your airsoft rifle with an additional hop-up, then you can be certain that you will gain a lot more accuracy.

If you fit your airsoft rifle with accessories, then obviously this will alter the trajectory of your shot. For example, fitting a scope will result in your sniper getting a much more accurate hit, although you will have to alter your stance to accommodate the added weight on top.

Are Airsoft Rifles Expensive?

Generally, airsoft rifles are not that expensive, although they will be a bit pricier than your average air pistol, as this has fewer accessories. An expensive rifle will cost you over $100, at minimum.

Some hardcore airsoft game players will want to get a gun that is far more durable and can handle repeated firing, so will not blink twice at the idea of spending over $500 on their weapon.