How to Fix an Airsoft Gun That Won’t Shoot? Quick and Easy Troubleshooting Guide

It’s a common scenario in the airsoft world: you’re out on the field, ready for action, but suddenly your trusty airsoft gun refuses to shoot. Don’t panic! With a bit of know-how and some patience, you can fix the issue yourself.

In this brief guide, we’ll walk you through some of the most common reasons your airsoft gun might not be firing and provide easy-to-follow, step-by-step solutions. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to get back out there and keep playing.

Remember, safety comes first! Always treat your airsoft gun as loaded, and never point it at anyone when troubleshooting. Be sure to wear eye protection and follow all safety guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable airsoft experience.

Basic Troubleshooting

When your airsoft gun doesn’t shoot, the issue could be due to various reasons. Follow these basic troubleshooting steps to identify and fix the problem.

Checking the Battery

Ensure your battery is properly charged and installed. Connect it securely to the gun, and try shooting to see if that resolves the issue. If not, consider testing with another charged battery to rule out battery issues.

Inspecting the Fuse

Your airsoft gun may have a fuse that’s blown, preventing it from shooting. To inspect the fuse, locate it (typically near the battery compartment), remove it, and check for any physical damage. Replace the fuse, if necessary, with a compatible one.

Examining the Magazine

Make sure the magazine is inserted correctly and locked in place. Also, check if it’s loaded with enough BBs. If it still doesn’t shoot, try using a different magazine to see if that resolves the problem.

Ensuring BB Quality

Low-quality BBs can cause jams or other issues in your airsoft gun. Always use high-quality BBs and avoid reusing BBs that have been fired before. If you suspect poor BB quality, empty the magazine, clean the gun and reload with fresh, high-quality BBs.

Motor and Gears Issues

One reason your airsoft gun won’t shoot could be motor and gear-related issues. We will discuss potential problems and solutions, including the motor’s adjustment, inspecting the motor brush springs, and examining the gears.

Adjusting the Motor

First, check if the motor is correctly adjusted. Turn your airsoft gun upside down and find the motor height adjustment screw at the bottom of the grip. Using a screwdriver, turn the screw clockwise until it stops, then counter-clockwise a quarter of a turn. If the motor was misaligned, this should fix the issue.

Inspecting Motor Brush Springs

Motor brush springs can wear down or damage your airsoft gun’s performance. To inspect the springs, you need to:

  1. Disconnect the motor from the gun.
  2. Locate and remove the motor brush covers using a screwdriver.
  3. Examine the brushes and springs for any signs of damage or wear.

If you notice any issues, consider replacing the damaged parts to restore proper operation.

Examining the Gears

Lastly, examine your airsoft gun’s gears for damage or improper alignment. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the gearbox from your airsoft gun following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Inspect the gears by turning them manually and observing any signs of visible damage or misalignment.

Realign the gears or replace any damaged components before reassembling your airsoft gun.

Barrel and Jamming Problems

Barrel and jamming issues are the most common reasons your airsoft gun won’t shoot. Let’s break it down and examine how to fix these problems.

Unjamming the Barrel

Firstly, you need to remove any jammed BBs stuck in the barrel. Use a long, thin rod to gently push the BB out from the back of the barrel. Be careful not to damage the gun’s internal components while doing so.

Cleaning the Barrel

After unjamming your barrel, clean it thoroughly to prevent further jams. Use a cleaning rod with a cloth attachment soaked in light silicone oil. Gently insert the rod and twist it through the barrel to remove dirt and debris, but don’t forget to remove excess oil afterward.

Always use high-quality BBs that match your gun’s size and weight requirements, as poor-quality or misshapen BBs can lead to more jams.

Checking the Hop-Up

The hop-up system is responsible for putting a backspin on the BBs, ensuring accurate shots. If your gun still doesn’t shoot accurately after cleaning and unjamming the barrel, you may need to adjust your hop-up. Locate the hop-up adjustment lever and turn it incrementally until you achieve optimal performance.

Touching it too much may cause over-adjustment, leading to decreased accuracy or jamming. If the problem persists, inspect the hop-up rubber for signs of wear or damage, and replace it if necessary.

You can address and fix most barrel and jamming issues with your airsoft gun by unjamming, cleaning, and checking the hop-up system.

Trigger and Electrical Issues

One common issue that might cause your airsoft gun not to shoot is related to the trigger and electrical components.

Inspecting Trigger Contacts

Begin by inspecting the trigger contacts. Ensure that they are clean and not worn out.

Use a cotton swab to remove any dirt or residue if they appear dirty. In case the contacts are worn out, consider replacing them.

Identifying Short Circuits

A short circuit can also prevent your airsoft gun from functioning correctly. Check for any visible signs of damage, such as burnt wires or melted components.

If you suspect a short, a multimeter will help you confirm the issue and locate the exact fault in the circuit.

Once the problem is pinpointed, replace the damaged components, and your airsoft gun should be back in action.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Airsoft guns can sometimes experience issues that require more advanced troubleshooting techniques. In this section, we will focus on how to deal with a stripped piston, a common problem in airsoft guns.

Dealing with Stripped Pistons

A stripped piston can render your airsoft gun inoperable. The symptoms of a stripped piston include the motor spinning but the gun failing to shoot a BB. To address this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Disassemble the gun: Start by carefully disassembling your airsoft gun to access the gearbox. Ensure you’ve familiarized yourself with the specific model’s disassembly instructions.
  2. Examine the piston: Once the gearbox is exposed, check the piston for any signs of damage. A stripped piston will likely have broken or missing teeth.
  3. Replace the piston: If you find the piston to be damaged, replace it with a spare or purchase a new one. Make sure the replacement piston is compatible with your gun’s model.
  4. Reassemble the gearbox: With the new piston installed, carefully reassemble the gearbox, ensuring all components are correctly positioned.
  5. Test the gun: After reassembling your airsoft gun, test it to ensure it’s functioning correctly. If the issue persists, consider consulting a professional airsoft technician for further assistance.

When dealing with a stripped piston, it’s crucial to be patient and methodical. Working on your airsoft gun’s internals can be challenging, but with practice and the proper knowledge, you can address advanced troubleshooting issues like a pro.

Maintaining and Improving Performance

Proper Storage and Care

How well you store and care for your airsoft gun’s performance can be significantly affected. Always store your airsoft gun in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or moisture to maintain efficiency and prolong lifespan. This will prevent any internal or external damage to the components, ensuring that your airsoft gun remains in optimal condition.

Regular cleaning and lubrication are essential to avoid issues like jamming or misfiring. Use a cleaning rod to remove debris from the barrel, and apply a thin layer of silicone oil to keep the moving parts lubricated. A simple maintenance routine can drastically improve your gun’s performance and make your airsoft experience more enjoyable.

Upgrading Components

Upgrading your airsoft gun’s components can enhance its overall performance and help you have more fun in the field. By investing in better-quality internals, you can achieve a more accurate aim and a higher rate of fire. To improve accuracy, consider upgrading the following parts:

  • Barrel: A tight bore barrel can provide better accuracy and consistency in your shots.
  • Hop-up: A high-quality hop-up unit can significantly enhance the trajectory of your BBs, resulting in greater range and accuracy.

For a faster rate of fire, focus on upgrading these components:

  • Gears: Upgrading to high-speed gears allows your airsoft gun to shoot more BBs per second, increasing your overall firepower.
  • Motor: A high-torque motor can decrease trigger response time and increase your gun’s overall performance.

Always consult your airsoft gun’s user manual or seek help from a professional before attempting any upgrades. Taking the time to research and invest in quality upgrades can make a significant difference in your airsoft gun’s performance and ensure that you continue to have fun on the battlefield.


Fixing an airsoft gun that won’t shoot can often be achieved through a series of simple troubleshooting steps. Familiarize yourself with your gun’s components, and make sure the battery, magazine, and hop-up properly function.

When addressing more complex issues, such as internal gearbox malfunctions, always exercise caution and consider seeking professional help if necessary. Regular maintenance will help prevent many issues and ensure the longevity of your airsoft gun.

Remember, as an airsoft enthusiast, taking the time to learn about your equipment is essential. With proper care and attention, you’ll be back in the game and enjoying your airsoft battles in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why won’t my airsoft gun shoot?

There can be multiple reasons, such as a jammed BB, a low battery, or a broken part within the gear system. It’s crucial to assess the problem and follow proper troubleshooting steps.

Q. How can I unjam a BB from my airsoft gun?

First, remove the magazine and battery. Then, gently push the BB out of the barrel using an unjamming rod. Make sure to do this carefully to avoid any damage.

Q. What should I do if my airsoft gun’s battery is low?

If the battery is low, recharge it using a compatible charger. It’s essential to use the correct charger and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid damaging the battery.

Q. How do I maintain my airsoft gun for longevity?

To keep your gun in good working condition, it’s important to perform regular maintenance. Cleaning the barrel should be a top priority and can be done with a cleaning rod and cloth.

Additionally, it’s important to lubricate moving parts, such as gears, to ensure that they operate smoothly. A silicone-based lubricant is a good option for this task.

When storing your gun, choosing a cool, dry place that is not exposed to direct sunlight is best. This will help prevent damage to the gun and ensure that it is ready for use when needed.

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