Airsoft Spring Upgrade: Boost Your Performance and Dominate the Field

For airsoft enthusiasts, upgrading their equipment is an exciting way to improve performance and elevate their game. One of the most popular and effective upgrades is installing a new or more powerful spring system within the airsoft gun. This article will discuss the benefits and considerations of upgrading your airsoft gun’s spring.

Airsoft Springs have a wide range of options to cater to individual needs and preferences. Upgrading your spring can increase range, improve accuracy, and make more consistent shots. However, before making any changes, it’s essential to understand the compatibility of your gun and the spring and any additional modifications needed to accommodate the upgrade.

While it may be tempting to opt for the strongest spring available, it’s crucial to consider the overall balance of your airsoft gun. A well-balanced system ensures that the upgraded spring works harmoniously with the other components, resulting in optimal performance and longevity of your equipment. With the right spring upgrade, your airsoft gun will undoubtedly become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Understanding Airsoft Spring Upgrades

Airsoft spring upgrades are essential for enhancing your airsoft gun’s performance. Upgrading the spring in your airsoft gun can effectively increase the muzzle velocity (FPS) and the overall firing range.

Basic Terminology

Before delving into airsoft spring upgrades, it is crucial to understand the basic terminology. The following are some common terms:

FPSFeet Per Second – The speed at which a BB exits the airsoft gun’s barrel
GearboxThe internal component in AEG airsoft guns that contains the gears and mechanism responsible for firing BBs
VersionA classification system for AEG gearboxes based on their design and compatibility

Spring Types

Multiple spring types are available for airsoft guns, specifically for AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns). Choosing the right spring type depends on your desired performance and compatibility with your airsoft gun’s gearbox version. Some common spring types include:

  • Linear springs: consistent coil spacing and uniform stiffness
  • Non-linear springs: varying coil spacing, providing variable stiffness
  • Progressive springs: designed for enhanced durability and reduced wear

Selecting a spring compatible with your AEG’s gearbox version is crucial to prevent any potential damage to the internals.

You can decide on your airsoft spring upgrade by understanding the basic terminology and considering the different spring types available. Improperly chosen spring might damage your airsoft gun, so ensure compatibility before making any modifications.

Selecting the Right Spring Upgrade

When upgrading your airsoft gun’s spring, a few essential factors must be considered to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

Airsoft Gun Compatibility

Verifying that the spring you choose is compatible with your airsoft gun is critical. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations or consult online forums for guidance on suitable springs for your specific model. Many well-known brands offer a range of airsoft springs designed for various guns.

Spring Force

Spring force is measured in terms of M-ratings, such as the famous M100 spring. The higher the number, the higher the spring’s output force and the corresponding maximum shooting distance.

For example, an M100 spring offers around 100 meters per second (~328 feet per second) velocity for lighter BBs.


Remember to review local airsoft field limits, as some places have restrictions on power or velocity to ensure safety and fair gameplay.

Airsoft Spring Upgrade Process

Airsoft spring upgrades are essential for enhancing the performance of your airsoft gun, providing more power and better durability. Upgrading the spring in your AEG gearbox involves a few crucial steps:

Disassembly of the Gearbox

  1. First, remove the motor and grip from the airsoft gun, ensuring the safety of internal components.
  2. Next, take off the gearbox cover by removing the screws holding it in place. Be cautious and keep track of all parts.
  3. Keep note of the gear and piston positioning for a smoother reassembly process.

Spring Replacement

Select a suitable spring upgrade based on desired FPS and compatibility with your AEG gearbox. To replace the spring:

  1. Take out the existing spring alongside the spring guide.
  2. Install the new spring, ensuring it’s properly seated around the spring guide.
  3. Place the upgraded spring and guide it back into the gearbox, aligning it with the piston.

Reassembly and Testing

With the upgraded spring in place, it’s time to reassemble the gearbox and test the gun:

  1. Reassemble the gearbox by reversing the disassembly steps, ensuring all components are in their correct positions.
  2. Reattach the grip and motor to the airsoft gun.
  3. Test your AEG for function and performance. Ensure no internal damage occurs during testing.

A spring upgrade can significantly improve your airsoft gun’s performance. Follow these steps thoroughly to ensure a successful upgrade process and enhance the longevity and power of your AEG.

Additional Performance Upgrades

Upgrading your airsoft gun with higher-quality components can lead to better performance on the field. This section will discuss several upgrades, such as a ball bearing spring guide, AEG motor, and inner barrel and cylinder enhancements.

Ball Bearing Spring Guide

A ball-bearing spring guide is a metal component that supports the spring in your airsoft gun. It is designed to help the spring remain centered, reduce tension, and increase durability. Replacing your stock spring guide with a ball-bearing version can provide a smoother and more efficient operation.

AEG Motor Upgrade

Another way to improve your airsoft gun’s performance is by upgrading the motor in your AEG (automatic electric gun). A high-torque motor will increase the rate of fire and responsiveness of your airsoft gun. Remember that choosing a motor compatible with your specific AEG model is crucial.

Inner Barrel and Cylinder Enhancements

Upgrading your airsoft gun’s inner barrel and cylinder can boost accuracy and consistency, improving performance. High-quality inner barrels with tighter bore diameters can provide improved accuracy and range. Upgrading your cylinder can produce a better air seal and more efficient power output.

  • High-quality inner barrels: Can improve accuracy and range
  • Upgraded cylinders: Result in better air seal and power output


Upgrading the spring in an airsoft gun can significantly enhance its performance and accuracy. Choosing the correct spring type for the specific gun model and intended use. Researching and understanding the various spring types available and their pros and cons can simplify the upgrade process.

Some popular spring options include:

A successful spring upgrade requires careful installation to ensure the longevity of the airsoft gun’s components. It is recommended to consult an experienced airsoft technician or follow reliable online guides for a safe and effective spring upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an airsoft spring upgrade, and why should I consider it?

An airsoft spring upgrade refers to replacing the stock spring in your airsoft gun with a higher-powered spring. This upgrade can increase the velocity and overall performance of your gun.

Consider a spring upgrade if you want to improve your gun’s accuracy and range or if you’re looking to compete in airsoft matches where higher FPS (feet per second) is required.

Q. Is a spring upgrade legal for airsoft guns?

In general, upgrading the spring in your airsoft gun is legal as long as the upgraded FPS does not exceed the legal limit in your area. Check your local laws and regulations regarding airsoft gun upgrades before modifying your gun.

Additionally, remember that using an airsoft gun in an unsafe or reckless manner is never legal, regardless of any upgrades made.

Q. Can I install a spring upgrade myself, or do I need a professional to do it?

If you’re new to airsoft, having a professional do the installation is best. Improper installation can damage your gun or make it dangerous, and some airsoft guns require complex upgrades.

Q. What should I look for in a spring upgrade kit?

When shopping for a spring upgrade kit, look for a kit compatible with your gun model and made by a reputable manufacturer. The kit should include everything you need to complete the installation, such as the spring, guide, and piston. Also, consider the spring’s power rating and ensure it’s appropriate for your needs and legal in your area.

Q. Will a spring upgrade void my airsoft gun’s warranty?

Depending on the manufacturer’s policies, a spring upgrade could void your airsoft gun’s warranty. Before modifying your gun, check the warranty information to see what’s covered and what isn’t. If you’re concerned about voiding the warranty, consider having a professional install or purchase a gun that allows for easy spring upgrades without voiding the warranty.

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