Can You Sell Airsoft Guns on eBay? The Insider’s Guide to Online Sales

If you’re an airsoft enthusiast looking to sell your gently used airsoft guns, you might wonder if eBay is the right platform. While eBay is a popular marketplace for all sorts of items, it’s essential to know their policies regarding airsoft guns and their sale.

In this article, we’ll explore eBay’s rules and regulations concerning airsoft guns, ensuring you can make informed decisions about your sales. We’ll discuss the specific guidelines you need to follow and offer tips for maximizing the exposure and success of your listings on this platform.

So, can you sell airsoft guns on eBay? The short answer is yes but with some restrictions. Understanding these guidelines is crucial so you can sell your airsoft guns easily. Read more about navigating this marketplace and making the most of your airsoft sales ventures.

Ebay’s Policy on Airsoft Guns

Airsoft enthusiasts often look for platforms to buy and sell their gear, and eBay is one of those platforms. Here’s what you need to know about eBay’s policy on airsoft guns.

Government Regulations

Before listing airsoft guns on eBay, always review and comply with relevant government regulations. In the United States, federal law requires that airsoft guns have a minimum 6mm blaze orange tip, indicating that they are not actual firearms.

Additionally, some states and localities may have stricter rules about selling and owning airsoft guns.

International Laws

When selling airsoft guns internationally, understand the specific laws and regulations of the destination country. Some countries, like Australia, have strict importation laws regarding items resembling firearms.

Also, items crossing borders may be subject to inspection during customs procedures, so providing accurate descriptions of your airsoft guns in your eBay listing is essential.

Selling airsoft guns on eBay is feasible, but you must adhere to eBay’s policies and local and international laws. You can trade airsoft gear with other enthusiasts by knowing these guidelines and providing accurate listing descriptions.

eBay Policy On Firearms And Accessories

Guidelines for Selling BB Guns, Airsoft, Air Rifles, and Air Pistols on eBay

Selling BB guns, airsoft, air rifles, and air pistols on eBay must follow strict guidelines to ensure the safety of buyers and comply with the law. To sell these items, the seller’s eBay status must be above standard or higher, and the item must be located in the US with US shipping only.

The description must contain a disclaimer that the item follows eBay’s air gun policy and complies with all applicable laws.

eBay’s Airsoft, Air Rifle, and BB Gun Policy

To sell airsoft guns on eBay, they must have a permanently attached blaze orange barrel plug and cannot be converted to shoot lethal projectiles. For air rifles and air pistols, they must not be greater than .25 caliber.

The seller must follow all applicable laws and regulations. Violating eBay’s air gun policy can result in various actions, including account suspension, lower seller ratings, and restrictions on buying and selling.

Listing Requirements

When selling airsoft guns on eBay, you must follow specific listing requirements to comply with their policies. Here are some factors you can’t ignore:

Orange Tip

All airsoft guns listed on eBay must have an orange tip on the barrel, a legal requirement in the United States. This orange tip distinguishes airsoft guns from real firearms, making them easily identifiable.

Therefore, always ensure your airsoft gun has an intact and visible orange tip before putting it up for sale.


When listing your airsoft gun, feel free to include any accessories or attachments that don’t violate eBay’s policies. Examples of acceptable accessories are scopes, slings, and stocks.

Be clear and concise in your product description about what comes with the airsoft gun to ensure potential buyers understand what they’re purchasing.


eBay has specific guidelines for selling airsoft guns, and it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with them to avoid any issues or account suspensions. Some key points to remember include:

  • Airsoft guns must comply with federal and state laws.
  • Replica firearms that could be confused with real firearms are prohibited.
  • Airsoft guns cannot be sold to buyers under 18 years of age.
  • Shipping must adhere to carrier restrictions and state laws.

Adhering to these listing requirements can prevent problems when selling your airsoft gun on eBay.

Types of Airsoft Guns Allowed

As an airsoft enthusiast, you need to understand the types of airsoft guns that can be sold on eBay. This section will discuss the allowed airsoft guns and their respective categories.

BB Guns

BB guns are permitted on eBay but must adhere to specific guidelines. Ensure your gun is a smoothbore air designed to shoot .25 caliber or fewer metal BBs. Remember, it cannot operate at a muzzle velocity higher than 700 feet per second.

Pellet Guns

Pellet guns are also allowed on eBay, but only if they shoot pellets of .25 caliber or less. These guns can be air-powered, CO2, or spring-piston, but they should comply with eBay’s caliber and specifications guidelines.

Air Rifles

You can sell air rifles on eBay if they conform to its regulations. Your air rifle should have a caliber of .25 or less and must be an airsoft replica or have appropriate markings indicating it is not a genuine firearm.

Air Pistols

Air pistols are generally accepted on eBay as well. However, you must ensure they meet the same caliber and airsoft replica requirements mentioned in the air rifles sub-section.

Now that you know about the types of airsoft guns allowed on eBay, double-check your weapons for compliance and use this popular platform for selling your airsoft collection.

Conditions for Selling


Before selling airsoft rifles on eBay, ensure the HopUp unit functions properly. A well-adjusted HopUp will increase the range and accuracy of your airsoft gun. Including detailed information about HopUp in your listing can help assure potential buyers that your product is reliable.


When selling airsoft guns, it’s essential to specify the type and size of ammunition required for your product. Common types of airsoft ammunition include 6mm and 8mm plastic BBs. Mention the recommended BB weight and material (such as biodegradable options) to understand the gun’s capability comprehensively.


Offering a protective case with your airsoft gun can make your listing more appealing to potential buyers. Ensure the case is in good condition and protects the airsoft rifle during transportation.


Including high-quality images of the case can help showcase its features and add value to your listing.


If your airsoft rifle has a scope, provide precise details about its magnification, reticle type, and additional features. Verify that the scope is securely mounted and fully functional before listing the item for sale. High-quality pictures of the scope can help potential buyers see its value and condition.

Setting a Reasonable Price

When selling your airsoft guns on eBay, the key is to set a reasonable price. Consider the market value, condition of the gun, and any included accessories. Start by researching similar items currently listed and take note of the prices they’re set at.

You should also factor in the condition of your airsoft gun.

You can set a higher price point if it’s new or lightly used. If it is heavily used or damaged, lower your asking price accordingly. Include any extras or accessories, as they add value to your listing.

Using the following tips can help you set a reasonable price:

  • Compare your gun’s features to those of similar listings.
  • Adjust the price based on the gun’s condition and included accessories.
  • Keep an eye on market trends, which may influence the value of your item.

Setting a reasonable price helps attract potential buyers and increases the chances of a quicker sale. Remember to be honest about the condition and features of your airsoft gun, as this will help build trust with potential buyers.

Additional Tips for Selling Online

While eBay is a popular platform for selling items, it may not always be the best choice for selling airsoft guns. Instead, consider alternative options like Facebook groups and Reddit communities to find potential buyers who share your enthusiasm for airsoft.

In Facebook groups, you can engage with local and global airsoft enthusiasts. Search for groups dedicated to buying, selling, and trading airsoft equipment. These communities often have strict rules, so ensure you read and follow them before posting your items for sale.

Reddit is another great option for selling airsoft guns. Subreddits like r/airsoftmarket and r/airsoft are popular communities where you can sell your airsoft guns. Remember to adhere to each subreddit’s guidelines to avoid penalties or post removals.

Whichever platform you choose, provide clear and accurate information about the item’s condition and high-quality photos. Respond promptly to interested buyers, and ship the items securely to maintain a positive reputation in the airsoft community.

Fees Involved in Selling on eBay

When selling airsoft guns on eBay, you will encounter various fees. Understanding these expenses can help you decide whether eBay is the right platform for your sales.

Listing Fee

eBay charges a fee for every item you list, regardless of whether it sells. Depending on your listing specifications and quantity, this fee typically ranges from $0.30 to $2.00.

Final Value Fee

Once your airsoft gun sells, eBay takes a percentage of the final sale price. For most categories, this final value fee is 13.25% of the sale price or less, plus $0.30 for each purchase.


As a seller, you’ll need to consider the cost of shipping your airsoft gun to the buyer. Shipping fees can vary depending on the weight, size, and destination. To make your listings more attractive to buyers, consider offering free shipping and incorporating the shipping cost into your sale price.

Payment Processing Fees

When buyers use PayPal or other online payment methods, they typically charge the seller a small percentage for processing the transaction. This usually falls between 2.9% and 4.4% of the transaction value, plus a flat fee of around $0.30.

Selling Airsoft Guns

To sell your airsoft guns effectively, consider various online platforms. One central platform to consider is eBay, but there are other options. Let’s explore alternatives if eBay doesn’t fit your needs.


One famous avenue for selling airsoft guns is Craigslist. Posting your items on this platform allows you to reach local buyers without shipping costs involved. Ensure to include clear pictures and an accurate item description to attract potential buyers.

Remember to exercise caution when meeting with interested buyers; always choose a public place for the transaction. Additionally, remember that Craigslist charges a nominal fee for specific ad categories.

Facebook Groups

Another platform to explore is Facebook Groups dedicated to airsoft enthusiasts. You can join various groups where people buy, sell, and trade airsoft equipment. These groups often have specific rules, so familiarize yourself with them before posting.

Interacting with potential buyers in these groups also allows you to build connections within the airsoft community, making future transactions smoother. However, remember that Facebook might restrict selling firearms, so read their commerce policies to ensure compliance.


Reddit has several subreddits related to airsoft, where you can sell your airsoft guns. Like on Facebook, read and follow each subreddit’s rules before posting your items for sale.

Take advantage of the Reddit platform to ask questions and gather advice from fellow airsoft enthusiasts. This can help you sell your airsoft guns and enhance your knowledge about the products and their value within the community.

Wrapping Up

Selling airsoft guns on eBay can be viable if you meet the requirements and guidelines. Remember to follow eBay’s policies and applicable laws in your region to ensure a smooth and legal sales process.

Some key points to consider:

  • Stay informed about local, state, and federal airsoft regulations.
  • Accurately describe your airsoft gun and include several images.
  • Ensure your airsoft gun meets eBay’s requirements, such as having a permanently affixed orange tip.

With careful attention to these details, you can successfully sell your airsoft guns on eBay while minimizing potential setbacks or complications. Happy selling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you sell airsoft guns on eBay?

Yes! You can sell airsoft guns on eBay, but you must follow their policies and guidelines. Listings must clearly state that the item is an airsoft gun, include an orange tip, and comply with federal and state laws.

Q. What are the restrictions on selling airsoft guns on eBay?

When purchasing and shipping airsoft guns, following specific regulations is essential. Firstly, ensure that the airsoft gun has a permanent orange tip as is required by law. Also, sellers should comply with all federal and state laws regarding selling and shipping airsoft guns

It’s also worth noting that international shipping of airsoft guns may be subject to additional regulations, so make sure to research the laws and regulations of the destination country before shipping.

Q. Can I sell airsoft gun accessories on eBay?

Yes, you can sell accessories, such as magazines, scopes, and parts; however, specific restrictions on certain items, like suppressors and high-capacity magazines, may apply. Always review eBay’s policies before listing an accessory for sale.

Q. How can I ensure my airsoft gun listing complies with eBay’s guidelines?

When selling an airsoft gun online, it’s essential to provide accurate photos of the item, including the orange tip. Make sure to state clearly in the title and description that the item is an airsoft gun.

It’s also essential to include any relevant disclaimers, such as age restrictions or shipping limitations, to avoid misunderstandings or legal issues. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a safe and successful online transaction for both the buyer and the seller.

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